My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Grandpa's Birthday Feast.

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Chapter 220

"That was the elder's chamber just now. Do you know that you will be in trouble if you break into this way!"

Outside the attic, in a pavilion, Leng Yueqi blamed Lin Chen, fearing that he would offend the family parent of Leng.

Instead, he stared at Leng Yueqi very seriously.

"But parents are more important, aren't they."

Leng Yueqi was stunned. Although she wanted to refute, she couldn't say anything.

"Yoyo, our iceberg beauty genius still has a partner? It's really envious of others. But tomorrow is the grandfather's birthday, I wonder if you two outsiders have prepared a birthday gift? If it makes the grandfather unhappy , The warrant just now may have to be recycled."

A playful sneer came outside the gazebo.

The three youths fanned by, and there was a blue shade in different shades on their eyebrows.

"Cold knife, you don't need to talk coldly here."

Leng Yueqi blocked in front of Lin Chen, said indifferently.

"You actually like this kind of thing, can't see you are still a hoof."

The young man with the deepest blue eyebrows sneered sneered, showing his murderous intentions.

Leng's family allowed intermarriage among his family members, and he once refused publicly to pursue Leng Yueqi, and his face was swept away with grudges.

"Keep your mouth clean!"

Leng Yueqi's face is as cold as frost, drink coldly!

"Oh, you know how to hide behind a woman!"

Leng Dao sneered and sneered, the sound mixed with a spiritual shock to destroy Lin Chen behind Leng Yueqi!

His spiritual realm has reached the spiritual realm!



Leng Dao's mental power was crushed in silence, bursting with pig-like screams, and he rolled his head over the floor; it attracted many servants from the nearby Leng family to watch.

The two Lengjia youths next to him looked at him in amazement and quickly lifted up.

"Look at showing off your mental strength in front of this handsome man, you're a fart."

Lin Chen flicked his nails and laughed casually.

His spiritual realm is very close to the middle of the spiritual realm, and it is several times stronger than this rookie who has just entered the spiritual realm.

The "Tai Si Bible" he cultivated is rich in content, and he really wants to get it right, and the spiritual power in the middle of the spiritual realm can't be pleased.

Lin Chen grabbed a pale golden treasure chest suspended in the void, which fell out of the cold knife.

[The host opens the golden treasure chest and obtains the top-level fragmentary spiritual cultivation method of the Qing Order: "Four Seals of the Elephant".

Lin Chen glanced at random and was not interested, the top-level stubble of the Qing Order? Compared to his Taishi Bible, it is completely one heaven and one earth!

Leng Yueqi turned her head, she found that Lin Chen was much stronger than before! It's beyond her understanding.

Seeing more and more people watching around, Leng Yueqi took Lin Chen's hand and quickly left the elder hall.


The cold knife was so angry and sore that before they could stop Lin Chen, the two had long disappeared outside the elder palace.

In the attic of Leng Yueqi's boudoir.

"The cold knife is a natural talent, but his mind is extremely narrow. You are too reckless this time. Tomorrow he will definitely embarrass you at Grandpa's birthday feast."

Leng Yueqi pulled up the window and gave Lin Chen a helpless glance.

"The soldiers will block it, the water will cover it, the woman will come to me."

Lin Chen picked up a berry and took a few bites, without a smile.

"It can only be like this. If you offend your grandfather, this trip to the Qianyue Tower will inevitably be blocked."

Leng Yueqi thought, although the grandfather did not embarrass himself like other elders, he was a very good-looking person.

The next day; Lengyue separated from the Southern District.

In the Southern District of Zixiao Peak, two tiers of auspicious cloud spirits flying in the sky congratulate the birthday, and welcome the strong players on behalf of the host.

At the top of the mountain; many of the strong people who are separated from the cold moon, sincerely congratulate Shou Xing Gong today, as well as people with a head and face in the outside world have been invited so far.

"The deputy patriarch of the Holy Sword Sect gave a gift of three handles and fifth-order intermediate swords, Wan Qingjian. I wish Lord Leng's life longer than Wanqing!"

Xiao Zui remembered the names of the guests' gifts, and the VIPs took their seats one after another.

Sitting on the top of Zixiaofeng Mountain, the old man was gray-haired and self-confident. There was a momentum among the eyebrows among the upper class. From time to time, he smiled and nodded to the guests.

Leng Yueqi took Lin Chen to participate in Grandpa's three thousand year old birthday, and was seated in Zixiao Peak.

Lin Chen, who arrived at the scene, had a new understanding of the ancient family.

On the branch of an ancient family, the background is not inferior to the first-class forces in Lingzhou!

The atmosphere began to be quiet and solemn; everyone looked at the old man sitting on the first stage.

The old man got up, although he was old but energetic, Yan Wei was still there, toasting and laughing lightly.

"All of you can come today, it is a face for Leng Yin, this cup, I will do it first!"

Finish talking and drink!

Some strong men who entered the Lengyue branch for the first time showed their excitement, which made the elders of the Lengyue branch toast, even if the scene coped with it, it was enough to brag about it.

"I learned that my grandfather's birthday is cold, so I prepared for it, so I am late, please ask grandpa Haihan."

At this time, a young man in white was heard outside the door, and the little man beside him also carried a delicate and exquisite jade box.

"Oh, it turned out to be a cold knife. Heli is all right. It's okay when I get it."

Leng Yin Fuxu smiled and said that, but his eyes looked at the jade box indifferently.

Lin Chen's heart is funny, this old guy really valued the brand, they are all old, how can vanity be stronger than Laozi.

"The courtesy can only show the heart, but it can't be perfunctory like some people in the field."

Leng Dao was thorny in his words, glancing at Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi sitting beside the corner.

"This kind of intention, but also invite Grandpa to see."

The cold knife uncovered the jade box, inside which was a blood ginseng. The roots of the whole body were red and crystal clear. When a jade box opened, a glaze-colored elixir condensed into a faint glow, and slowly drifted into the void.

"Danxianghuaxia, at least it is also a fifth-level high-level medicine!"

"His? Tier 5 senior!"

Many VIPs were shocked and silent, laughing coldly.

"This is the eight thousand years of blood Lingshen and the fifth-order high-level medicine, Qianshou Huiyang Pill, and those who take it can increase the life of 500 years!"

Leng Yin's smug introduction, Leng Yin said with satisfaction.

"Well, Cold Knife, you have a heart. These two things are extraordinary. Thank you for sending such a precious gift for Grandpa. What a great grandson!"

Lin Chen almost did not spray out on the spot, good grandson? Why does this sound so spicy!

"I am nothing! Today's highlight is the companion of Yueqi's little cousin, but he was born in the famous Tiange Academy. The gift of Daoer, I am afraid that it will only add to the big gift of this man. You Right, Brothers Chen Chen?"

Leng Dao's yin and yang grinned, everyone looked at Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi along his eyes.

"Oh? Qingxun's Tianjiao."

Leng Yin discovered where Lin Chen was. He found that he could not see through this cultivation practice, only to see that his whole body was like a fire network, and the fire net was heavy!