My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 232

Chapter 232: Accept Spiritual Heritage

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Chapter 232, Accept Spiritual Inheritance!

"Yueqi, Elder Lan will take you to engrave the name of your parents in the family tree later. I hope you will not go to the heart with everything the previous family has done to you."

The elders in red in the elder ranks and Yan Yuese stood up and smiled sincerely at Leng Yueqi.

"Yes, Yueqi knows."

Leng Yueqi nodded slightly, unhappy or not, she knew that the reason why the elders had such a good attitude towards themselves was mostly because of Lin Chen.

"Elder, let's go now. I just want to worship my two future father-in-laws who have passed away."

Lin Chen laughed casually, the elders showed a slightly surprised look, and then the elder in red nodded and smiled.

"Alright, let's start now."

The elder in red waved his hand, the space was distorted and fluctuated, and the people were suspended, and they left under the envious eyes of those who separated from Lengyue.


Lengyue separated; somewhere in the garden.

Two newly constructed tombstones unfolded in half a month, engraving the names of the dead.

The incense tribute, Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi folded their hands together, praying sincerely.

"Don't look at the politeness of this surface to us, but in your heart, you are very cautious. We will not push them too tightly and offend him later, which is not good for our entire separation."

"Hey, it's a pity that inheritance..."

"I'm afraid! That inheritance can only be accepted by the descendants of Lengyue's family. This boy Chen Chen can't get it, and he is Leng Yueqi's partner.

"She is a member of our cold family again, as long as she is not guilty of her, are you still afraid that she will run away?"

"Yes, I will order tomorrow to transfer Leng Yueqi's authority to the authority of half an elder, so that no young people in the branch can offend her."

Seven or eight elders secretly communicated, but Leng Yin went to give Leng Yueqi's parents a tombstone with three incense sticks and sincere worship.

"Yueqi, these years, it is the fault of Grandpa!"

Leng Yin sighed and apologized.

"Grandpa doesn't need to blame himself. As an elder, there are so many things to be busy, and I don't have any care for grandpa, as usual."

Leng Yueqi nodded indifferently; for this grandfather, although she didn't like it, but she didn't hate it. In addition to his good face, he hadn't fallen on his well in the past.

"All elders, thanks."

At this time, Lin Chen still bowed his hands after the worship, and laughed at will.

The elders can naturally hear that these are what they deserve. Their elders have not yet shown the attitude they really want to show.

Why can't these old and mature guys hear the blandness in Lin Chen's tone and take something out of their arms and immediately solemnly say the truth.

"Yueqi, this is the cold month order of our Presbyterian Church. Holding this token can call half of the callable rights of ordinary elders. In view of your excellent performance in breaking into the Qianyue Tower, we will hereby issue this token. Give you."

Lin Chen immediately took it for Leng Yueqi, revealing a harmless smile for humans and animals, and patting the elder in red.

"Oh, this elder, you are very reasonable. When I first saw you, I felt that you were very real. When I was young, I was very handsome. I must be one-tenth of me. I was thinking that we would be particularly destined! "

Seeing Lin Chen's 180 degree change in attitude, the elders twitched.

Damn, this kid's **** face is so fast!

"Yueqi, your talents are outstanding, but your physical skills are still a little bit worse. Elders, I have a volume of top-level blue-level top-level body-level methods, "Liu Liying Ying Jue", which ranks among the top of the blue-level, especially suitable for women's cultivation. Practice well!"

Another elder also immediately expressed his position, and someone even laughed like a rose flower, and laughed after taking it.

"At first glance, this elder is full of Qitang, and Yintang is bright and red, and it must be a grandson of grandchildren. Qiyun covers the sky. After this time, you and I will be my sons.

All the elders showed their treasures one after another. Someone in Lin suddenly looked at each other with a smile, and the mouth full of cannons was smiling, blowing into the ceiling.

The degree of brazenness made the elders sweat in their hearts. This is where they can produce such a wonderful genius!


Late at night; Lengyue separated, in Lengyueqi's boudoir.

Lin Chen was stationed outside Leng Yueqi's boudoir. In order to prevent accidents, Lin Chen let her immediately absorb the spiritual heritage in the jade box.

Lin Chen, who was idle and bored, picked up scattered attribute light **** around the Lengyue branch and practiced "Bing Tian Zhi".

[Host gains 70,000 points of merit, 50,000 points of merit,]

Someone Lin touched and picked up all the way, from Leng Yueqi's boudoir all the way to the Gong Fa Ge of the Leng Yue branch of the next mountain.

In order to avoid the appearance of other situations, Lin Chen released the ancient green dragon huddle around Leng Yueqi, shrinking to dozens of feet, protecting Leng Yueqi's closed chamber.

Lin Chen himself will not be too far away, basically keeping the distance that he can immediately return in two breathing time.

Leng Yueqi's retreat was seven days and seven nights, and Lin Chen's ancient Qinglong also guarded for seven days and seven nights.

On the other side; Lin Chen's strange behavior caused a lot of discussion about the cold month separation.

He trespassed into the Kung fu cabinet without authorization, but he didn't want anything. It was a mess there, no one could understand what he was doing!

For Lin Chen, the Kung Fu Pavilion is the place where most of the "Kung Fu Essence" is left. In these seven days, he has already picked up nearly 2.3 million points of Kung Fu Essence.

On the eighth day; the elder in red stood on the sky, watching Lin Chen from a distance.

"This ghost is acting, we still can't see through it. He has turned around the Gong Fa Ge of our Lengyue separation, and it's not about setting up the formation, I don't know what he is doing there."

"Oh, is there anything we can't see through this little guy? Speaking of it, Lengyue should send someone to come."

"It is estimated that it has been these few days. After ascending the sixth floor, everyone in the family has to be disturbed. This kid is on the eighth floor, and the family should also take it very seriously."

On the eighth day late at night; in Leng Yueqi's boudoir, a fiery light of war rushed to Jiuxiao, surrounding the sky without falling apart!

Lin Chen, who had just picked up the last batch of nearby attribute spheres of light, opened his eyes, spread the purple phoenix wings, and quickly swept back on the blue wind.

Under the bright moonlight, Lengyue is as beautiful as wearing stars, Daimei is like snow, and Rongyanfanghua is in the world. Leng Yan.

If the former Leng Yueqi was an iceberg beauty, then she is now an iceberg fairy, and the indifference in Meiyujian that is thousands of miles away seems to be vulgar and moving.

Lin Chen, who just flew by, was amazed by this scene, but said with surprise.

"Teacher Yueqi, have you broken into the triple tier of Tiangang Realm?"