My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 221

Chapter 221: 1. This Is An Honest Child

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Chapter 221 This is a honest child!

Leng Yueqifang's lips were slightly pursed. This guy slapped Lin Chen so much that he wanted to make Lin Chen not come to Taiwan.

"Oh, how did Brother Cold Knife know that I also prepared a small gift. Who knows me, Brother Knife too!"

Unexpectedly, someone Lin came with an enthusiastic clap, and the smiling expression was like that of the matchmaker who saw the girl who wanted to date.

The cold knife has some scalp tingling. Why is this boy so enthusiastic that he ate bee shit?

"Oh, although it is a small gift, the gift sent by Brother Lengdao and my small gift are really only icing on the cake."

Lin Chen shook his head, and the VIPs were curious for a while. What kind of gift did this little guy prepare? Even the fifth-order high-level medicine can only be used as a foil?

No more than half of the fifth-level senior medicine can be taken out on the spot, even if there is one, they are not willing to take it out, who is not a baby to protect!

"Oh? I wonder if this little brother can also open the eyes of the old man?"

Leng Yin became more and more curious, and asked a young man with a smile.

Seeing the grandfather actually smiled, Leng Yueqifang's heart shivered. What gift did Lin Chen have prepared? Dare to say that the fifth-order senior medicine is a foil.

If you cant get it out, Grandpas temper will be cancelled tomorrow even the qualification of Qianyue Tower will be cancelled!

"Well, Master Leng, this is the secret of the spiritual system practice I recently used to head to bed, and I gave it to you, Master."

Lin Chen took out a brand-new reel with five characters inscribed on it.

Seeing this, Cold Knife took a breath of air on the spot!

Isn't this the secret of my spiritual system cultivation, how did this get to this kid's hand!

"Huaxiang Siyin Jue" is the top secret cheat obtained by the cold knife a few years ago by chance, and is his own biggest secret!

With this cheat book, the Cold Knife's spiritual realm has grown extremely rapidly, and it also makes it mentally attacked in its subsequent swordsmanship, which is extremely domineering.

"Huaxiang Siyin Jue" can be said to be the lifeblood of the cold knife, the secret and treasure of the bottom of the box. No one knows that he has such a secret of spiritual training.

If the preciousness of this thing is exposed, even the top of the family must covet! But the question is how to run into Lin Chen's hands!

If there are not many VIPs today, Cold Knife is estimated to run away on the spot and fight with Lin Chen!

Leng Yin was shocked and unexpectedly took the scroll and read it a little. The handprint and mantra at the beginning confirmed the conjecture of the cold knife, exactly the same as the "Four Elephants".

"It's really the secret of top-level spiritual cultivation in the Qing Dynasty, this is such a precious gift!"

Leng Yin was shocked and sluggish in place. What was the origin of this young man? This thing could not be obtained as the parent of his cold month!

Lin Chen and Leng Yue asked inquisitively, because Grandpa Leng Yin was traumatized because of her spiritual roots when she was young, and she has not yet fully recovered.

It is always his wish to have a secret of spiritual cultivation. It's just that it is too rare for the spiritual secrets to practice, and they can all be comparable to the blue-level exercises!

Before Lin Chen picked up the treasure chest on the cold knife and opened it, he copied it with his mental strength. It was not too simple.

"This precious gift, this..."

Leng Yin was excited again and hesitated because of affection.

"Ah? Valuable, no no no, this is just a little bit of juniors, and it can't be said to be a little, moderate."

Looking at Lin Chen's smiling flowers and offering Buddha, he sent his most precious and mysterious hairpin out. The cold knife was going crazy when he looked around, his eyes covered with blood.

"Your despicable dog thief, dare to steal my spiritual cultivation secrets."

Roaring hoarsely and hoarse coldly, his emotions were completely disorientated. The violent fighting erupted, overturning the surrounding banquet tables and pouring a lot of VIPs.

"Brother Dao, how can you defame me? This secret was picked up by Lin Chen. Someone in Lin Lin was bright and decent, and his temperament and face value were in direct proportion. Show your spiritual cultivation secrets also to prove it!"

Lin Chenyi's words are, strictly speaking, this is indeed what he picked up!

Leng Dao cant wait to stab him with thousands of knives. When he got the adventure, the ancient book that recorded the cultivation method had already been destroyed. What secrets are there!

His spiritual realm is incomparable to Lin Chen, and it takes a few days and nights to engrave "Hua Xiang Si Yin Ju" on the spot! The scene will not give him this time to prove himself!

"Not to mention, with my Lin's heritage, do I need to steal this small gift? This is the gift I want to give to Mr. Leng Yin!"

Lin Chen flipped with one hand, and nine beads of engraved engravings floated in the palm of his hand, forming an ancient large array.

Powerful people with knowledge of the scene were shocked!

"Jingyan Runzhu?"

"This is the treasure for arranging the big formation!"

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the formation of these nine rune beads is vast and unpredictable, there is a taste of the ancient times, if the energy is sufficient, I am afraid that even the heaven and earth can reach the eighth and nineth layers!"

Father Leng Yin was also frightened! Such precious treasures are not inferior to the secrets of spiritual cultivation just now!

For a power and a sect, the value of the Eye Beads is even higher than that of the top-level spiritual cultivation secrets!

For Lin Chen, this thing looks like a chicken rib. Using this object to arrange the formation method itself requires huge energy support. It cant leave the protection range of the formation method. It is useless for him. It is better to help a cold moon here. Qi.

Before waiting for everyone's reaction, Lin Chen put 9 Array Eye Beads on Lord Leng Yin, turned away, and sighed.

"Please accept this item from Mr. Leng. Hey, I didn't expect to come to the birthday banquet and was framed. He looks handsome, so tired, he was targeted everywhere. Today, this birthday banquet seems that some people do not welcome me. Someone, Yueqi, let's go."

After finishing the speech, Lin Chen walked back to the corner, pulled Leng Yueqi who could not help but endure, and walked down the mountain without looking back.

"Don't go! Little friend Lin Chen!"

"Little brother, make a friend!"

Many VIPs and Mr. Leng Yin hurried to keep Lin Chens legs as if they had wings, and they disappeared as soon as they smoked away.

Seeing that he missed the opportunity to make a good relationship with Lin Chen, Master Leng Yin was so angry that he threw the cold jade box back to him!

"Look at the good things you did for me! Take your things and leave me!"

"Grandpa, are you?"

The cold knife was so anxious that he didn't know what to say.

At this time, a VIP shook his head and sighed.

"What a good young man, this looks like a honest child! How can this young master of the cold family hold others away?"

Hearing this sentence, the cold knife was exposed with green muscles, the corners of his mouth were pumped violently, and his blood was attacked. He spit out blood on the spot and passed out!