My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Why Is He So Angry?

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Chapter 230

Sudden spiritual fluctuations made Lin Chen nowhere to escape. The thoughts in his heart had just arisen, and the spiritual shock rushed into his spiritual consciousness!

Even Lin Chen's spiritual power approaching the middle of the spiritual realm was crushed by this powerful spiritual will, and the realm almost reached the late stage of the spiritual realm!

A thousand hairs; the glaze-colored spiritual light suddenly enveloped Lin Chen's whole body, and immediately wrapped up the sneak will spiritual will!

But see, a piece of soft silky silk satin turns on top of Lin Chen's head, is his spiritual treasure, fantasy dream Sen Luo!

After the illusion of Sen Luo wrapped up that ray of spiritual will, there was a horrifying sound in the void.

A strong breath enveloped the surrounding, and the attacking Qianying was actually the cultivation practice of the sixth stage of Tiangang Realm!

"Huh? What a magical treasure, can actually swallow the spiritual will of this seat."

This is the moment! Lin Chen's trump card was all played in the blink of an eye!

[The host activates a level 3 slow rune, consuming 3 million rune energy.

The gray-white rung descends from the sky and is reflected in the exquisite body!

Double the rune energy! Compared to the first use of level 3 slow runes just now, Lin Chen used twice the rune power points at one time, leaving no hands at all!

[The host activates a level 3 charge rune, consuming 400,000 rune energy.

Nine kinds of energy bloodline transformation in the whole body, Lin Chen shot with light and flint!

"Bing TianzhiLight Fury!"

"Flame extinguishment, thunder burst!"

The moment Lin Chen opened the distance of the Purple Phoenix Wings, the torrential sky-burst attack suddenly launched!

Even the response of the ancient Qinglong is extremely fast. A turning and tumbling is a tail of a blue dragon that smashed the starfall!

boom! Bang ~!

Xuntiandi's energy storm raged on, Pang Da was more than a thousand feet, Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong left and right, outspoken the center of the ability storm!

"What a miraculous trick, it was able to seal more than 60% of the fighting power that this seat can use today."

When the storm passed, there was a fluttering beauty in the empty sky. She wore a snow-white long skirt, her eyebrows like Daixue, Danfeng eyes, Xue Qiong nose, creamy skin, and her waist and legs were astonishing.

The charm of her eyebrows is somewhat like Leng Yueqi, with nobility and elegance in her cool beauty.

Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong and found that she was unscathed by the offensive of herself and the ancient Qinglong!

But the only difference is that her cultivation base has dropped!

At the beginning, Lin Chen felt that it was twice as strong as the old man in the gray shirt!

Now, this woman is even weaker than the old man in grey shirt.

"She has divided her fighting spirit into several parts! My slow rune only made her 60% of her fighting spirit very slow, and there is still a part to call!"

Zi Jintong had a glance at each other's fighting situation, and Lin Chen suddenly understood!

This woman in white was not blocked by her slow runes like other strong men, but only a part of it.

The more advanced the stronger, the more means and background to deal with emergencies. This is the result of many years of accumulation.

"It seems that it will take a little while to unlock, but it is enough for you. Is it because I have slept too long? How can the current warrior have such a magical secret."

The woman in white looked at Lin Chen with great interest. He gritted his teeth hard, and he had no more rune energy, and it was impossible to launch a slow rune of 3 million points again!

Before the opponent can break through the slow rune to recover all the available strength, he must score the victory! ,

Lin Chen's thoughts moved, and the ancient Qinglong suddenly launched an offensive!

The dragon's claws swayed, tearing the void, and the woman's light figure turned around and flew ten miles away!

Bang ~~!

The dragon's tail swept, as if she had predicted the woman's moving position in advance. The 130 dragon's power was like a sea, converging on one blow!

Xiu Wei was temporarily blocked, and the woman had no chance to dodge again. The jade fingers touched the void, and a thin net of spirits wrapped up, covering the dragon tail of the ancient green dragon!

Then, the delicate jade hand came out, and the fierce and fierce fighting spirit was like a star, pushing the galaxy horizontally and repelling the ancient green dragon with one palm!

The marksmanship is like a dragon, Lin Chen holds a black abyss gun like an expanding storm, and the offensive against the woman in white is violently wave after wave!


In less than a dozen rounds, Lin Chen's Black Abyssal Gun was blown out!

Immediately, a spiritual shock hit like a raging wave, and her fighting spirit was limited by the slow runes, but the spiritual realm was still as powerful as before!

Sigh! When the spiritual shock was less than ten meters away from Lin Chen, his fantasy dream Sen Luo turned a strange light and absorbed it.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Chen stepped back a dozen steps in the void, and the Purple Phoenix wing was shocked; immediately distanced from the other party!

"Blue Dragon Soul Claw!"

Long Xiao Zhen Tian, the dragon body of the ancient blue dragon twisted from the void, four dragon claws danced torn out the sky-blue dragon breath blade, like the sword light dance, the sun and the moon!

The power of this move was so strong that even the white woman frowned slightly, and launched a war to solidify space defense.

Dang Dang Dang~~!

The sound of the collision of gold and iron sounded, and the blade of the blue dragon's breath exacerbated the offensive again, and even the face of the woman in white changed slightly!

The ancient green dragon actually released the blue dragon claws twice in a row!

With its current heritage, although it can be released twice in a row, it will quickly lose a large amount of combat ability!

The energy storm spreads, and the fighting spirit that the white woman can call is almost used to resist the full attack of the ancient Qinglong!

"It is now! Even if you are strong, you are a woman. Brother Chen, I have never counseled a beauty!"

Lin Chen's mouth raised a sulking grin, the purple phoenix wings suddenly showed up, flashed to the white woman's side, and Jinguang's gorgeous fists smashed down!

Xianxianyu refers to the condensed point void, and the white woman's haunted teeth clenched. Her most proud spiritual shock didn't work for Lin Chen, she could only resist it by force, and procrastinated until the slow rune was broken.

Unexpectedly, Lin Chen's punch was actually a feint. He turned around and came to the two meters of space under the woman's body, his hands angered!

Lin Chen's 45 Dragon Power, any slap can drive the terrible storm and hurricane, he lifted up the woman's white dress!

"What? You, you prodigal prodigal son!"

The lady in white became angry and flew red.

Because of the lack of fighting spirit, it is already the state of the end of the strong crossbow, plus the unexpected, the woman did not have time to defend Lin Chen's insidious hand!


The Purple Phoenix wing flapped faster, Lin Chen flashed again, and launched a Bingtian finger! Then he hits three punches in a row, forcing the woman to use defense to force defense!

It was a flash again, when someone Lin was focusing on the defense of the first half of the opponent's fighting spirit, it was another start! Skirts open again!

Twenty and Wan Lengyue outside the tower can see clearly in the Demon Eye Stone! Suddenly exclaimed again and again!

"I depend!"

"How can he do this kind of thing that corrupts worldly morals and teaches young people!"

"Why is he so mad!"