My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 224

Chapter 224: It Must Be Crazy

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Chapter 224

Someone Lin's marksmanship is like a dragon, and the center of the bullseye is hit every time. The sound of the ice burst is like a cracked chrysanthemum, sorrowful and sad.

On that day, all the Lengyue family members watching the scene had a permanent shadow in their hearts!

They are unforgettable, and the cry of cry and cry growled from the magic eye stone.

But it is Lin Chen's true strength that has attracted the attention of many powerful people!

When the war of attack was revealed, Lin Chens true cultivation practice was exposed in front of everyone, the second stage of the Tiangang Realm!

The most important thing is that he is only 19 years old! It already has the strength to match the five levels of Tiangang Realm, even if it is placed in the family of Lengyue Family, it is also a rare wizard!

Qianyue Tower, hundreds of miles away, attic with elders.

"Good boy! Even hiding so deep, both fighting strength and physical training are the best choice!"

"And in battle, his physical refining strength and his own fighting strength are perfectly combined, unlike those who only know how to use three-point brute force and are simple-minded!"

"If this is cultivated well, it will be a good and beautiful jade!"

"Leng Yueqi actually brought back such a genius to our family. Keep it, you must keep him!"

"Unfortunately, his combat strength may have bottomed out. If he insists on entering the fifth floor, the encountered Taling is not that simple."

The elders were overjoyed and discussed continuously.

In fact, not only Lengyue's separation, but also Lengyue's family, has attracted the world's talents and arrogance in the past millennium!

If a woman wants to go to Qianyue Tower to prove her strength, she must bring her own male partner.

The reason is that the Lengyue Family has already ranked the last in the ancient family.

Although it is possible to cross the Lingzhou by relying on the background of his own family, at the level of the ancient family, it can no longer keep up with the rest of the ancient family.

Therefore, in order to catch up with other ancient aristocrats, this family can only do so.

The disputes between the interests of the younger generations of the ancient families are extremely deep, and they are so deep that they will not give up this interest even if they are included in the alien race.


Within the fourth floor of Qianyue Tower;

"Huh~~! It's so refreshing. I'm afraid that my marksmanship has improved a lot recently, one shot to the girl, one shot to the beast, what's wrong."

Lin Chen passed through the other end of the rock wall, and the frozen Lilong dragon behind him suddenly disappeared, and a moonlight gradually shed.

Qianyue Tower. According to the sages, there are thousands of moons hidden in the tower. The higher the summit, the brighter the moonlight and the greater the chance of getting a chance encounter.

But since ancient times, no one from the cold family can unlock this secret. At least, Lengyue has not yet separated.

[Congratulations to the host! The host kills the Ice Lilong formed by a special energy body, triggers a low-probability special reward mechanism, and drops the Zijin treasure chest.

Brush ~~!

A purple-gold light that only Lin Chen could see blew into the sky, suspended in the rock wall, Lin Chen rushed in again, grabbed the purple-gold treasure chest.

[The host opens the Zijin Treasure Chest and obtains the top-ranking alchemy handprint of the Qing Order "Sanqing Ling Watermark".

The top-ranking alchemy handprint of the blue rank!

Lin Chen opened his mouth wide! This is the real damn's treasure!

The number of low-level alchemy alchemist fingerprints in the 24 domains can be counted in one slap!

Even in Lingzhou, the blue-order alchemy handprint is still an extremely rare commodity, because the strong here are like clouds, and need an alchemist and alchemy handprint to support the growth of the alchemist than anywhere else!

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Cool! Really **** cool! Really want to come again!"

Lin Chen couldn't help but laugh in the sky, the laughter shook the Quartet and passed outside the tower.

People from the Lengyue family who had just eased a breath felt this creepy laughter, and their teeth were trembling!

crazy! Crazy crazy!

It must be crazy!

You can call it so cool when you **** that part of the beast?

The most irritating thing is that he wants to do it again!

This Lin Chen is more than crazy, it is a perverted chrysanthemum crazy!

"I suddenly don't want to provoke this kid!"

"me too!"

"I don't know why, I have a trace of sympathy for Cold Knife. If this kid revenge Cold Knife, it's sour! My mother, it's terrible, I'm going home!"


The fourth floor of Qianyue Tower;

[The host obtains 30,000 points of water energy, 50,000 points of water energy,]

Lin Chen swept the fallen leaves with a gust of wind, and took away all the light spheres of the water attribute scattered on the fourth floor. At this time, his energy of the water system has reached an unprecedented 24 million points!

Lin Chen was not arrogant. Although this iced Lilong had initially reached the level of the first five levels of Tiangang Realm, it was not a real creature after all, and its overall level was still slightly worse.

Leng Yueqi landed next to Lin Chen, her eyes turned and whispered.

"Lin Chen, thank you."

Lin Chen stunned, nodding seriously.

"Teacher, have you finally noticed my handsomeness and fell in love with me."

"Mother, don't freeze your legs! Have something to say!"

After adjusting interest rates in place for a while, the duo formally went to the fifth floor!

Ascending the spiral ladder to the end; the balance at the feet of the two loses their sense of reality. Between the movement of the space, they reach a quiet space.

There is no longer snow and ice accumulation here, but it is within the plains and the terrain is wide.

"Some people can't think of it. After a thousand years, there are people who have entered here. I wonder if you are better than the last one."

The two human figures are slowly suspended in air, they have silver hair fluttering, a male and a female appearance, they are transparent and bright, and there is a halo of ice energy on the top of their heads.

"I don't know if I'm good or not, I'm a little bit more beautiful, and I'm sure to be more handsome than the previous one."

Lin Chen smiled, but there was a trace of dignity in his eyes.

The strength of these two tower spirits is not at the same level as Han Libing Dragon!

One is the five-fold early stage of Tiangang Realm and the other is the five-fold middle stage!

Lin Chen is only in the late second stage, and Leng Yueqi's mid-second stage can rise to the triple stage briefly. But compared to the two Talings, there is still a huge gap!

"Now it's time to try my extreme fighting ability. I don't know if I can use these ancient guys without using the ancient green dragon."

Lin Chen was eager to try, the blood of the fire system was transformed, the sole of the foot shook the ground suddenly, and the crust was shocked!

As the earth's crust changes, dozens of pillars of red flames rise into the sky and crash into two tower spirits!

"However, broken!"

The silver-haired women in the mid-five days of Tiangang Realm shook their heads in disappointment.


In a blink of an eye, hundreds of ice stars and arrows are blooming like ice flowers, and they are coming from all directions. The space passing by freezes the quiet frost!


The silver-haired male Ta Ling's face was ugly, and suddenly a loud roar of fierce beast burst out of his mouth, roaring the broken mountains and rivers!

The roar shattered all the ice arrows, and turned into a cold ice mist filled the void!

With such terrible strength, all the cold moon branches outside the tower have changed their arrogance!