My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Break Through Shackles

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Chapter 215: Breakthrough Shackles! !

The two major Tiangang realm five-fold plus several Tiangang realm quadruple later, this lineup, Lin Chen's best result is to pull one Tiangang realm five-fold at the same time.

The golden light was splendid, and the golden remnants of the head turned into a dragon head around Lin Chen, exuding a magnificent dragon spirit!

Lin Chen's trembling palm held a longan-sized, golden radiant elixir.

Fifth-tier top medicine; true dragon alchemy!

This is the most precious treasure that Lin Chen obtained in the evil king's secret realm. The fifth-level top medicine is impossible to refine with his current medicine refining methods.

However, although this thing is precious, it is the last card he least wishes to use.

Because the gambling component is too big! If it is unsuccessful, let alone kill the enemy, he will have to explode and die on the spot!

This immortality contains genuine dragon essence and blood, the vastness of energy, comparable to the falling of the sky and the mountains and rivers!

Conventionally, this medicine should be taken for high-level fierce beasts or extremely strong body-building warriors.

Even with Lin Chens current state and physical strength, the risk of taking this immortal medicine is extremely great, and the possibility of bursting on the spot is probably higher than the probability of 80%!

"Everyone is dead. I might as well pull a few cushions!"

Lin Chen swallowed down with bare feet barely afraid of the fierce light of wearing shoes, and the golden dragon gas dissipated near the elixir suddenly disappeared and was incorporated into Lin Chen's body.

Bang! Poof!

At the moment of crushing the real dragon and refining the soul, Lin Chen's pores burst out of his body, shattering the surrounding space, and the surface of dozens of miles was raised by the energy exploded in his body!

"What happened? This kid's energy is getting stronger!"

"He took a panacea that exceeded his own limit. Hey, is this going to break our dead net with us? Maybe he can't bear the next breath and his body explodes."

The five evil sect powerhouses in Tiangang Realm sneered and sneered; only the Black Soul and the Purple Lady are attacking immediately!

The giant axe came into the air, cutting out three encircling axes, and the beautiful woman in purple clothes gave another palm, and breathed out amazing breath from the ground to form two rasa gates, striking Lin Chen right and left!

Regardless of whether this son will explode and die, his background is enough to make them both shocked! Must be killed as fast as possible!


The glittering pupils of Jinguang burst into a violent dragon spirit, Lin Chen's body was brilliant with golden light, and burst into a roar like an angry dragon, and the surrounding space was shattered like a mirror by him! On the spot, the two rosa gates shattered into nothingness!

A roar of broken mountains and rivers is simply a giant dragon alive!

Lin Chen raised his hand and beat four punches in a row. Each punch was squeezed into a twisted space and broken into a twist. The terrible fist wind crushed the axe of the black soul, and the fourth punch was five heavy two Tiangang realms. They all repel thousands of kilometers on the spot before stopping!

"What a terrible pure power!"

"It is comparable to the power of ancient behemoths. Fortunately, the defense is early. If you get a punch at close range, I am afraid that your bones will be broken!"

The two were shocked and immediately dispersed their positions!


The blood was raging, Lin Chen's two arms split open shocking blood marks, constantly flowing hot blood.

His body could not bear such a violent energy, this was just the first wave, and the energy contained in the endless dragon's essence blood poured into his internal organs, limbs and bones!


Lin Chen burst out a painful scream, double fist dances, a fight between the enemy and the enemy!

Lin Chen's arm collapsed with every punch of a punch, but if he didn't release the energy, he would explode and die in no time!

The evil sect strongmen did not dare to approach easily. At this time, Lin Chen was like a mad beast with a fierce attack, and a fierce offensive broke out constantly. The punching and kicking can break the mountain and river, and he was easily approached by him. Now!

While Lin Chen was evaporating the energy of the True Dragon Alchemy Pill, most of the energy was absorbed by the ancient green dragon in his Dan field!

In addition, there is a small part flowing into Lin Chen's body, his dragon power is climbing at an unprecedented speed!

17 dragon power, 19 dragon power, 20 dragon power!

It seems that with every punch, Lin Chen's power is rising! Although his injuries continue to expand, but his water energy veins are also constantly running.

What is more terrifying is the origin of the blue dragon in Lin Chen's Dantian, the dragon qi that sweeps the sun, moon and stars is roaming and roaring!

His ancient green dragon is breaking through at a terrible speed, and its dragon power has reached the 70 dragon power mark!

"No! Although this kid's injury is serious, he has a very mysterious mystery of recovery. On the contrary, his momentum is getting stronger and stronger!"

"His flesh is transforming at an alarming rate!"

The Black Soul is also a strong body-building practitioner, who can see through Lin Chen's anomaly at a glance! Suddenly shouted!

"Everyone, get together!"


The violent fluctuations in the Xuntiandi caused the whole Kirishima to shake violently!

The turbulent turbulence is rolling the endless fighting attack on the ground and the mad attacking teenager!


The sea outside Heiwu Island was swelled with waves and waves, and it was a thousand kilometers high, and the whole island shivered.

So many Tiangang realm four-level and five-level strongmen attack together, and that momentum can level a small mountain to the ground!

The smoke was rolling, and everyone hurriedly released a fighting spirit to investigate Lin Chen's situation, and did not dare to slack off.

They suddenly found that the two waves of life that were stronger than before were in the center of the bombardment. As a sun and moon rose slowly, it was unstoppable!

Tear ~~!

The blue light and purple flame glanced at the void, and the gray rune entered the body of a strong evil sect in the heavenly gang!

Rune repression, he did not have time to react, was caught off guard by surprise attack, and punched on the spot!

The young man struck a silver robe and bathed his blood, his eyebrows were cold and his smile outlined a murderous sense of grace!

He stood in the void, surrounded by golden light and dragon spirit, as if the king appeared in the world and looked at the world!

"This boy's pure power has already reached the level of 35 Dragon Power?"

Black Soul's eyes narrowed, before he was horrified at how Lin Chen did it, a sense of crisis enveloped him!

"Dark Soul..."

The beautiful woman in purple clothes exclaimed, a fierce and unmatched force smashed the mountains and rivers, swept through the wilderness, and suddenly beat the black soul sideways!

Bang Bang Bang!

The black soul was beaten dozens of miles away, smashing several mountains along the way, and even the space flying out was distorted!

Long Wei Chia, a vast and immense, ancient green dragon lingering in golden light bathed in infinite brilliance, like the ancient dragon of the ancient times, ruled the world!

"The ancient green dragon at the peak of the fifth-order intermediate?"

Zi Yi's beautiful woman's eyes shuddered slightly, and the green dragon suddenly detected the dragon's claws, as fast as lightning, and had no time to evade.


boom! The beautiful woman in purple clothes burst into a sharp scream, and was photographed by the ancient blue dragon into the ground, the whole vein was lifted, and a blast of air wave blasted on the surface!

All the evil sect strongmen have a look of fear!

An ancient green dragon with five levels in the sky!