My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Release The Ancient Green Dragon

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Chapter 228: Release the Ancient Green Dragon!

Outside the Qianyue Pagoda; there are more than 200,000 people in the separated Lengyue onlookers. When Lin Chen rushed to the seventh floor completely, he was completely ashamed!

"He defeated the swordsman in white in the fifth peak of Tiangang Realm?"

"My God! He continues to rush up? Is he confident to compete with the seventh floor of the tower spirit?"

"The seventh floor is at least sixfold in Tiangang Realm, right?"

"Tiangang Realm Double Battle vs. Tiangang Realm Sixfold? Absurd! How is this possible!"

"This kid is looking for death!"

While the public was still arguing about how long Lin Chen could pass on the seventh floor, the Tianjiao of some cold-month separations was somewhat sad.

No matter whether Lin Chen can cross the seventh floor, it is a fact that he climbed to the sixth moon tower!

Since the Qianyue Pagoda in their branch has been cast, no Tianjiao can enter the sixth floor, but now it has been done by an outsider!

After this battle, his momentum will overwhelm all the arrogance of the monthly separation, like the sky and the sky, unstoppable!

Leng Yueqi Su's hands conceal her beautiful lips, how long has it passed, how far has this little guy grown up!

"What is he doing on the seventh floor?"

"Look at his walking posture, grass! Lao Tzu wants to flatten him!"

I saw; within the seventh floor of Qianyue Tower.

In a desert, Lin swinged his shoulders very wide, taking a step that the six relatives did not recognize, with a look of fierce expression, and his arrogance was very arrogant.

The level 3 character rune is in hand, and someone Lin is very floating now! Pay attention to the two words, arrogant!

"Oh? Can't think that the first person who arrived at the seventh floor was not a cold family. Isn't the cold moon family now gone?"

In the void, an old man's figure appeared ghostly, leaning on a cane and sighing while shaking his head.

"Senior, it doesn't matter whether I am a cold family member. The important thing is that I make good friends with the cold family members. Isn't that enough."

Lin Chen laughed casually, but the old man flashed with a flash of light, and he said with a smile; "Good boy, there is a bit of tongue, you are the realm of the second stage of Tiangang Realm. If you reach the seventh floor, the old man should only use Tiangang Jingliu's early strength."


Lin Chen's eyes narrowed as the atmosphere of war shattered the entire universe, and Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. He was no stranger to this breath.

When he left the secret realm of the evil king in the past, the state and cultivation behavior revealed by Bai Ruoyan had this unique sense of oppression!

This old man's cultivation is not much more difficult than Bai Ruoyan's!

"The six tiers of Tiangang Realm are different, it's time to show my trump card!"

A blue dragon shadow flashed through Lin Chen's pupils!

Roar! !

The earth-shattering dragon roared, and the blue light flickered, a huge ancient dragon was born, the mighty dragon roared, shattered mountains and rivers!

The ancient green dragon of 130 Dragon Power is no less inferior to the white swordsman who Lin Chen played before!

The ancient Qinglong spit out a large storm of breath, and the blue light danced and attacked the old man!

At this moment; the elders watching the battle in the secret room, the expression changed dramatically!

"what is this?"

"Dragon race? There is a dragon race hidden in this boy's body. He is a dragon race? How did he do it?

"Ancient Qinglong, this is a genuine ancient Qinglong! It is no less than the ancient Qinglong of the five peaks of Tiangang Realm!"

Even the elders, who are separated from the ancient family, have never seen this method!

Hiding an ancient green dragon in the body of a human race? is it possible?

The seventh floor of Qianyue Tower;

The old man with crutches was a little void, and his figure flew across the void like a blade, and easily escaped the dragon breath of the ancient green dragon.

Tear ~~!

The afterimage is cut like a knife, and the boxing style mixed with the light of the fighting force is bursting out!

Boom! The old man in grey shirt lifted his cane, and the space in front of him became extremely solid, blocking Lin Chen's fist!

"The ancient green dragon of the fifth-level intermediate peak plus you little guy, want to shake the old man, but it is not enough. The six-level realm of Tiangang Realm is not as simple as you think."

When the old man in the grey shirt was about to shake his head and laugh, the corner of Lin's mouth was drawn with a slight upward curve.

"Senior, have you heard of respecting the elderly and loving young boxing?"

[The host activates a level 3 slow rune, consuming 1.5 million rune energy.

As soon as the voice fell, the gray and white runes flashed and shattered like ghosts, penetrated the space defense of the old man in the gray shirt, and rushed into his body!


The old man in grey shirt suddenly changed his face! His body and fighting spirit became extremely slow!

After being restrained by the slow rune, the old gray shirt's space defense suddenly weakened by several grades, and even the gap of running combat became extremely slow!

"Charged RuneBingtian Finger!"

Lin Chen raised his hand and punctuated it in the void. The vast and icy ice system suddenly froze the entire void and penetrated the body of the old grey shirt!

"Ancient Qinglong, beat him!"

Lin Chen suddenly drank coldly, the ancient Qinglong lifted the dragon claw is a mad bombardment!

Bang Bang Bang! !

The violent dragon power of Jingtianwei hit the old man in gray shirt crazy, and he used his capable fighting spirit to madly mobilize the power of space to defend and resist!

Moreover, he is trying his best to disintegrate the suppression brought by Lin Chen's slow runes!

"What's the secret method? The old man has even penetrated the old man's body even if he can't feel the fluctuation of his fighting spirit!"

The old man in the grey shirt was horrified; the cane stood in front of him to resist the bombardment of the ancient green dragon, and the Tiangang fighting spirit in the Dantian field sent a violent fighting spirit against the rune energy wrapped around his body!

It also consumes 1.5 million rune energy, but the effect brought by Level 3 Slow Rune and Level 2 Slow Rune is more than ten times different!

If it is a level 2 slow rune, I am afraid that even half of his breathing time will not be delayed!

But now, he has not breathed for three breaths, and more than 80% of his fighting spirit can't work!

"Bingtian Finger! Bingtian Finger!"

Cooperating with the attacking gap of the ancient Qinglong, Lin Chen launched the Ice Sky Finger twice in a row, which doubled the attack power of the Rune!

The blue star-like light penetrates the old man in the grey shirt, and once again freezes his fighting spirit to break through the slow runes!

Lin Chen's water-based combat spirits instantly evaporated by three-quarters. With his second-stage repairs in the Tiangang Realm, the consumption of launching blue-level low-level combat skills was extremely huge!

The Purple Phoenix Wing snapped, Lin Chen's figure moved quickly behind the old man in the gray shirt!

"Whether you are the sixth or seventh of Tiangang Realm, Brother Chen, I just want to fight all the way today!"

Lin Chen's eyes flashed with terrible fighting intentions, the left hand was dark, the right hand was light, and his hands were fists, like knocking the war drums, and the fist was like a storm!

He and the ancient Qinglong went up and down, forming a vertical encirclement, almost crazy to launch a violent combo!

Such a fierce offensive, not only the Lengyue family outside the tower, but also the elders in the dense room were surprised!

Suddenly, the expressions of the three elders changed dramatically!