My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 219

Chapter 219: Cold Month Separation

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Chapter 219

The three men next to them all looked at Leng Yueqi's figure and beauty with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and Lin Chen kept quietly in front of Leng Yueqi.

"Who I am talking to is my personal business, and it's not your turn to manage."

Leng Yueqi said indifferently, seeing Lin Chen standing in front of her, her heart warmed.

"Huh! You can now sharpen your teeth, you can roll, we have to meet three seniors here."

Leng Yueqi didn't care about it and told Lin Chen; "Lin Chen, I'm going to return to the family. Please go back to the General Hospital first. I will see you if there is a chance."

"Ah? Go back? Why should I go back, I want to enter Leng's house with you."

Lin Chen blurted out without thinking.

"Oh? Leng Yueqi, to lead outsiders into Leng's house, I think you must have a different heart! You should not know that apart from Leng's family or their partners, any outsiders must pass the elder's consent ."

The woman in red squinted her eyes and passed a trace of murderousness. If Leng Yueqi wants to bring outsiders in, then they have the right to shoot Leng Yueqi directly!

Envious of Leng Yueqi, she can't do anything!

"Have you heard, Lin Chen, don't make trouble!"

Leng Yueqi gave Lin Chen a serious look, but was held by Lin Lin's slender waist with a light grasp!

Under the jealous eyes of the three men, Lin Chen's mouth outlined a smile of evil charm, and he smiled freely.

"I am her partner and I have no right to enter."

Everyone was startled!

"Lin Chen you..."

Leng Yueqi exclaimed, but her chin was provoked by Lin Chen's fingertips and smirked.

"Yueqi, didn't we even do such a thing last time? I'm preparing to come to your family to raise relatives this time. How can I be considered a half-hearted person."

Such a thing is naturally the thing that Lin Chen sculpted her ice wedding dress for her, but it fell into the ears of others, which is not the case!


"Leng Yueqi's cousin actually likes this kind of kid?"

The three men said indignantly.

"Humph! You are just a reserved thing!"

The woman in red put away her murder intention and sneered.

Leng Yueqi was helpless, according to Lin Chen's temperament, if he was to be dismantled here, if he insisted on entering, he would definitely not give up.

She can only lead Lin Chen to lift the space barrier and enter the area where Leng Yue separated.

A young girl took over the position where she was stationed, and four others were still waiting outside.


Across the space boundary, a brand new mountain and river came into view.

The mountains lie down like dragons, and there are palaces and pavilions lined up, which is very different from the endless sea just now! Inside the universe!

Located thousands of miles away, there is an ancient pagoda heading straight to the sky, where the height does not end.

"Little chaos, when do you still want to hug."

Leng Yan's face showed a touch of blush, and Leng Yue gave Lin Chen a white look.

Someone Lin laughed and let go of his hand, and said something subconsciously.

"It's so soft."

Ignoring Lin Chen's words, Leng Yueqi asked Qingsi.

"In short, why do you want to enter the Lengyue family?"

"I just want to see what my big beauty teacher's family looks like, and didn't you say it last time, if we can come to you under the snow mountain, you can continue. ~"

Someone Lin grinned with a chin on his chin, Leng Yueqi smiled rarely.

Subsequently, Leng Yueqi took Lin Chen into a mountain range and stopped in front of a pavilion.

"You are waiting for me here first."

Leng Yueqi said, stepping into the pavilion, Lin Chen was idle outside, and occasionally turned around to see if there was an attribute light ball nearby, and bored waiting.


"Yueqi, how many times have we said that your father is a member of our Lengyue family and is not qualified to put his name on the genealogy and set up a tombstone. Your mother is a woman and she is not eligible to enter this genealogy!

"If you are stubborn, I will fine you for a month!"

In the secret room of the pavilion; a group of cold parents waved their hands impatiently, Leng Yueqi Jiao trembling, biting her red lips.

Seeing this, an elder shook his head and sighed.

"Well, dont say we dont give you a chance. If you can cross the fifth floor of Qianyue Tower, we will do what you want, but you are a woman. According to the regulations, you have to find another one who can break into the tower with you. Your partner, you know the rules of Qianyue Tower."

There was a hint of sarcasm in the eyes of many elders. They understood the elder's intentions, but they were just giving the woman a reason.

Leng Yueqi didn't know why, and his expression gradually became more and more indifferent.

The Qianyue Tower is the heritage of the Lengyue family. It has been established in every branch, and all of them are the souls formed by the condensed spirit of the ice system, and they have extremely strong combat power.

The souls in the tower will be determined according to the strength of the tower-entrant. From the first floor, the cultivation behavior of the creatures in the tower will be higher than that of the tower-entrant.

The further back, the stronger the cultivation of the souls in the tower.

Breaking the tower with Leng Yueqi's strength, breaking into the fifth floor will encounter at least five special life forms of Tiangang Realm!

"The words have come to an end, so you can step back and wait for you to find someone who can break into the tower with you and come to us!"

The elder headed was impatient.

"I am Leng Yueqi's partner."

The door opened and Lin Chen walked slowly into the chamber with a smile.

All the elders answered, and the cyan medal shimmering on the young man's chest was restrained.

"Students of Tiange Academy?"

"Still the Green Order?"

Some elders were surprised and said, Tiange Academy, they have heard the same name for a long time.

Leng Yueqi stared at him stunnedly. Wasn't this little guy just admitted to the hospital?

"Isn't this elder going wrong?"

Lin Chen smiled slightly; the headed elder suddenly looked at Leng Yueqi.

So far, Leng Yueqi no longer cared too much and nodded.

"He is my partner, and I want to apply to enter the Moon Tower!"

Parents are the gods, even if it is the sword of fire, she will have to try it once!


The elder snorted coldly and gave Lin Chen a deep look. He found that he could not see the depth of this young man with his cultivation practice.

He took out a red pen, and the elder pen was like a wind, and he engraved the order on a roll of jade slips.

"Take it! This is the entry permit for Qianyue Tower, which can be used the day after tomorrow, remember, you only have one chance!"

Jade was like electricity, Leng Yueqi grabbed it, and nodded, then took Lin Chen away.

"Elder Lei, why did you give them a warrant."

"Yeah, what if the kid is cheating?"

Several other elders dissatisfied with Leng Yueqi's prejudices.

"If she is not allowed to hit the wall, this woman will not be willing to give up. Moreover, her so-called partner is nothing more than a hairy kid, not even a 19-year-old. What kind of waves can such a young person turn up?"