My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 217

Chapter 217: High Level Vibration

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Chapter 217

The two elders immediately took out the task scroll, and when it opened, a blue light turned, clearly writing on it, destroying the evil sect warrior of Heiwu Island, the task has been completed!

Yuan Lao jumped up on the spot, radiant and ecstatically grabbed the task scroll!

"Grandma, Laozi knows that this kid is not so easy to die! Hahahaha! Qingxun class completes the Lanxun mission, great, great! This time I will report to the Presbyterian Church personally, this kid's performance is definitely better than all Qingxun old student!"

The other two elders suddenly wiped a sweat secretly, do you always believe he is not dead? These days I am as stricken as a waste...

General courtyard; on a sky island.

Inside the sky island, a brightly lit instrument room.

A crowd of people are sitting in the chamber, men and women, young and old, some with gray hair, some handsome faces, and some small and cute.

All the people sitting in this room are all high-level of Tiange General College! It's not just the characters who once swelled on this mainland of Lingzhou!

"How about your thinking about this next Zixun level assessment?"

Suddenly, said hoarsely for the first grey-haired old man.

"Elder Elder, I disagree. I can't lower the standard because the General Academy hasn't seen a Purple Order for five thousand years."

"I agree with Elder Xia. Zixun is the strongest student representing Tiange College and the pinnacle of the younger generation in Lingzhou. This position is not lacking."

"Oh, everyone, don't be so pessimistic. The old man sees two thousand-year-old good seedlings in the college this year. Maybe a Zi Xun class will be born in the near future."

"Speaking of which, I also remember one! This year our college was born with arrogance!"

"Cut, you said the same thing a thousand years ago."

A little white loli pouted her lips and bored the magic eye stone in her hands.

"Huh? What is this?"

Suddenly; Little Loli found that on every Sky Island, almost all the students took out the task scroll and watched it carefully. The expression looked like a ghost and was shocked and shocked!

Curious, she also took out her task scroll; when it opened slightly.

A blue ray of light appeared and affected the meeting, and some elders were dissatisfied.

"Xuan'er Nizi, if you want to play, hang out, this is the meeting room."

However, it seems that the little loli in white didn't hear him, and the splendor and curiosity in his eyes grew stronger!

"Wait a minute, the Qingxun class completed the Lanxun class?"

In the chamber, there was something that the elders saw sharply when they saw the azure blue light roaming, and exclaimed suddenly!

Lan Xun-level tasks all represent super-difficult tasks for the college; you must be a Lan Xun-level student to get started.

In fact, many Blue Order students are performing the Green Order tasks. The Blue Order tasks are not only difficult, but they are often accompanied by extremely high fatal risks.

Even if there is not too much risk from the task, the possibility of not completing the task is extremely high. Not many people dare to take this kind of laborious and gambling task.

Almost every Lanxun class student will receive a Lanxun class task in about two years; therefore, every time someone completes, he will notify all students who use the task scroll.

but! This time even Lan Xun-level students felt an extremely difficult task. They even let a young academy-level student finish it, or they were alone!

The whole room was in silence for a moment, and all the seniors stared at the dazzling name!

Everyone's heart began to show waves that have not been seen for a long time!


Black mist island

Lin Chen joined hands with the ancient green dragon to destroy the black soul on the spot!

The strength of the ancient Qinglong was in the late stage of the fifth layer of Tiangang Realm, but the black soul was only in the middle of the fifth layer of Tiangang Realm, and Lin Chen was there to assist. It is not a matter of killing him.

After that, Lin Chen killed all evil martial arts warriors again, and no one stayed! Liberated many captured young girls.

To the west of Heiwu Island; a gradual dim light.

Lin Chen held a bright luminous bead like a night pearl and stood in the air.

The light bead is engraved with dense and dense runes, and there is a strange wave all over it, as if it can connect other energies in space.

"Curious beads, this should be the last one. This thing is used to arrange the ancient array that protects the entire island. Although it is useless to me, it is also a high-end treasure. Put it away."

Put away the last Fulu Light Bead. There are a total of nine objects. After placing the nine positions, a super large array can be placed in a fixed location. It is useless to Lin Chen, but it is equally valuable.

After thoroughly destroying the positions of the array of eyes that remained in Heiwu Island, Lin Chen sat down and sat cross-legged; opened the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 3.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: the second stage of Tiangang Realm.

Ultimate Strength: 35 Dragon Power.

Qi and blood energy: 2.65466 million points.

The essence of the fighting spirit: 2.515 billion points.

Spiritual strength: 1.04 million points.

The essence of exercises: 6.9 million points.

Mindset: "Nine Tribulation of Creation" (32%)

Practicing exercises: Taishi Bible (52%), Nine Recipes (100%)

Possess a special treasure: True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing (100%)

Possess blood energy (up to 3 kinds): Qinglong blood vein 21000 points, purple gold pupil blood vein 10000 points.

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 2 (Upgradable), Corrupt Rune Level 2 (Upgradable), Charged Rune Level 2 (Upgrade),

Rune energy: 9.21 million points.

The energy of each element: 13.99 million points in the fire system, 9.98 million points in the soil system, 9.6 million points in the wood system, 11.2 million points in the gold system, and 10.55 million points in the water system. Thunder system has 9.71 million points, wind system has 9.22 million points, light system has 9.21 million points, and dark system has 11.91 million points.

Lin Chen, who killed the Black Soul, got a lot of essence values of fighting spirit, plus a lot of evil warriors of the four tiers of the Tiangang Realm, Lin Chen is not far from the triple repair of the Tiangang Realm at this time!

"First continue to refine the energy of the true dragon refining soul!"

Lin Chen focused on releasing the energy suppressed by Dan Tian, the ancient green dragon entrenched in his side became golden, and one dragon per man devoured the energy of the real dragon alchemy!

In less than an hour, the violent energy fluctuations like a hurricane swept through the entire black mist island, and the black mist island shook tremblingly, as if something terrible had landed on the island!

"Hoo! It's so cool! Now it would be nice to have another true dragon alchemy pill, maybe the ancient green dragon could enter the ranks of the fifth-tier advanced beasts in one fell swoop!"

Lin Chen shook his fist with regret; a random flick, a domineering strong wind shot out, and crushed the mountain head not far away directly!

His pure power has reached 45 dragon power, and the ancient green dragon is 130 dragon power. It is ranked as the fifth-level intermediate peak strength, and can match the five peaks of Tiangang Realm!