My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Master Shi Lezhi.

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Chapter 22, Master Shi Lezhi.

Shangguan mansion; blue courtyard.

In the living room of the upper room, all kinds of delicacies are served according to the number. Lin Chen is gorging on it. What a master's style like that.

Satisfied patting his belly, Lin Chen tickled his teeth, tilted his legs, and slapped comfortably.

Shangguan Bihan was very self-cultivated and waited for Lin Chen to eat and drink before asking for advice.

"So, Master Shi Lezhi, how can I solve my problem and what kind of panacea can I take to relieve it?"

Lin Chen waved lazily.

"You stretch out your hand, and the master gives you a touch, naturally you can resolve it directly."

Hearing this, Shangguan Bihan's expression changed slightly. She was very strict in her childhood education. The opportunity for men of the same age to meet her was hard to find, let alone let a teenager touch herself.

Even when he brought Lin Chen into the house, he secretly walked in through the secret passage of the gate of the mansion.

"Master, can you change the method... This method is not convenient for Bihan."

Shangguan Bihan asked embarrassedly.

"Ah? I don't have any other way. If you don't want to, then find someone else. This is not a problem that can be solved by taking the Elixir, otherwise how can those high-level pharmacists around you not see it."

Lin Chen shrugged, trying to get up.


Shangguan Bihan hesitated in embarrassment.

"If I do anything to you beyond the boundaries, the old gentleman behind the window protecting you will naturally take action. Moreover, it is equivalent to, in my hometown, this is a courtesy to meet and greet."

Ran a glance at a window at random, Lin Chen pretended to smile deeply.

From the beginning, Lin Chen has noticed that there is a vaguely strong breath protecting Shangguan Bihan, which is much more powerful than the two psychic guards.

"If you don't want to, I'll go first. Although the food here is delicious."

Seeing Shangguan Bihan hesitant, Lin Chen directly added a fire to make her hurry to make a decision.

Sure enough, Lin Chen stood together, Shangguan Bihan pursed her lips, "Then, the master can guarantee that today's things can not be spread, otherwise it will affect Bihan's reputation..."

Lin Chen couldn't help but roll his eyes. This touch affects the reputation. This Shangguan Mansion is really big enough!

"Look at my handsome look and you know that I must be a tight-lipped person. Without further ado, do the right thing first and stretch out your hand."

Lin Chen smiled, Shangguan Bihan's body shook slightly, and then he rolled up his sleeves, exposing Xue Baihao's arms in front of Lin Chen.

Raising his palm, Lin Chen's five fingers directly grasped the delicate tender catkins of Shangguan Bihan, who shuddered a few times like an electric shock.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ms. Bihan, really made of water.

Lin Chen exclaimed in his heart, but there was already a murderous chance to lock himself. If he made any extraordinary moves, he might annoy the strong man hidden in the dark.

Closing his eyes, Lin Chen started to work his own mental power. I saw that in Lin Chen's line of sight, the light **** of the size of a thumb quickly integrated into Lin Chen's body!

[The host obtains 1578, 3498, and 9487 points of water energy.

Having no time to take into account the light screen popped up by the system, Lin Chen took away the attribute light ball flying out of Shangguan Bihan's body and immediately let go between his two breaths.

"Hoo~~ It's done. Just repeat the steps like today for a few times in the future, and then you can disperse part of your mentality and fighting spirit to avoid the fatal killing in the future."

Lin Chen's pretense said, panting very'overdraft'.

Shangguan Bihan lightly pressed his pulse point, and found that the pain was reduced by a large part, and he asked with doubt and worry.

"This... why do you want to breathe out?"

Dispersing the fighting spirit of mental cultivation, the cultivation behavior will be reversed, and this price is very human tolerable.

"If I'm right, Miss Bihan, you should belong to a special bloodline. The bloodline on your body is right with the ancestor's unique abilities and characteristics."

"Hmm, yes, our Shangguan family is an ancestral bloodline pupil."

Shangguan Bihan nodded and admitted that this was not a big secret.

"Yes, the potential and energy in your bloodline will reach a new peak in half a month. The mental method you practice is just a high-level mental method. The higher the mental state, the more you will change your physique and root bones. The blood, the conflict between the two, if you don't meet me, the consequences are unimaginable."

Lin Chen's explanation both shocked and puzzled Shangguan Bihan, she asked anxiously.

"Ke Bihan's mentality has also been cultivated to a very high level in his ancestors. Doesn't it seem to threaten life?"

"Because their blood is far inferior to you, so this has not happened."

Lin Chen awakened the dreamer, and even the mysterious strongman hidden behind the scene appeared.

"Oh, Bihan, the old man understands. This master should be talking about the unique second blood awakening in my Shangguan family. Our family has not seen the second blood awakening in thousands of years! This time, we are finally going to rise, Charcoal in the snow, charcoal in the snow!"

The old servant in the gray shirt congratulated Shangguan Bihan, and the alert to Lin Chen in the expression was also taken away, and he said seriously.

"Old Decay compensates the master for the previous move."

Lin Chen didn't care to smile, "After all, there is such a baby pimple in your family. I understand it too much."

"Can I actually awaken the bloodline again?"

Shangguan Bihan was excited. If this were the case, the cost of the work of meditation would become worthless. In the Shangguan family, which is full of resources, the repairs will be recovered in a short time.

Lin Chen can see the attribute light sphere before he can see the situation inside Shangguan Bihan. If it was not for his shot, after this incident happened, perhaps no one in this Wanling City could save her.

Lin Chen discovered that there are many high-quality light **** in this hall, and immediately walked over to pick it up, and they saw the two intersect, and suddenly the master suddenly caught the air around the hall. .

"Master Shi Lezhi, are you?"

"Master, this is to help your Shangguan family to investigate Feng Shui and luck for free.

Lin Chen's serious nonsense; the two immediately lit up!

"Can the master see it?"

Grey shirt old servant asked with rare excitement.

"Well~ I can see it more or less."

Lin Chen nodded modestly.

While the two looked at each other and were ready to speak, there was a rapid pace of sound outside the door.

"Bihan, are you inside! I heard Aunt Liu said you brought someone back, where is it."

The hurried footsteps came to the door. The person who came directly pushed the door open. Three silhouettes, the young man in white, holding the white feather fan in his hand, was personable and handsome, but he was twenty-four or five years old.

When the young man in white who broke into the room saw Lin Chen for the first time, he immediately yelled out loud.

"Where are you the wild boy, how could it appear in Bihan's attic!"