My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Upgrade Feature Runes

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Chapter 227, Upgrade Character Rune!

[The host activates the 2nd level rune and consumes 300,000 rune energy.

After fighting the fifth floor, Lin Chen's current energy value of the water system has exceeded 30 million points!

The fighting spirit of the water system has become Lin Chen's strongest attribute fighting spirit!

Frost means that a beam of aurora traverses the void, embellished, and the cold chill freezes the surrounding space, and even the aura of the world is frozen into frost and ice flowers, floating down!

In the battle space on the sixth floor, dozens of mountains were frozen into icebergs in an instant, and the cold temperature made everyone watching the battle feel terrified!

One finger changes, the ice is frozen for thousands of miles! Blue-level combat skills, turn decay into magic!

The flying sword sword was frozen into ice crystals by the cold, and the moment the ice burst, the sword turned into a starlight aftermath and scattered all over the sky!

After a while, the ice lingered through the sword, and went to the white swordsman!

He looked slightly condensed, raised his sword for a block, and the ice swayed violently on the blade, and a ray of corrosive rune energy and ice breath penetrated his body!

"What combat skill is this?"

"My God, one finger refers to the fifteen mountains, is it the blue scale?"

"Absolutely blue rank! And he uses it to be fascinating, no flaws!"

The Tianjiao outside the tower and the elders in the dense room were slightly air-conditioned. It was extremely difficult to practice the blue-level combat skills. Why did this kid come here? How old is he!


When the Purple Phoenix wings flapped, Lin Chen stepped on the blue wind and passed the billowing purple flames, and the Black Abyssal Gun slammed down against the white swordsman's head!


The backhand raised the sword, and the guns and swords confronted each other, soaring a spark!

The black abyss gun spun at a rapid speed, stabbing his shoulder in the air, and was picked up by the blade of the sword, and a backhand stabbed a sword!

Hold the gun body with both hands to block it, and the tip of the gun rotates along the blade to strangle the stab!

Pure power and overbearing Lin Chen's melee shot is extremely fast, the white swordsman is caught off guard, the human sword is volleyed, the sword is roaming the dragon, the turbulent shot point, and cut to Lin Chen's legs!

clang! Jian Feng cut Lin Chen's calf, but made the sound of gold and iron collision, and the faint golden brilliance turned. It was Lin Chen's fighting spirit!

The tail of the gun smashed down and suddenly collided with the inverted blade!

As soon as the capacity turned, Lin Chen burst into a terrible force, waved the spearpoint, and picked it up, sweeping the mountains and rivers!

With one sword and one gun, they are struggling wildly with super melee combat. The degree of fierceness can be called thrilling!

Between the shots of the two, the move is full of murderous opportunities, taking the other party's key points, leaving no room at all!

But what the senior elders do not understand is that with Lin Chens fighting strength and pure power, it is difficult to resist the close attack of the five peaks of Tiangang Realm. How did he stay so long under the others offensive? of!

"What's going on, it's not just that his cold warfare has the effect of a frozen meridian, but even his warfare attacks and melee attacks have invaded my body and corroded my cultivation."

The swordsman in white was full of surprises. He finally forced out the coldness left by Lin Chens initial ice fingers. The attacks that Lin Chen broke out today are constantly corroding his cultivation behavior!

Lin Chen almost every five shots, there must be a shot with the effect of corrosion runes, he must continue to suppress each other with the characteristics of corrosion runes, so that the other side has no power to fight back!

With the limit speed of the Corrupt Rune and Purple Phoenix Wing superimposed on the blood of the wind system, Lin Chen was hard at home with his white strength swordsman!

When Lin Chen and the two sides struggled for nearly 400 rounds, the swordsman in white violently exerted his force, and the blade was like a dragon thundering the sky, and a black abyss gun that flew to Lin Chen!

With a sword splitting, the swordsmanship of the white swordsman slightly relaxed, not as fierce as before!

Under the interference of the Corrupted Rune and the erosion, his sword was slightly weaker!

The strong contest, the competition is the first-line difference!

"Slow rune!"

Losing the Black Abyssal Gun, Lin Chens reaction did not become panic like a white swordsman guess, but consumed 1.5 million rune energy and played a slow rune!

The slow rune flashed out, making the white swordsman's actions extremely slow, but only for a moment!

"Bing Tianzhi!"

At this moment, let Lin Chen urge Bingtian finger at full speed, suddenly pointed a finger at close range!


A horrible beam of ice breath penetrates the body of the white swordsman, freezing him all over!

"Nine-line battle spirit bloodline transformation! Give me death!"

Lin Chen's eyes showed a high level of fighting spirit, released full-color combat radiance at full speed, fist and domineering, and violently beat the white swordsman!

In the next scene, the people who separated from the cold moon outside the tower felt numb!

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

The white swordsman fell to the bottom of the mountain. Lin Chen chased and fought all the way, his fists, elbows, knees, all of which were melee killing weapons!

Every time Lin Chen struck, there was an explosion of 45 dragon power and shocking attributes! Slammed all the way from high altitude to the ground!

The swordsman in white hit Lin Chen's "Bing Tian Zhi" up close, his body was frozen and frozen, and he couldn't even fight the battle!


After withstanding Lin Chen's nearly one hundred fists, the white swordsman was beaten alive by a burst! It turned into a white smoke and disappeared!

[The host triggers a special reward mechanism to drop the green treasure chest.

Just when Lin Chen felt breathless, the system popped up a light screen, and he was refreshed!

I saw it; a beam of light that only he could see was blooming in the void, and a turquoise chest suspended in the air.

For the first time, the golden treasure chest saw Lin Chen!

He tipped a little, flew to the sky, and grabbed the green treasure chest.

[The host obtains the green treasure chest, opens the treasure chest, obtains: a characteristic rune evolution stone.

Characteristic Rune Evolution Stone!

This is the treasure that can upgrade the characteristic rune!

"Grandma, finally came out!"

Lin Chen's blood is boiling, he can finally upgrade the characteristic rune!

With the improvement of Lin Chen's strength, his opponents are getting stronger and stronger. The 2nd level rune can only provide him with some auxiliary functions. It is no longer the strongest ace as before.

But now, the "character rune" that is the strongest ace is coming back!

"System, I want to use the characteristic rune evolution stone, the slow-evolution rune!"

Lin Chen excitedly issued a command to the system. This characteristic rune that Lin Chen obtained at the beginning has always been the most effective rune!

[I have used the characteristic rune evolution stone to upgrade the slow rune. The slow rune has been changed to level 3.

Level 3? What a wonderful level! I just wanted to know this level at the beginning. Chen Ge and I are still pure pupils.

"Unexpectedly, the first human race who entered the sixth floor defeated me. Go to the boy and see your expression, you have to climb to a higher level."

The voice of the white swordsman echoed on the sixth floor, Lin Chen was interested, and turned out to be the first one.

With the level 3 slow rune, Lin Chen was full of confidence and rushed up the spiral ladder.

Suddenly, he took out a large pen and carved two large characters on the wall of the spiral ladder.


Elder's secret room

All the elders were still silent as Lin Chen passed the subversive facts of the sixth floor, there was an elder exclaimed immediately!

"No, look, what is he doing?"

"He actually wrote on the sixth floor wall?"

"What did he write?"

"Uh...he wrote a sofa?"