My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 216

Chapter 216: College Shake

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Chapter 216

The ancient green dragons gleamed with golden light, and each dragon scale glowed with a new light. The figure has more than doubled than before!

The dragon claws were lifted up and waved repeatedly, hitting the entire surface time and time again, the whole island was beaten trembling, and the feeling of violent shaking would sink to the bottom of the sea in one second!

Under the fierce attack of the ancient Qinglong, the black widow's sister was killed on the spot!

She has no chance of escaping from the ground. When the fighting is exhausted, her defense can no longer resist the pure power attack of the ancient green dragon!

"A real dragon refining soul pill, just in a blink of an eye, let my ancient green dragon step into the 100 dragon power barrier, enough to compete with the Tiangang realm in the fifth stage, and even benefit myself a lot. With a power of 35 Dragon Power, this feeling of soaring is really amazing!"

Lin Chen closed his eyes, and there was a thrill in his heart!

At the same time, a trace of fear in the heart.

If there wasn't such a mysterious healing method of True Water Guiyuan Jue, then at that time I was afraid that I really had to explode to death!

Now, with pure power alone, Lin Chen can easily blast the fourth stage of Tiangang Realm!

Now, the energy remaining in Lin Chen's body is still less than 40%. This energy can be easily controlled by him!

Lin Chen is not in a hurry to refine, his first task now is to kill every evil sect strongman present!

Any evil martial warrior above Tiangang Realm, as long as he runs out, will threaten millions of civilians or even tens of millions of people!

Even if you kill one more, you will earn!

[The host gets 71 million points of essence of war, 42 million points of essence of war, 45 million points of essence of war,]

[The host gains 120,000 rune energy, 250,000 rune energy,]

[The host enters the second stage of Tiangang Realm.

After the ancient Qinglong touched those attribute light balls, it automatically inhaled and returned to Lin Chen, almost in a blink of an eye, Lin Chen's realm broke through on the spot!

Several times stronger than before, the fluctuation of the fighting spirit turned from within Lin Chen's nine-color battle spirit!

Stepping on the blue wind, Lin Chen held the black abyss gun, purple phoenix wings passed through the sky, the realm broke through, the speed increased a few points, the purple phoenix wings flapped, the whole person was like a shuttle space, the speed is extremely fast!

Tear ~~!

"Slow rune!"

The Black Lightning from the Black Abyss Gun like hell, with the slow rune, runs through the three Tiangang Realm four times in a row!

Straight to the Huanglong, Lin Chen went straight to the Black Soul and left the ancient Qinglong to clean the battlefield alone.

With its current strength, it is absolutely impossible to devour these guys under the quadruple level of Tiangang Realm, and it can be done in only one quarter of an hour!

On the west side of Heiwu Island, a streamer flew through the sky at a speed, trying to escape from Heiwu Island!

Brush ~!

A gray-white rung suddenly descended from the void, and the speed of the black soul was intercepted on the spot, stagnating for less than half a breath!

The stagnation of these half breaths was enough to slow him down a lot!

The dazzling light system is turned into an energy ball, and the aurora explodes into the sky!

"In no hurry, we haven't been addicted just now."

Lin Chen was suspended in the void, and the corner of his mouth outlined Sen Leng's smile.

Now that pure power has risen, on heads-up, Lin Chen is definitely not afraid of the Black Soul!

"Young man, I know you want to delay the time when the blue dragon comes over, but with your strength, it is not enough to delay Laozi!"

Black Soul sneered, and suddenly moved the giant axe in his hand!

Lin Chen laughed loudly in the sky, full of pride, the abyss went to the sea like a mad dragon, and stabbed awe-inspiringly!


Tiange Academy; the main school, the twelfth sky island.

In a hot spring; several Qing Xun disciples who had just returned from their missions soaked in the hot spring comfortably, eliminating fatigue.

"Speaking of it, have you heard about the death of that freshman?"

"This, I remember, was the unlucky freshman who had taken the mission of Heiwudao the day before yesterday. Hey, now it is estimated that he is dead and there are no corpses."

"I have also seen the means of those evil sect warriors. It is inhumane. It is estimated that the newborn is dead now.

"Hey, don't be so anxious to make a final decision. People may be alive. The strength of the freshman may be better than the two of you. Before, one of the two singles was selected."

"What about then? Still dead, in this world, dead is waste. We survived, so we are the small group of people who have reached the top."

"If he is still alive, I will drink all the hot spring water here on the spot!"

Two of the old men of the Xunxun class disdain, one of them took out the task reel, sent a ray of fighting spirit into it, and was planning to find a new task.


Suddenly, the task scroll made of special materials raised a bright blue ray of more than ten feet.

This is a noticeable vision that only comes when advanced tasks are completed!

Everyone looked at it, and the blue light listed a series of subtitles.

"Lanxun-level mission has been completed: destroy all the evil martial arts warriors on Heiwu Island, and destroy all formations on the island. Task executor: Lin Chen (Qingxun level)."

At the moment when I saw the content of the mission, all the students of the Green Order level were dumbfounded!

At the same time, the mission hall, fighting arena, treasure trove, kung fu hall, lingdan island.

All the students who opened the task scroll at this moment to search for the task saw the blue light!

A storm began to sweep the Tiange College. The entire headquarter, whether it is a student, an elder or a teacher, even the mysterious college senior, was shocked or surprised!


Lounge in the mission lobby.

"Old Yuan, it's not good! The big things are not going well!"

Several elders hurried into the lounge, but Yuan Lao was listless, sighing and shaking his head.

He didn't even eat his favorite roast leg of lamb and roasted chicken leg, but just silently poured a sip of liquor.

"What's wrong, Lao Tzu has been in a bad mood recently. You can go out one by one, don't bother Lao Tzu, don't worry about me even if the sky falls."

With a deep sigh, Mr. Yuan lay on the bench and waved without looking back.

He felt deeply guilty about Lin Chens previous affairs. If Lin Chen was simply eliminated by the brutal survival of Tiange Academy, he would have any problems.

But Lin Chen took the Lan Xun-level mission by mistake and went deep into the Black Mist Island full of evil Sect martial artists.

As for the methods of those evil sect martial arts people who are not ghosts or ghosts, Yuan Lao has dealt with a lot when he was young.

If Lin Chen is exposed, I am afraid that even the death method is extremely cruel.

I'm afraid this child hated himself before he died. I personally bury a genius with great potential to become a Lanxun class. This taste is really uncomfortable!

"No! Old Yuan, listen to us, that Lin Chen's kid is not dead!"

The elders who broke in said ecstatically, and Old Yuan shook his head and sighed.

"Hey, I have said that my mother-in-law is in a bad mood, and don't want the sky to fall... Hmm? Wait a minute! Who said you didn't die just now?"