My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Goodbye Leng Yueqi

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Chapter 218: Goodbye Leng Yueqi!

If Lin Chen is confronted with the three heavenly circumstances similar to those of Black Widow and no longer needs a sneak attack, he will be able to defeat the opponent head-on!

"It's time to leave!"

With the exhibition of the Purple Phoenix wings, Lin Chen turned into a flashing streamer and swept out of the sky!


Half a day later; three silhouettes flew above the high altitude of Heiwu Island.

The blue-headed man, headed up, frowned, looked at the whole island.

"Strange, very strange! There are only a few scattered young girls in the whole Kirishima, and there is no breath of those evil warriors!"

"Did they come out of the nest? It's impossible to even have a decent resident in their nest."

"Go and see the teenagers."


The three dived into the void and arrived in front of a group of teenagers on the coast.

Faced with the sudden appearance of the three people, these teenagers who were about to leave the boat were terrified.

"Don't be afraid, we are a cold family branch from an ancient family without any malice."

One of the youth-like men appeased everyone.

"We want to ask, why are you only left on this island?"

The young man asked with consolation. The three of them could see at a glance that these young girls and girls were harmless and not evil people.

Everyone looked at each other, and a young girl summoned her courage and blushed.

"It was an elder brother who saved us. He wiped out all the warriors of the evil sect. After liberating us, he left."


Everyone was stunned, which way the fairy could actually destroy all the evil sect warriors!

"Nizi, dare to ask what characteristics of the son you said? When did he leave?"

The girl hesitated and didn't speak immediately, and looked at the three with timid eyes.

"You don't worry, we didn't mean to harm him. If you don't worry, we can send you away from this black mist island, and you will tell us it's not too late."

The young man smiled sincerely, and the girl said.

"There is a green dragon, and the son carries a green dragon with us. We saw with his own eyes that he released the green dragon, and then took the green dragon back."

Qinglong? Or carry it with you?

The three people are surprised and shocked. There are such strange people in this world. Can they carry a blue dragon with them?

"So, does he have other characteristics."

The young man asked with great interest, the girl's blushing face revealing a trace of coyness and admiration.

"Yes, it looks very handsome."



Lin, who was moving at high speed, suddenly sneezed and rubbed his nose and frowned.

"What happened, how did I seem to hear someone behind me saying I was handsome."

Suddenly, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and at full speed, he felt a strange power enveloping the space not far in front.

This force seemed to hide a lot of things in the space. The sea in front seemed to be calm and empty, but actually the ripples of the space kept wandering and became very cumbersome.

"Has a powerful space boundary?"

Lin Chen was shocked, and he hadn't waited for his reaction.

"He Fang Xiaoxiao, dare to break into the area where I was separated from Lengyue and quickly retreat!"

Let Lin Chen stunned!

How does this sound so familiar!

As soon as Lin Chen turned, behind him stood a fragrant Leng Yanren with a peculiar generation, holding a long bow of Bing Ling, aiming at himself at all times.

The two face each other; Lin Chen recognized her at a glance!

"Teacher Leng Yueqi?"

Dai Mei frowned slightly, Leng Yueqi doubted; "Teacher? I have never taught students like you in my impression."

"It's me! Lin Chen! He looks so handsome!"

Lin Chen ripped open his carefully disguised human skin mask to show his true colors.

Looking at the young boy's familiar face, Lengyue Qifang shuddered and immediately lost her voice.

"Lin Chen? Why are you, why are you here."

As soon as the words fell, Lin Chen rushed over and hugged her, letting Leng Yueqi's beautiful face appear a touch of blush.

"Teacher, you want to die me! Hey, how can you freeze my legs, don't, don't freeze the third one! Can't I let go!"


After some tossing, the two sides understood each other's situation.

The territory of Lengyue's family where Leng Yueqi is located is in this nearby area; someone needs to be stationed every day, and Leng Yueqi, who is not seen in the family, is assigned here.

Leng Yueqi also knew that Lin Chen was admitted to the General Hospital and was very happy.

"Unexpectedly, teacher, you turned out to be a member of an ancient family. Isn't it true that there are legendary saints and saints in your family?"

Lin Chen said, the legendary Lengyue Family is the famous ancient family in Lingzhou!

"It's just a cold month to separate the families. If it's the head office, it's where the sons and daughters were born."

Leng Yueqi shook her head and smiled. The strength of each ancient family is intricate. It is not as simple as the world thinks to give birth to a child or child.

"By the way, with your potential and talent, how can the teacher be sent here to guard the frontier?"

Lin Chen asked curiously, Leng Yueqi is now also in the mid-second stage of Tiangang Realm.

Since the last parting of the Evil Kings Secret Realm, there should be many opportunities and breakthroughs. Combined with her real age and strength, it is also an outstanding type in the ancient family, which is stronger than the'Ning Zhan' that Lin Chen encountered. Much more.

"Because I bumped into the elders, I was fined to guard here for a month..."

Speaking of this, Leng Yueqi sighed deeply, struggling and unwilling in her beautiful eyes.

"My father was a foreigner, and my mother was Lengyue. The family didn't like them. Later, my parents died because of an accident in which the family carried out the task. He doesnt even have the most basic status with his mother."

Talking about this matter, Leng Yueqi, who has always been calm and indifferent, was trembling with anger, Lin Chen just listened quietly.

"Father and mother apparently died because of the mission enacted by the family. After returning to the family this time, I hope to prove my potential through breakthrough cultivation, build the tombstones of the parents in the branch, and leave the parents in the family tree. The name, however, was obstructed by many people in the family, and was again called to guard the frontier in the name of hitting the elders."

Lin Chen gently held Leng Yueqi's catkins, and her excited emotions gradually calmed down.

"Today is the last day of stationing in the frontier. Lin Chen, please go back quickly. Freshmen are competing in Tiange General College every second."

Leng Yueqi did not know that Lin Chen was already a Qingxun class student, but instead thought for Lin Chen.

"Leng Yueqi, you not only hit the elders, but even here to guard the borders, it's really unconventional! I don't think you even have the qualification to be our Lengyue split!"

At this time, space ripples appeared in the space boundary.

Five young figures emerged, and the red-dressed woman in the head sneered and sneered. Looking into Leng Yueqi's eyes, there was a bit of resentment and jealousy hidden in it.