My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 226

Chapter 226: The Sixth Floor Of Qianyue Tower

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Chapter 226 The sixth floor of Qianyue Tower!

"Well, this Nizi also proved herself that we should give her parents a place."

"I hope that other elders don't have too deep stereotypes about their parents, and there is no need to offend such a genius for the past."

Between the elders' laughter, Lin Chen had already cooperated with Leng Yueqi to kill the second tower spirit together!

Inside the fifth floor of Qianyue Tower;

Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi teamed up to kill the male Taling, both sides flashed and disappeared.

The two passed the fifth floor thoroughly!

"It seems that this fifth floor is not difficult!"

Lin Chen smiled, but found that Leng Yueqi had shivered her shoulders, and there were tears flashing in the blue eyes.

"Mr. Yue Qi, you have done it, no more pressure."

Lin Chen held Leng Yueqi's jade hand, and the latter wiped the tears from the lower corner of his eyes, staring at Lin Chen seriously.

"Lin Chen, I..."

"It's polite to say thank you again. Isn't it okay, I dare to come to you and continue the last thing under the ground."

Lin Chen smirked, and said with a frown.

"Yes, if you have the guts."

Lengyue smiled beautifully, and the faint red glow was over the ear.

"We are done, it's time to go out."

Taking out a space jade slip, Leng Yueqi and Lin Chen smiled at each other, flatly crushed the space jade slip, and a space vortex appeared.

"Lin Chen, let's go...Huh?"

But seeing, Lin Chen pushed gently, pushing Leng Yueqi into the vortex of space, and Qian Ying disappeared.

Lin Chen stayed alone in the Qianyue Tower!


"He pushed Leng Yueqi out, and stayed in Qianyue Tower?"

Everyone outside the tower exclaimed; the beautiful shadow of Leng Yueqi appeared at the gate of the first floor of Qianyue Tower.

"This? Lin Chen, what are you doing!"

Leng Yueqi's expression changed slightly, shouting at the magic eye stone in the void.

It's a pity that the Devil's Eye Stone can't connect the sound of the two spaces, and Lin Chen can't hear it.

I saw that Lin Chen stayed alone in the tower by himself. The elders in the secret room completely became somewhat dignified!

This Lin Chen dare to stay alone in the tower, does it mean that he still wants to go to a higher level?

"This son, either a spy sent out from outside, wanted to sneak into my Leng's Qianyue Tower and tried to misbehave, or the strength had not bottomed out yet!"

An elder's eyes sparkled, and he focused on the situation in the devil's eye stone.

Lin Chen sat cross-legged from the void and turned on the system.

"System, I want to practice "Bing Tian Zhi"!"

[The system prompts the host that the cultivation of "The Finger of the Ice" requires 6 million exercises and spirits. Does the host confirm the cultivation?


[The system deducts 6 million points of merit, and is inheriting the "Bing Tian Zhi" for the host.

A pillar of light suddenly flashed from the void and poured into Lin Chen's heavenly spirit cover, a large number of inherited memories emerged.

Seeing that Lin Chen stayed still on the fifth floor, more and more people from the Lengyue family came to watch.

This time the inheritance was unexpectedly fast, Lin Chen opened his eyes in only one quarter of an hour!

"Good overbearing blue-level combat skills!"

Lin Chen was both amazed and excited!

This Bingtian Finger is different from Lin Chens previous exercises, only one finger! Point out, freeze thousands of miles!

Condensing the whole body of water or ice combat, released with a specific meridian and operation mode, pointing at your fingertips, frozen for thousands of miles!

[The system friendly reminds the host; due to the practice of the host's cultivation skills, the level 2 charge rune is too low. If the host uses the charge rune on the blue-level combat skills, the power can only be doubled.

The prompt of the system made Lin Chen's mouth slightly twitched, and it seems that the level of this characteristic rune will also have to find a chance to upgrade!

With a leap, Lin Chen rushed to the sixth floor of the spiral high ladder and officially entered the sixth floor!

In the sixth floor of Qianyue, the space is silent.

Here is a rolling hills, each mountain exudes a fierce cold sword momentum!

In the middle of the mountains, on top of the highest mountain. Between the cliffs, a white figure was sitting.

He stood with his sword in his arms and closed his eyes to raise his mind. Although the three-foot green front did not come out of the sheath, it attracted all the swords on the top of the mountain!

This person's strength is unfathomable! Lin Chen's first glance felt the unprecedented sense of oppression!

"Oh? There are still people who can come here. You are in the second stage of the Tiangang Realm? Then it seems that I can only use the five peaks of the Tiangang Realm to do it."


The sword was out of the sheath, and the white man stood up slowly, holding a long sword in his hand, and his sharp eyes like a blade stared at Lin Chen.

Lin Chen stepped into the air, curiously said.

"You are the Taling here? No, you are more like a person. You are better than Taling."

The white man showed Xi Yi's look of memory; there was a certain confusion.

"I am indeed a human race, but it is a dead man. I seem to have lost to whom to become a soul in this tower and pin it between this heaven and earth. I can't remember the past, come on, young boy, you can Coming here is enough to prove your strength, give me and my sword some excitement!"


Swords have disturbed the situation, cutting the heavens and the earth, and the light in a square space is suddenly dim because of the white people's swords!

The white man stabbed with a sword, and the ghosts and gods were frightened!

"Charged RuneLight Fury! Dark Devour!"

The two strongest energy bloodlines immediately transformed, Lin Chen shot with both palms, the light energy ball and the dark energy roulette flew out, even the white mans clothing corner could not be wiped, and he was turned into a bloodline. Jianmang shattered into nothingness!

Lin Chen suddenly held the gun, the Black Abyss flashed, the thunder burst like a dragon, the gunpoint and the bloodline sword gas blasted together!


The hills of the four mountains were suddenly shattered, Lin Chen flew out thousands of kilometers away, how many steps did the pedal in the void stabilize, and the blood was tumbling!

"What a great swordsman, the swordsmanship is extraordinary, the swords of people are united, and they are integrated. One sword is all out, and there is no room to return!"

Shaking his slightly numb arm, this man's combat power is comparable to the true peak of Tiangang Realm!

Fighting head-on, Lin Chen may only be able to fight against the enemy by releasing the ancient green dragon!

"Gunman? Hahaha! Happy, come again!"

The swordsman in white laughed with pride, and the sword rushed to the Han, and swallowed the sun and the moon!

He held the sword with his five fingers, and the blade of the sword waved a vast and deep sword awn. The sword awn was spinning at a speed of 360 degrees. Whatever it passed, it destroyed all the obstacles!

The violent wind blows, Lin Chen's short hair is blown and fluttering, his body, the strong water energy blood veins are running a few dozen meridian routes!

With the icy frost, Lin Chen urged the special bloodline of the water system, the right arm became blue and clear, beautiful and dazzling, and raised his finger to point out!

[The host activates level 2 recharge runes, consuming 300,000 rune energy.

"Bing Tianzhi!"