My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 223

Chapter 223: This Is Called Kindness?

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Chapter 223

The Qianyue Tower was created by the sages of the Leng family and contains countless intertwined battle spaces. No matter how Lin Chen makes trouble, he will not be able to destroy it.

Within the second floor;


The dragon screams and the space is distorted!

Lin Chen volleyed a palm to serve Jiuwen Hanjiao, his eyes flashed, and the entire Jiuwen Hanjiao became transparent and gorgeous under the exploration of Zijin Tong.

"Huh? It is entirely in the form of an energy body, and there is no sign of the existence of a trace of life energy."

Surprised in his heart, Lin Chen couldn't see the shortcomings and weaknesses of this soul in the realm of purple gold pupil "out of nothing", except for its locked killing luck to himself.

Tear ~~!

Jade's hand pulled the ice bow, surrounded by a sonic boom, and three ice-light arrows fell like meteors, exploding on the body of another nine-pattern cold ice jelly.

The chilly ice in the frozen space seals its forelegs and head positions, and freezes in place!

Waving his fist, Lin Chen punched the nine-grained ice dragon under him, swept the whip legs, 35 dragon powers roared like a group of dragons, and when the strong wind swept the sky, the second blade was like a knife The head of the nine-grained ice dragon!

Spike! Another spike!

The two did not stop at the second floor of the Qianyue Tower for a quarter of an hour and proceeded to the third floor!

The arrogance of the Lengyue family members gathered outside the tower all began to show a serious attitude; they can reach the third floor and the results placed in the family are already ranked upstream!

"Isn't this kid less than 19, how could he be so strong?"

The cold sword heart on a mountain top has palpitations. Lin Chen's strength may already be above himself.

The two nine-pattern cold ice dragons could kill themselves, but they couldn't do it as easily as Lin Chen.

One hundred miles away from the Qianyue Tower; the tallest loft.

The pale yellow magic eye stone rotates in the dense room, projecting the figures of Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi.

Fifteen figures sat in every corner of the chamber; the atmosphere was dull and silent.

These fifteen people are all elders of the Leng family.

"This little guy hid very deeply. At first, we didn't even detect his behavior."

"He can control his pure power freely, with no more than one blow, all 35 dragon power, he still has reservations."

The two elders looked at each other and thought of each other.

"Look again. Taking Leng Yueqi's cultivation practice as a woman, entering the fifth floor will surely meet the Tiangang Realm of more than five levels. You can break the boundary by stepping over and be eligible to be called Tianzhi in Lengyue's family. Pride!"

"The second elder is right, don't be too happy. What our Lengyue family needs is not a small accomplished person in the family, but a strong person who can truly achieve the peak!"

The old man in the blue robe sitting at the top suddenly asked hoarsely.

"How is that thing going? A black widow, if it affects the foundation of my cold month separation, wouldn't it be a laugh?"

Finished talking; immediately three figures stood up and held their fists respectfully.

"Informing the elders, the black widows have all been wiped out. In addition, there are also two well-known evil Sect strongmen, but this is not what we did. After we went to the scene, it was already a step late."

The three of them briefly explained the matter, and all the elders were slightly refreshed, with a curious glow in their eyes.

"There is such a strange thing?"

"At a young age, he killed three Tiangang Realms and five evil religions? Such a natural arrogance should be the name of Zhenzhou, why have never heard of it?"

While the elders were still thinking about the matter of Heiwudao, two elders exclaimed in unison!

"They hit the fourth floor!"


The fourth floor of Qianyue Tower.

The two frozen Lilong dragons slapped four pairs of dragon wings, and the dragon's breath of wind blew thousands of miles, sweeping through the snow, swallowing the Jiuxiao River!

One of them, the ice dragon, is nearly huge!

"Five-tier Intermediate Ice Lili Dragon, the fighting power chasing the sky at the beginning of the fifth layer. Pure power alone can't beat this big guy!"

Lin Chen was the first to release the dragon force of the whole body, the dragon gas penetrated the meridian pores of the whole body, and 45 dragon gases came out of the body, bursting with the roaring vibration of the volcano!

