My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 231

Chapter 231: The Nine Huang Changes Of Shura.

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Chapter 231, "The Nine Huang Changes of Shura".

"What? Is it actually safety pants?"

"Fuck! Safety pants are used to protect you villains. I didn't expect to protect even my decent gentlemen."

After that, a handsome man lying on the ground was about to get up.

"Grass! Isn't this kid the one-man king who cheated and cheated in Lingzhou? He was lying on the ground and peeking so fast!"

"Just as he is a gentleman, flatten him!"

"Don't hit your face! Mom, thousands of people lying on the ground watching, you just beat me! You are jealous of my prosperity!"


The eighth floor of Qianyue Tower;

Lin Chen stormed all the way, coupled with his shameless upskirt, the woman in white was confused.

The battle situation changes rapidly, and the woman in white still hasn't been able to break through the shackles of the slow rune, and she was defeated by Lin Chen's "dark bite" because she exhausted her fighting spirit!

This time, after Lin Chen defeated her, she looked around in excitement and excitement, and did not trigger a special reward mechanism. Not to mention the treasure chest, there was no hair.

"If this seat is still alive, I will definitely kill you!" Huh!"

The woman echoed in someone's ear with a murderous cold hum, scaring him with a shock.

"Cough cough, that beautiful sister, I have no way out of it. You are so strong. I don't make a trick. It's really not your opponent, right."

Lin Chen turned to look at the lady in white, scratching her head and laughing.

The beauty of this beauty is unfathomable, and I dont know the depth. Someone Lin didnt dare to annoy her.

"Well, according to the regulations, you have also passed the eighth floor. I should give you what the person left. Whether you are a cold family or not."

The white-dressed lady is like a hand, a pure white light group floats up, hands it to Lin Chen, and then scratches him fiercely, then disappears.

Lin Chenxuan took the white light mass and put it on the palm of his hand.

He found that with his own spiritual power, he could not penetrate into this white light group!

[The system prompts the host that this spiritual inheritance is only valid for people with specific bloodlines. The host does not have the conditions to accept the inheritance, so it cannot be inherited.

A light screen pops up in the system, and Lin Chen suddenly understood that the light group of this spiritual heritage was left to the descendants of the Lengyue family.

"It seems that this can be handed over to Teacher Yue Qi, and the inheritance of the sages of the Leng Yue family will not be much worse."

Lin Chen put away the spirit heritage light group, spread the purple phoenix wings, and swept towards the center, where the moonlight was the heaviest.

The attribute light sphere suspended in the center of the moonlight was grabbed by Lin Chen and turned into a roll of jade jade, incorporated into the eyebrow, and the system light screen jumped out.

[The host obtained one of the fragments of the ancient secret "Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Bian".

["Xiu Luo Jiu Huang Jue", no order. In exchange for burning the original attribute of the original attribute for short-term cultivation, the stronger the cultivation method, the stronger the effect, but the burden is also heavy. If the user's body is not forged, the use of this secret is prohibited.

This Shura transformation tactic, for the first time, Lin Chen showed the degree of fright at a secret of combat skills!

This is to ignite all of your original fighting spirit with special meridians and techniques!

You know, he Lin Chen, but cultivated "Creation Nine Tribulation", people with nine kinds of attributes!

Nine kinds of fighting ignited and excited together, what kind of scene should it be?

At least, Lin Chen believes that the present self is absolutely unbearable and will be instantly exploded to death by the energy of rapid expansion!

"This "Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Change" is only a fragment, and can only cause triple changes. Unfortunately, I don't know if I can collect the complete one in my lifetime."

Despite his fears, Lin Chen still wanted to see how strong this "Nine Huang Changes" can be. It's like knowing that you can suddenly see something you never imagined in your lifetime.

"This may be the third non-ordered exercise since the "Genesis Nine Tribulation" and "Tai Shi Bible". Now that I have too few spirits, I will use it immediately. Cultivation is complete!"

Lin Chen's mind was separated from the system and returned to reality. When he was about to leave, he suddenly turned to look at the top of the unknown tower without a spiral ladder.

Under the realm of Lin Chen's Zijin pupil, "There is nothing out of nothing", the top of the Qianyue Pagoda seems to be connected to some "qi luck" between heaven and earth, a fortune that Lin Chen has never seen before.

"Hey, since it was the first handsome man to reach the highest level of the branch Qianyue Tower, he still had to leave something and go."

Lin Chen withdrew his gaze and took out his big pen with great interest.

Then, write a word on the highest wall of the eighth floor.


Outside the Qianyue Tower;

"He has passed the eighth floor!"

"He passed, he passed. Where did he write something?"

"It's not like the old time, it is calm and dynamic, it is a king of pride, Xu Jin is the most talented, and handsome today."

"What's wrong with this!"

The people in the Lengyue family hadn't marveled that Lin Chen had passed the eighth floor, but they were attracted by the content he left on the wall.

After finishing the writing, Lin Mou went away long, deep in merit and fame.

Entrance of the first floor of Qianyue Tower;

"Lin Chen, are you okay!"

Leng Yueqi ran quickly, and looked at Lin Chenhun quickly.

"Mr. Yue Qi is afraid of anything. I met beautiful women. In this world, do I still have beautiful women whom someone in Lin can't handle."

Lin Chen smiled on the chest.

Leng Yueqi smiled slightly, jade hand pinched his waist, and turned 360 degrees, the pain of someone Lin wailed.

"I still know the pain, it seems okay~"

Leng Yue was smiling with a smile, as if she had returned to her former teacher, the iceberg beauty teacher.

"Oh, Teacher Yueqi, this is for you."

Lin Chen endured the pain and took a cold air to hand her a jade box sealed with spiritual heritage.

Leng Yueqi quickly let go of her hand and gave him a weird white look. The delicate jade hand rubbed his waist for him, making Lin someone useless.

Then, Leng Yueqi took his jade box curiously, recalling the spiritual light group that Lin Chen got on the eighth floor.

"Teacher Yueqi, take it away. This is the inheritance left by your sages and should be helpful to you."

Seeing that Leng Yin had begun to come here, Lin Chen secretly heard the voice, Leng Yueqi quickly put away, nodded.

"Hahaha! Little friend Lin Chen really is not a mortal. He broke into the eighth floor of the Qianyue Pagoda in my cold moon branch alone.

"I also defeated the evil martial arts warriors of Heiwudao Mountain alone, and the hero came out to be a teenager!"

At this time, a group of elders came to the sky, all elders in the secret room just now.

Lin Chen sighed at the enthusiasm on their faces.

He's fucking, it really depends on hard power wherever he goes! The young man had just arrived at this cold month branch, and all of his positive eyes didn't even look at Chen Ge.

"It's just so-so. I'm a low-key person. In addition to being handsome, I really don't have any advantages worth saying."

Lin Chen waved modestly, seemingly neither humble nor overbearing, but in fact there was an indifference that was a thousand miles away, which made the elders mouths twitch slightly.