My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Lin Lin Desperate To Survive

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Chapter 214

The entire castle collapsed in an instant, and the fourth floor almost completely collapsed. Many evil sect strong minds flashed out of the castle instantly, surrounded by groups!

"It's weird, how could anyone be able to get on this black mist island."

The **** evil sect powerhouse Black Soul frowned. With his mid-five strengths in Tiangang Realm, he didnt even notice it!

Zijin Tong gazes into the void, and numerous killing ills surround it. Lin Chen locks the figure of the purple woman in the void, kicks her foot, and the purple phoenix wings suddenly expand, passing the void!

In order to resist Lin Chen's previous sneak attacks, a right arm of Ziyi's beautiful woman was bombarded into nothingness by Lin Chen on the spot.

When she set foot in the void, she saw that Lin Chen's speed was so fast, and the jade finger that was decisively pointed away from the void!


Heaven and earth aura changed, two purple pythons of hundreds of feet across the sky, biting to Lin Chen on the left and right sides!

The blood of the wind system changed, Lin Chen stepped on the blue wind, the purple phoenix wings beat one after another, and several lightning-like turns avoided the two war heroes!

"Go to hell!"

Lin Chen's nine-color battle spirit, nine kinds of attributes, completed the transformation into a special bloodline between the electric light flint!

"Charged Rune Dark Devour!"

Turning the palm of the dark line of combat spirit violently to the beautiful belly of Ziyi!

Her face changed slightly, her jade hand gently raised, and her figure retreated while facing the palm of Lin Chen!


The aftermath of the fighting between the two people distorted and collapsed the space within a hundred feet of the surroundings; the two sides each stepped back 20 steps and shared the same!

The beautiful woman in purple dress looked at her palm in amazement. The power of her palm was not only so weak!

"There is a weird energy that is eroding my fighting spirit, this kid has strange means!"

Fighting through every pore, the beautiful woman in purple clothes with the powerful repair as the foundation, Lin Chen's "Corrupt Rune" effect is eliminated in an instant!

"Where did the Maotou kid dare to hurt our gatekeeper and die!"

Two frost-stricken Tiangangjing women hold a three-foot green front with sword air through the void, launching a sneak attack from behind Lin Chen!

Roar ~~!

Long Wei is vast, Long Xiao is shaking the earth and the earth, and the ancient green dragon of the vast and magnificent shore is born, blocking behind Lin Chen.

The sword gas was cut on the dragon scale of the ancient green dragon, leaving only a faint trace of the sword, even blood could not be seen.


The dragon tail rolls, the ancient green dragon sweeps the tail with a single blow, and instantaneously knocks the two evil sect women with double gangs into the end of blood!

The ancient Qinglong now has 30 dragon powers, enough to match the mid-fourth of the Tiangang Realm.

The ordinary Tiangang Realm Triple can't bear its several attacks, and the Tiangang Realm Dual is weak like a baby in front of it!

Lin Chen shook the palm of his hair, and his heart was a little shocked.

After real hands-on play, Lin Chen discovered how strong Tiangang Realm is!

I thought I could rely on the characteristic rune to play an advantage, and now I find it really naive!

The confrontation and sneak attack just now are the same situation. After each attack, the beautiful woman in purple clothes will control the space with the power of space when she mobilizes the aura of the world, making the space more stable and making her attack level increase several times!

More than half of the power of Lin Chens attack is blocked by the space where her warfare solidifies, as if Lin Chens power hit a more solid space, and the resulting power is also very different!

"Even if I broke my arm, it didn't reduce much combat power. I was unable to take her life under the siege of many powerful men when I was trapped!"

The thought in my heart flashed fast, Lin Chen's fingertips were a little void, and the rune was charged; one blow of "Thunder Burst" turned into an electric dragon sweep, running through a quadruple arm that wanted to sneak into his Tiangang Realm, on the spot Retreat seriously!