The dragon claws are rolling in an endless blizzard, the strongest ice-lily dragon finds a blow to the dragon claws, rolls the mighty dragon's breath, and pushes the mountains and stars down!

"Fire bloodline transformation!"

Lin Chen burned a violent red flame all over his body, the fist wind gazed at the world, and the 45 dragon force came out in a brazen attack! The dragon-breath claws that shook the chilly dragon on the front!

laugh! boom! boom!

Lin Chen even threw three punches, the energy storm of ice and flames raged in the middle! Take the claw of the Lilong dragon in the front and smash its dragon scale with a punch in the reverse!

Roar ~~!

The dragon's tail is like a mountain range, and another ice-blind dragon swings down the dragon's tail suddenly!

Pupil purple light flashed, Lin Chen stepped on the blue light whirlwind, three steps to move the sky, the figure was like a glimmer of light, the jumping space was ten thousand meters away, the dragon tail hit an empty spot on the spot, and the aftermath set off a heavy snow!

"Charged Rune Thunderstorm!"

Lin Chen's volley turned around quickly, and his left leg transformed into the bloodline of the thunder system. The thunder light jumped, with the full power of the 45 dragon power, and fell like a tomahawk!

Sigh~! Click~

One leg broke the ground vein alive, and the dragon tail was split in two on the spot!

The dragon claw lifted the crust and lifted it out of the snow. While Lin Chen urged Tiangang to fight, the figure was as flexible as a dragon, and the whip leg slammed with the light of thunder fire. Above the claw!

boom! Lin Chen was blasted 10,000 meters away, crashing a snowy mountain along the way.

Amazing changes suddenly appeared!

boom! boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen's previous fighting position suddenly broke out of four hard rock walls thousands of meters high!

The rock walls are like four mountain walls, one after another, tight and airtight, and extremely strong, which envelops the two ice dragons!

In Lin Chen's nine-color battle spirit, a touch of light belonging to the earth's fighting spirit has been completely dimmed. This trick has exhausted all of his earth's fighting spirit. Even the Tiangang Realm is not so easy to break the rock wall!

Under the siege of the four walls, Ssangyong was about to take off and leave; Lin Chen suddenly drank!

"Teacher Yueqi, I'm ready!"

Leng Yueqi, who is at the height of thousands of feet, grasped her heart, a dark blue hook pattern on her eyebrows quickly revealed, and her breath soared to the triple level of Tiangang Realm!

Su Yu pulls his bow full of strings, and the arrows flashing like a blue star suddenly shoot out!

"Ice King Arrow!"

The blue star arrows flew by like a flash of meteor, and suddenly shot into the four rock walls!

Shuanglong awe-inspiringly opened Dalongkou, spit out the fierce and fierce ice dragon breath, frozen for thousands of miles, but how could the arrow actually absorb the energy of the ice in the dragon breath, and became more powerful by three points!

"Water veins! My water!"

Lin Chen's whole body was transformed into water veins, the whole body was blue and gorgeous, and his palms were shot in the snow!

"My water! My water! My water! Hahaha!"

Every time Lin Chen slapped a palm, the energy of the water system like a roaring waves was transferred to the ground!

The majestic water system changed into a turbulent sea, spurting from the four rock walls!


The ice king arrow combined with Lin Chen's water system fighting spirit, instantly came as the ice age came, and the cold rose, and completely frozen the two ice dragons in the rock wall, and could not move in a short time!

Lin Chen specially left a hole, he walked into the rock gun, holding the black abyss gun, patted the area under the tail of the ice-dragon, shaking his head and sighing.

"Hey, my shortcoming is that I'm too kind, and I have to give my opponent a euthanasia before destroying them."

After all, someone Lin gently wiped the head of his black abyss gun to find the correct position.

Lin is like a billiards player about to start a game. After slowly aiming, he pierced the gun head fiercely! A madness! A crazy thorn!


The hundreds of thousands of people outside Leng Yuefen who watched the magic eye stone outside the tower took a cold breath! The palm of your hand unconsciously covers the Kikubu area!

Looking at Lin Chen's skillful and sophisticated technique, everyone felt scalp numbness and cold feet!

Is this **** kind? ?