My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Shangguan Family

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Chapter 23

"Cousin Qingyu, don't be unreasonable to the master!"

Shangguan Bihan stood in front of Lin Chen and gave a whisper to the young man in white.

The youth in white changed his face slightly. Since he stepped into this family, his cousin has never dared to take such an attitude and scold himself!

"What a **** master, cousin, don't be fooled. Which master you have seen is such a thing that doesn't even have **** hair!"

Seeing his cousin protecting this kid, the young man in white was jealous and scolded.

"My hair has already grown, I don't believe it."

Lin Chen deliberately approached the back of Shangguan Bihan's show, and at the same time pulled out his hair, blinked at him, provoked with a bad smile.

The two guards accompanying the young man in white have a black thread. Is this little kid or a master?

"Qingyu's cousin, Master Shi Lezhi is the guest secretary who I invited back. If you don't show respect, Bi Han will definitely report to the elders!"

The ever-elegant Shangguan Bihan, this time the attitude has become extremely determined, questioning the youth in white.

"Is he still a mathematician? That young master is the emperor!"

The young man's jealous teeth tickled, and the kid actually found the distance between himself and Bi Han.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't believe it. This younger brother, don't overindulge in the future. I watch your yanghuo almost be sucked up by women. If you don't believe it, run your fighting spirit to your Shenyu Try it out."

Lin Chen smiled, the young man in white was about to refute.

"Master Qingyu, you might as well try it according to what the master said; if he is really the mathematician that Miss Bihan invited back, you can't afford it."

The old servant in the gray shirt said indifferently, the young man in white looked at him with fear, and then sneered.

"The young master came to see what kind of master this is."

The young man in white closed his eyes a little, and his spirits were psychic, and he immediately found the location of Shenshu point.

The moment when the fighting spirit entered the acupuncture point, the facial muscles of the young man in white were twisted and squeezed into a piece, and the pain rolled. "Well! It hurts, it hurts! My kidney!"

In this scene, even the accompanying two guards were shocked, what is the situation!

"I know the strength of the master."

Shangguan Bihan said a bit salty.

"Well, it's getting late, I know you have something to talk to me, but Master Ben is overworked today and needs a good rest."

Lin Chen coughed a few times, Shangguan Bihan said quickly. "Then I will immediately arrange the master's residence."

"You can rest assured that tonight the two of us will be kept secret for you."

Lin Chen deliberately whistled in front of the white man.

Xia burned his cheeks, Shangguan Bihan's pretty face was flushed, and he yelled softly, "Then thank you Master."

"What? What about the two people tonight?"

When the white man's eyes saw Shangguan Bihan's shy appearance, his heart was burning with jealousy!

When the two guards lifted up the youth in white, Lin Chen and Shangguan Bihan had gone away. As his pain gradually eased, he looked at Lin Chen's back.

"Dare to move my Nangong Qingyu's woman, a hairy boy, to see how I will die you!"

"Damn, it hurts me."

Shangguan Bihan personally arranged Lin Chen's residence. On this journey in the courtyard, Lin Chen also saw a lot of attribute light balls, and he was not in a hurry to pick it up.

He knows that he has successfully mixed in as an "arithmetician", and the attribute light sphere here is already in his pocket!

The key is how to get close to the direction of the purple gold beam!

In a nice room; the room is lit with sandalwood.

Lin Chen sat cross-legged on the bed and formed a mysterious handprint to enter the state of cultivation.

"The speed of the Taishi Bible's cultivation is really terrible. If you practice at this speed again, it will only take a month, and my spiritual power will be transformed into the spiritual realm."

The spiritual realm on the mainland of Kyushu is divided into several realms, virtual realms, spiritual realms, spiritual realms, and legal phases.

Virtual realm is the spiritual power of mortal level. Except for the congenital qualifications, most mortal mental powers are generally weak.

The spirit realm is that the spirit can touch the spiritual power of the world, the perception of mental power is improved, and a certain attack distance and attack means are formed.

To transform the spirit realm, the spiritual power begins to assimilate with the world, and has a wide range of mental induction and mental attack methods.

The state of law, the spiritual power is condensed into the form of spiritual law, and it is in line with the law of heaven and earth. The spirit can come out of the body.

If he can break through the spirit realm, Lin Chen has another kind of background and means.

All night, Lin Chen was caught in the practice of forgetting to sleep and forgetting food.

What happened in the Shangguan family last night shocked all the seniors in the family and even the retired elders!

Shangguan Bihan may become the second person in the Shangguan family who can awaken the bloodline for the second time in the ages, which has revitalized countless elders!

Moreover, this news was still found from a young mathematician. If it were not for him, the Shangguan family would even lose a rising hope!

However, there are also many senior officials and elders of the Shangguan family who have a questioning attitude. If this is a river and lake liar, wouldn't it be the whole family as a monkey?

The next day, the Shangguan family, the first hall.

Many senior officials and elders of the Shangguan family gathered together. All of these people are strong players above the battlefield, and there are even more individuals who have cultivated beyond the level of the battlefield!

"Master Shi Lezhi, please here."

Shangguan Bihan, dressed in a snow-white long skirt, personally led Lin Chen into the hall.


When Lin Chen stepped into the hall, a strong sense of oppression swept toward Lin Chen, and countless sword-like eyes penetrated his body as if to see through all his secrets.

Feeling this sense of oppression, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and almost everyone in this hall was repairing more than nine times in the battlefield!

"Grandma, these old guys are afraid to give me a dismounted horse. The more this time, the more they can't back down."

Faced with these eyes, Lin Chenyun was breezy, lifted his feet and walked in. Without a word, he sat next to him and directly placed Erlang's legs on the table.

"Why? Guys, can you see anything in Master Ben?"

Lin Chen laughed, and many elders and family celebrities startled.

"Huh? Such a young boy, I feel like I haven't even reached 18."

"Body training can be done, cultivation is acceptable, and mental strength is tough. The heart is not weak, but that's all."

"Hey, how does the old man feel that we were bluffed by this kid. The real mathematician, the old man has seen a few, but he is not like this."

Last night, Huangfu Qingyu was also there. He sneered with a fan, and condescended Lin Chen, who was condescending, as if he had seen through his tricks. He flattered and smiled at several family executives.

"Everyone, I have always suspected that this kid is a river and lake liar, and Bi Han was only bluffed by him because he didn't have a high level of experience. Please come and suppress this kid immediately! Don't let him play with our entire family!"

A handsome middle-aged man sitting in the first hall glanced at him, said indifferently, "He is true or false, we will identify."

After eating deflated, Huangfu Qingyu's eyes crossed the vague murder intention.