My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 229

Chapter 229: Enter The Eighth Floor

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Chapter 229, Entering the Eighth Floor!

"I see! It turns out to be him!"

"Carry a blue dragon with you, younger and handsome, no wonder, no wonder!"

"He is the young man who destroyed all the warriors of the evil sect in Heiwu Island!"

As soon as this statement came out, the expressions of all the elders present became extremely exciting!

Combined with the fighting power Lin Lin is now showing, he is definitely qualified to destroy all the evil martial warriors in Black Mist Island!

"It turns out to be him!"

"His potential is put on Lengyue's family!"

"This son must be friends with him, and now, no one of you is allowed to offend him!"

When the three elders stared at the Demon Eye Stone again, the corners of their mouths twitched slightly.

When this guy violently beat Senior Taling of the Sixth Layer of the Realm that day, he could not see any elegance!

However, this result is estimated to be inseparable from ten to nine, who can carry an ancient green dragon with him. It is estimated that this Lingzhou is his only one!


The seventh floor of Qianyue Tower;

"Damn, break the old man!"

The old man in the grey shirt snarled, and the entangled rune energy was smashed by his fighting spirit like the birth of the angry dragon, and finally got rid of the shackles!

boom! Lin Chen punched hard, followed by another knee-knocking, old man in a gray shirt!

In order to break through the cold shackles of the slow runes and Bingtianzhi, and to resist the fierce attack of the ancient green dragon just now, he has consumed too much fighting spirit!

The ancient green dragon slammed down the dragon's claws, hitting him into the ground with one claw, and the dragon's tail curled up in a mess!

The earth is moving, the sandstorm is raging, and millions of tons of yellow sand are rolled up in the desert!

"Light anger, dark bite!"

Under the ground, Lin Chen turned the rotating light energy ball and dark roulette in the palm of his hand. Two very different attributes of combat energy exuded a wave of destruction energy, and his palms slammed behind the old man in the gray shirt!


The figure of the old man in gray shirt can no longer withstand the one-man attack of the dragon, as strong as the six-layered Tiangang Realm, and disappears into nothingness on the spot!

[The host triggers a special reward mechanism to get a green treasure chest.

The moment the old grey shirt disappeared, the system popped up a light screen, and Lin Chen was overjoyed!

Grabbing the green treasure chest and turning it, a delicate crystal was twirled, containing the vast shore energy of the starry sky.

[The host opens the green gold treasure chest and obtains: a characteristic rune evolution stone.

Another characteristic rune evolution stone!

Lin Chen excitedly licked his lips and immediately issued a command to the system.

"System, I want to upgrade level 3 charge rune!"

[The system receives and consumes a characteristic rune evolution stone to upgrade the level 3 charge rune.

Rechargeable runes can double the attack power. This improvement has a crucial role for Lin Chen, who now has the blue-level combat skills.

Even if the corroded runes can erode the opponent's fighting spirit, and can greatly weaken the opponent's strength, but only if Lin Chen's fighting strength attack can reach the opponent.

This comparison makes it appear that the Charged Rune is more effective than the Corrupted Rune in the leapfrog battle. If it is a group battle, the Corrupted Rune will have wonder effects.

"His mother, your kid looks at his young age. This is not polite at all, so ruthless."

In the void, the old man in gray shirt appeared cursingly, looking at Lin Chen's eyes, a little more curious.

"Seniors laughed, just a little bit, a little bit."

Lin Chen smiled, he didn't start, and if the other party freed his hand, it would be himself.

such a pity! After the fifth floor of the Qianyue Tower, there is no attribute light ball to pick up.

If in the outside world, you can defeat the six strong players in the Tiangang Realm, there must be a lot of attribute light **** that can improve your strength.

"You guys dare to fight and kill, you definitely want to go to a higher level, but the old man advises you, you better not go up this eighth floor. This Qianyue Tower was designed in a branch, the actual maximum is only eight floors, this The eighth floor is equivalent to the highest floor. If you fail to break into the tower, there will be no loss in itself, but mentally, I am afraid that it will leave a very serious psychological shadow."

The old man in grey shirt persuaded Lin Chen to stay in place, blurting out almost without thinking.

"Since there is no loss, why should I counsel? Isn't martial arts going against the current? If I fear the strong enemy and retreat, wouldn't I run counter to the strength of my pursuit? This is the psychological shadow."

When the old man in grey shirt heard Lin Chen's words, a flash of epiphany flashed in his eyes!

He took a deep look at Lin Chen and nodded with great interest. "Young man, you are a bit different from the arrogant evils that the old man has seen."

"Of course it's different!"

Lin Chen blinked and grinned.

"How can they be handsome!"


After watching Lin Chen sit on the void in the void for a while while taking the medicine pills, he entered the cold moon branch of the eighth floor of Qianyue Tower, and his eyes stood dumb and stupefied!

He even wants to go to the unprecedented eighth floor?

It is said that all the families have not come out and have born the arrogant of the sky that can rush to the eighth floor. From ancient times to the present, there is only the family of the cold moon family, and only four people have climbed above the eighth floor!

He Lin Chen is the fifth person!

"The legend of our Lengyue family has been continued by an outsider!"

Leng Yin shook her head in wonder and smiled at Leng Yueqi around her.

"Yueqi, you found a good partner!"

Leng Yueqi's fragrant heart rippled at the starting point, and her eyes turned a touch of tenderness and nostalgia, seeming to remember something.

"On talent, he may not be the strongest yet, but it is undeniable that he is indeed the best in the world in terms of personality charm."


The eighth floor of Qianyue Tower; the moonlight is soft, the bright and pure moonlight hangs in the sky, as if a round of bright moon rebirth.

Lin Chen, who arrived on the eighth floor, released the ancient Qinglong as soon as possible.

"Is there an attribute light ball?"

Lin Chen's purple-gold pupil flashed in amazement.

The center of the moonlight that is a hundred miles away is an apple-sized attribute light sphere!

Relying on the realm of Zijin pupil, Lin Chen also faintly saw at a long distance, and a roll of jade slips turned inside.

But Lin Chen did not dare to act rashly, and the sixth floor of the tower spirit still did not show up.

"My rune energy is only 3.9 million points left. I don't know if there is a chance to get past this last layer."

Lin Chen stood on top of the ancient Qinglong's head, one person and one dragon focused on vigilance, Lin Chen urged Zi Jintong to constantly glance around.

Suddenly, his pupil shuddered!

Right behind him, there is a beautiful and beautiful shadow! It is less than three meters away from Lin Chen!

If this distance is fighting, Lin Chen will lose! There is no chance to dodge!

"You, not the cold family."

The light and crisp voice seems to have no emotion, and a wave of mental shock suddenly comes out!

"Oops, still a mental attack, am I going to lose?"