My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Blue Level Exercises

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Chapter 225

Ice patterns appeared at the center of the eyebrows, and Leng Yueqi's breath soared to the mid-three days of the Tiangang Realm.

"Dad, mother. Babe must engrave your name and tombstone in the branch!"

The blue eyes flashed with unwavering will, Leng Yueqi's palm fluttering out of the air, suddenly filled with ice bow, aimed at the male tower spirit!

The war between the two sides is on the verge!

Click! The space was suddenly twisted, sitting on top of the silver-haired woman's head, and the light flashed around the faint wind.

Her expression suddenly changed slightly, and when she looked up, within a few dozen feet above her head, Lin Chen held a black abyss gun in hand, and the dark dark fighting spirit condensed the tip of the gun!

"Charged Rune Dark Devour!"

Lin Chen drank coldly, holding the gun in both hands, landing like a dragon, piercing through!


The silver-haired female disdainfully sneered, and the ten-foot space above her head suddenly twisted and trembling, becoming particularly solidified!


A shot condensing dark fighting and 45 dragon power was stopped horizontally. The tip of the black abyss gun was stopped within a foot of the silver-haired female!

A solid void like an invisible wall blocked Lin Chen and his black abyss gun!

"The speed is acceptable, but the attack power is not enough."

Taling's sleeve robe lightly waved, and the inverted heaven and earth aura merged into a starry blue energy finger!

At the moment when the energy fingers converged, they fell on Lin Chen and grinded away. The majestic momentum, even the plain of the entire battle space began to tremble slightly!


When Lin Chen was utterly struck, a purple flame rose from behind, his energy fingers didn't even touch his afterimage, crashed down on the plains, and burst into the sky mushroom cloud!


Female Taling's face changed slightly, his speed can still be transformed so fast?

Lin Chen's speed has changed even the elders of the high-level family who are watching the battle!

Someone Lin's figure appeared strangely behind the female tower spirit, his palms raised lightly, and it was a slap on the full mountain!


The crisp sound made the female Ta Ling blush, her expression was no longer the same as before, and her sleeves were annoyed, her hand printed in the void behind her!

Boom! Suu's hands exploded into the void, but he didn't hit Lin Chen at all!

In the void, thunder and red flames revolve around, forming a ball, and the dazzling light-based fighting spirit is all over the spearpoint!

The female Tower Lingqiao's face changed slightly, and when she suddenly turned around, a grey and white rune descended from the sky!

"Slow rune!"

The moment she saw Fu Mi, the figure of female tower spirit was anchored in the void!

At that moment, Lin Chen's arm condensed the pure power of moving mountains and reclaiming the sea, violently clenched his teeth, and threw the whole gun to fly!

At the moment when the black abyss gun was thrown, the violent thunder fire energy exploded at the tail of the gun body, which increased the power of the gun body several times. The whole black abyss gun spewed out like a rocket, passing the void, Crack a piece of space crystal wall!

boom! The tidal energy shattered the slow rune, the female tower spirit was about to withdraw, and the speed of the black abyss gun was terribly fast, passing in a flash! The position of the head of the female Taling penetrated on the spot!


The black abyssal gun fell into the plain, blasting the ground, and the veins were torn in half!

"Taling's weakness is in the strongest defense. At first, you let me attack your celestial cover so easily. There is no meaning of dodge. It just exposes your own weakness."

Purple Phoenix wings slapped slowly, Lin Chen suspended the void, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"Your greatest strength is to possess spirituality, but at the same time it is also the biggest disadvantage. If you are a beast without intelligence, maybe I will have to spend more."

After the head of the female Taling was penetrated, it re-assembled into a human form, but there was no murderousness just now.

"Why, you will know Taring's weakness."

After the female Taling was re-condensed and formed, she stared at Lin Chen.

[The host triggers a special reward mechanism to obtain a Zijin treasure chest.

But see, the position of the female Taling previously suspended a purple gold chest.

Lin Chen's heart beat suddenly! It is also a special reward. I am afraid that the reward of this treasure chest will not be inferior to that of the top green alchemy handprints of the previous stage!

Ignoring the enquiry of the female tower spirit, Lin Chen swept the figure and grabbed the purple-gold treasure chest in the space above his opponent's head.

[The host opens the purple-golden chest and obtains the blue-level low-level combat skill "Ice Sky Finger".

Lin Chen's expression suddenly changed!

Blue scale!

This is the first blue-level combat skill that Lin Chen has acquired. I did not expect that this special trigger mechanism will get such a magical skill!

Regardless of the reward mechanism and the dropped attribute spheres and treasure chests, the system's decision is completely random.

Dropped treasure chests and attribute light spheres may have an indirect or direct relationship with dropped objects; some may or may not have any connection.

If the opponent killed by Lin Chen is practicing high-level blue sword skills, then the treasure chest dropped by the opponent may be the skill he cultivated, or it may be a higher-level sword skill above that sword skill.

"The combat power of the blue-tier combat skills is not trivial. If I can successfully practice, it will bring an unprecedented improvement in my combat power!

After the system included "Bing Tian Zhi", Lin Chen turned to look at the female tower spirit, shrugged, and laughed casually.

"You just asked me why I can see through Ta Ling's weakness? My cleverness is proportional to the face value, so I guessed it naturally."

The space of the Qianyue Tower is connected to the outside. He is not stupid enough to tell Leng Yin what he told him.

"Actually guessed. You are indeed much better than the last one who entered the tower. Although it has made some tricks, but I am not your opponent. It is only a matter of time before the long battle is lost."

Female Ta Ling shook her head and sighed. After experiencing Lin Chen's slow runes, she did not know how this human race did it, but she already understood that this teenager must surpass herself.

Outside the tower

Many Lengjia Tianjiao were extremely solemn, even afraid!

Hidden too deep! This Lin Chen from Tiange Academy has hidden so many trump cards!

And his method of throwing a gun, before throwing it out, condenses energy at the tail of the gun body, increasing the power by several times.

This way of fighting is unseen, unheard of! Full of unlimited imagination and possibilities!

Especially at the last moment, when Tatar was inexplicably immobilized for a moment, even the elders at the top did not see what was going on!

Elder's secret room

"There is still hidden in the background of this child. His wings seem to be ancient relics, the wings of the True Flame Purple Phoenix!"

"His speed, within the fivefold of Tiangang Realm, should be a rare adversary, ha ha ha! He framed us all in!"

"The last trick of his last move to immobilize Taling is even more incredible!"

"Furthermore, Leng Yueqi and Nizi are also very good. They can fight the tower spirit in the early days of Tiangang Realm's Fifth Layer for so long.