"Is this teenager really just 18 years old, how could he be so strong? How did he get into this black mist island?"

Zi Yi's eyes narrowed, crossing the dreadful and dangerous light.

If this kind of enemy stays, it will be a serious problem in the future, and sooner or later they will be their death scythes!

"The battle has failed and I can only escape! The Black Widow is dead. I can only try to find the battlefield and break the ancient battlefields left by Heiwudao from the inside!"

Lin Chen had just decided on the second plan, the blood of the ancient Qinglong was immediately spilled!

On that day, the five-level "Black Soul" hand held the giant axe, splitting the dragon scale defense of the ancient green dragon with one axe, and the blood of the dragon violently raged!

In the midst of Tiangang Realm, the ancient Qinglong didn't have much power to fight back!

"Blue Dragon Soul Claw!"

Lin Chen's thoughts turned, the dragon's breath from the ancient Qinglong body condensed in his claws and waved angrily, thousands of dragon's breath blades destroyed the mountains and rivers, strangling the dark soul!

At the moment when the Dragon's Breath Light Blade rushed to the strongest Tiangang Realm at the scene, Lin Chen waited for the opportunity to shoot!


There is a wind and thunder passing between heaven and earth, and the purple phoenix wings are matched with the energy blood veins of the wind system, and the speed is extremely fast!

With the black abyss gun in hand, Lin Chen swept away thousands of feet on one side, and his arm was like a shadow, pure power exploded!

Tear it~~!

The sonic boom was endless, Lin Chen stabbed hundreds of guns, the colorful air guns pierced through the void, and bloomed like a peacock!

The air rifle is like a dragon in the wild, and the nearby Tiangang Realm, which surrounded Lin Chen, quadruplely staggered back, and the attribute light **** they dropped were all swept away by the ancient green dragon that shrank.

After not taking too much into account, after bringing the ancient Qinglong into the body, Lin Chen rushed to the south of Heiwu Island!

"Sifang Nightmare!"

The sound of the woman's melodious sound is like the magic sound of hell. Lin Chen flies to the space within a thousand miles of space, spreading over the next square barrier, trapping Lin Chen on the spot!

There was no chance for Lin Chen to break the barrier. The black tide surged in the sky tore a **** figure, and the black giant axe was slashed!

"Magic Axe Cracked Ground!"

The peerless axe that split the mountain and river broke away from the giant axe, and the violent and fierce axe light exuded the fluctuations of the reversing sun and moon star river, and cut off from the top of Lin Chen's head!

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

The axe hasn't arrived yet, and its aftertaste has split several thousands of high mountains on the spot, breaking the ground and breaking down the mountains and rivers. This axe seems to have the rage and momentum to split the earth!

Lin Chen's mind was a bit terrifyingly calm, retreating from the advance, the Purple Phoenix wings rushed up, all the characteristic runes were displayed, and the rune energy was reduced by 2.3 million points!


Lin Chen and the Black Abyssal Gun merged into one, forming an aurora rushing away, and the shocking axe was hardened on the front!

Boom~~! boom!

A walking mountain is constantly shattered, the aftermath of the collision will uproot the ground, set off a violent wind and destroy all buildings!

A young figure, with a broken golden light, fell to the ground like a meteor!

The beautiful woman in purple clothes and the black soul surrounded the place where Lin Chen fell in tandem. In addition, there were several strong men in the late stage of Tiangang Realm Quartet who were also alert around!

"If you don't kill this child, you will be in serious trouble in the future!"

The black soul with a trace of blood on the mouth and the beautiful woman in purple dress looked at each other. Everyone was unspoken, and Lin Chen was mortal!

"I can't run away, can you force me to fight hard? See if you are ruthless, or I am even more ruthless!"

Lin Chen, who fell in the pool of blood, took a jade bottle out of the Na Ling Cao and shattered it!

The light is rippling and the broken jade bottle seems to hide a stunning real dragon, shining with golden brilliance and bursting out of the dragon roar!