My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Raid

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Chapter 213: Assault! !

~~! !

The spirit sword spirit penetrates the black widow, her eyes turn white, her mouth spit foam, her body twitch!

Lin Chens slow rune delayed the moment the black widow lived. As a powerhouse with five levels of heaven and earth, she possessed a subconscious crisis response, and her fighting strength was resistant to the slow rune!

But the problem is that Lin Chen's mental attack is ready to cut off this subconscious counterattack like a sword!

This leads to the current black widow, which is in a state completely unprepared!

Consciousness is cut off, and under the premise of not being able to resist consciousness, there is not even the most basic protection of the fighting spirit!

Lin Chen did not pity Xiangxixiyu, shattered her heavenly cover with a palm, and died on the spot!

This is a black widow who eats countless people! A generation of strong evil sect, who lived for thousands of years, do not know how many lives have been harmed. Under the beautiful skin, there is a brutal demon that slaughtered 100,000 people!

After the Black Widow died, a large number of attribute light **** and a purple gold treasure chest appeared near the body.

Lin Chen's eyes are fast and he takes away all the attribute light balls!

[The host received 53 million points of essence of war, 49 million points of essence of war, 62.4 million points of essence of war,]

[Host gains 800,000 dark energy, 1.2 million dark energy,]

[The host gets 500,000 points of merit, 800,000 points of merit,]

[The host gains 200,000 rune energy, gains 150,000 rune energy,]

[The host opens the Purple Gold Treasure Chest; obtains the best-quality dark ore.

Lin Chen hasnt come to see what this "dark gold stone" looks like. The nine-colored battle spirit in the body spins up at a rapid speed, and the sky-like fighting spirit merges into the battle spirit!

Lin Chen's fighting strength is suddenly climbing! The rush into the Tiangang Realm is a pinnacle!

He hurriedly controlled the fire of the fire department to lay a heavy fire net, and covered up his cultivation again.

This breakthrough in fighting strength almost exposed Lin Chen's position. Thanks to his quick response, otherwise he would have to disturb the two Tiangang realms!

"Killing a five-fold attribute light ball of Tiangang Realm can actually get me more than 400 million points of fighting spirit. I can leap to the top of Tiangang Realm in one breath. If I can assassinate another five-fold of Tiangang Realm, Then I can step into the second realm of Tiangang Realm, and the remaining one, combined with the characteristic rune, my winning rate can be at least 50%!"

Lin Chen's eyes crossed a desperate light of survival, and after hiding the black widow's body quickly, he tore apart his clothes, resulting in a messy look.

On the fourth floor, in a dense room at the end of the corridor, the beautiful chants of **** are heard from time to time.


Suddenly, the door of the secret room was opened, and the narrow and charming eyes of the beautiful woman in the secret room suddenly squinted.


The beautiful woman in purple robe who just had a vigilant heart stunned slightly, and a handsome and handsome young man with messy clothes ran in with a crying cry.

"Ooooo~ The wife just now is too much. She said that she would like to eat fragrant big white buns and scallops, and go to bed to eat. As a result, oooooo, the buns are good, but the scallops are not fragrant~"

The teenager cried with pear flowers and rain, and the streamlined muscle lines of the teenager showed under the messy and cracked shirt.

Junya's simple white face appealed to the grievances of the young man, like the trembling little milk dog, and the purple robe beautiful woman's heart trembles. Isn't this the handsome young boy selected by her sister?

Before, she still had a trace of regret to surrender this top grade to her sister. She didn't expect the other party to take the initiative to come to the door. I was afraid that her sister would enjoy it and let him come and serve him.

Thinking of this, the beautiful woman in the purple robe was glamorous, her cheeks flushed with excitement, and she said softly.

"Oh, hey, my dear, don't be afraid, don't be afraid, come over here, my sister comforts you~"

The beautiful woman opened her arms, and the soft and fair gentle town opened the door to the teenager.

She has almost no precautions against Lin Chen. A strong man who has reached a certain level can see Lin Chen's true age at a glance. He is a teenager who is not even 19 years old.

How could such a teenager threaten her? Almost like a conditioned reflex, the beautiful woman in purple dress put down her vigilance against Lin Chen, wanting to enjoy the joy of fish and water with him.

Lin Chen's eyes glanced around quietly, and found that there were four teenagers of unknown life and death lying on the ground, three shrunk in the corner, and two foamed on the bed.

"Speaking of it, my sister is fast. She used to like tormenting her teenagers and playing slowly to death. Why is it so fast this time?"

There was a little doubt in the heart of the beautiful woman in purple clothes. She was about to hug the teenager who was trotting towards herself. She freely released a ray of war to explore her sister's secret room.

However, this ray of warfare is like a stone thrown into the abyss, and there is no response in his sister's secret room! Not even her breath!

As if it had evaporated out of thin air!

The beautiful woman in purple clothes was horrified in an instant, and Hanmao stood upside down, almost instinctively creating a sense of crisis!

The narrow and long eyes became particularly fierce in an instant, the space around the body was sharply twisted, and the majestic fighting spirit suddenly turned into a purple wave!

She immediately turned her attention to the teenager who was less than three meters away from herself!

"Yes, she found it! Can't control so much, get out! Slow runes!"

Lin Chen was shocked in his heart, releasing the pure power of the collapse of the mountains and rivers, revealing the truth!

"Taishi Spirit Sword!"

The slow runes containing 1.5 million rune energy and the four spirit sword qi condensed in the air, suddenly killed!

Tear ~~!

Like the black widow, the beautiful woman in purple clothes was caught off guard by Lin Chens surprise attack, and was restrained on the spot by a slow rune.


Burning the transparent and bright red flame fists furiously hit the heart of the beautiful woman in purple clothes!

[The host activates Level 2 Corrupt Rune and Level 2 Charge Rune, consuming 800,000 Rune Energy.

Lin Chen made four moves together. Spiritual power, characteristic runes, pure power and energy bloodline completed the most rapid offensive almost in one breath!


The roar of the earth and the earth shook the whole castle, and all the evil martial warriors were alarmed!

The fourth floor of the entire castle was pierced with a tornado fist, red flames billowed, and a huge fire was lit!

The fist wind along the way to kill and kill many evil sect warriors of the first and second days of Tiangang Realm! When the fire energy burns, there are no corpses left!

"Every enemy attack, come out!"

Zi Yi's sudden cold drink made Lin Chen's heart sink suddenly!

The other party is not dead! Even the fiercest offensive attack in the shortest time will not defeat the fivefold of a tiangang environment!

Under the premise of Tiangang Realm's five-fold vigilance, the slow rune of 1.5 million rune energy could not even delay the other party's half breathing time!

At this moment, Lin Chen's situation has become enchanting and dangerous!