My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Chuangqianyue Tower

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Chapter 222: Breaking into the Thousand Moon Tower!

Hey, it's really exciting to run when you're done!

Lin thought in his heart that if he knew that Cold Knife was still spitting blood after he left, he was afraid that he would go back and jump on the most X-ethnic style.

"It cost you a lot this time."

Leng Yueqi was held by his hand, her face reflected a faint red glow, she knew that Lin Chen did all this for herself.

"It's nothing, no matter how important those things are, it's not as important as Teacher Yueqi."

Lin Chen turned his head suddenly and said seriously. Leng Yueqi was slammed by Fang Xin's fawn.

"Hey, in fact, those things are really not important to me. Teacher Yue Qi has no psychological pressure. Tomorrow is the key to the Qianyue Tower."

Lin Chen smiled; with Leng Yueqi's talent, he naturally understood his intentions.

Now his grandfather has received Lin Chen's two precious treasures in front of everyone's eyes. He dare not trouble Lin Chen any more, and he might even give some help.

As the so-called cannibalism is short, the hands are soft; not to mention two treasures of national value.

Leng Yueqi rarely reveals a smile of fragrant beauty, such as an iceberg dissolving, shining a ray of sunlight, reflecting countless brilliance.

"Let's go to the tower tomorrow. I'll take you to see the Qianyue Tower in our cold moon branch!"

Leng Yueqi took the initiative to fly to the tallest building in the separated area!


The next day; Qianyue Tower. Crowds are surging, at least more than 100,000 people are standing outside the Qianyue Tower!

The birthday feast of Elder Leng Yin was rumored, and it was only one day. Many people in the Lengyue branch learned about it.

Everyone is very curious, who can let the reckless cold knife eat deflated. Especially today, he has to break into Qianyue Tower with Leng Yueqi!

"I heard the elders said that it seems that Leng Yueqi and that Lin Chen must go to the fifth floor to engrave her parents' name in the genealogy?"

"On her father and mother who are not good enough? Still want to join the genealogy, idiot said dreams."

"The fifth floor is simply impossible. The first genius of our Lengyue family, Leng Changfeng, thousands of years ago, was able to break into the fifth floor with the repairs of the last stage of Tiangang."

"Due to Leng Yueqi's cultivation behavior, I am afraid that the fourth floor has already encountered the five-fold ice puppet of Tiangang Realm, and there is no chance of winning. I guess there is that tow oil bottle called Lin Chen, maybe the third floor will not pass !"

Many young people who separated from Lengyue sneered.

At the entrance of the Qianyue Tower, two guarded Tiangang Realms were released to Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi.

Entering the tower, Elder Leng Yin is already waiting here.

Seeing Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi, Leng Yin lightly coughed.

"Please enter the tower to show the handwriting of Qianyue Tower."

Lin Chen snapped his fingers and shot a jade shot. Leng Yin accepted it after checking, waved it with one hand, and opened the door.

He lifted his foot away and passed by the two, seeming to himself.

"Bing Pang's weakness lies in the strongest parts of defense."

The two of them lit up in silence, walked towards the tower, pushed open a space gate, and stepped into the vast ice and snow.

Goose feathers and heavy snow are flying, at the end of the ice and snow, there is a spiral ladder leading to the higher level!

Outside the Qianyue Tower; the magic eye stone in the void lists twelve light screens, and the figures of Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi are cast on the light screen.

The people outside the Lengyue Tower clearly see the inside of the tower, and some Tianjiao are already betting that Lin Chen and the two can only go to a few floors.

Inside the tower; heavy snow flutters. The two walked slowly, Leng Yueqi was alert around.

[The host gains 30,000 points of water energy and 20,000 points of water energy.

Lin Chen picked up two attribute light **** hanging on the snow tree, and his eyes lit up!

In the ice and snow, there are a lot of water attribute light balls, like snowflakes everywhere!

Although the value of the attribute is a little low, there is more or less!


The roar of the beast shook, and the energy of ice crystals condensed into two hundred-footed ice wolves, each with two heads, a wolf tooth like a blade, and a pale white claw like a blade cutting off the snow surface.

"Be careful!"

Leng Yueqi is about to pull the ice bow, Lin Chen touched his nose and smiled.

"Is it comparable to the ice and wolf king in the mid-double of Tiangang Realm, little meaning."

After finishing talking, slap it in the past! The twisted dragon force of the space is broken between the five fingers, just like the coming of ghosts and gods, and the palm of the hand penetrates the ground!

boom! The ground moved, and the first Ice Wolf was exploded by Lin Chen! The instantaneous smoke disappeared; it disappeared into nothingness.

After the hurricane Yu Jian rolled up by pure power, he overturned the second wolf king, Lin Chen jumped up, and in the void, his feet were like angry dragons over the river, stepping down!

Bang! The biped stomped on the head of the ice and snow wolf king and rolled up a wave of snowflakes that was 100 feet high, which shocked the people of the cold moon branch who were watching outside!

Looking at the scene in the light screen, many Tianjiao are still stunned!

"What monster is this?"

"Two tricks to kill two heads are comparable to the ice and wolf king in the mid-double stage of Tiangang Realm? This is too evil!"

The young arrogance of the Lengyue family exudes dignity and shock. This strength is placed in their current family of peers, definitely in the top 10!

"It's actually a physical strength martial artist."

"The old man underestimated this kid. It must have 30 dragon powers in those two strokes just now. It can be the pure power of the wrist with Tiangang Realm. It is interesting."

Even the top executives and elders who did not care about Lin Chen at the beginning were amazed by it!

"Huh? What is he groping after killing the two wolf queens?"

"Qianyue Tower has nothing but ice puppets?"

Someone in Zhongtianjiao exclaimed that the young man in Tazhong was scratching around, and he couldn't understand what he was doing!

Inside the Qianyue Tower;

[The host obtains 10,000 points of water energy, 20,000 points of water energy,]

Lin Chen picked up a large number of attribute light balls, and the energy value of the water system rose by millions of points!

In the Heaven Academy, if you want to have this improvement, it is impossible not to consume hundreds of thousands of points!

"Sister Yueqi, let's go up!"

Thinking of the higher level above, Lin Chen looked forward to it.

Seeing Lin Chen still as mysterious as ever, Leng Yue smiled shallowly and flew with him to the second floor!

Although the Qianyue Tower is somewhat mysterious, the souls of the towers born are even inferior to the real strong ones.

They do not have too high spirituality, only pure combat power, unless there is too much difference in level, or there is a chance to overcome them step by step.

The second floor of Qianyue Tower;


The two waves of air exploded. In a snow-covered mountain range, two nine-pattern cold ice worms entrenched one side, and the momentum was violent and overbearing!

Shuangjiao left and right to rush to Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi, wherever they passed, they destroyed a snowstorm!

"The two ends are comparable to the nine-grained ice dragon in the early days of Tiangang Realm Triple, try to liberate 35 Dragon Power!"

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth outlined a frantic smile, and the fierce light was revealed!