My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 233

Chapter 233: Come Here

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Chapter 233

Leng Yueqi saw Lin Chen as the person who came, and smiled like a melting iceberg, with flowers in full bloom.

"Well, it should be the late stage of Tiangang Realm. I didnt expect to break through at once. That spiritual heritage contains a lot of mysteries of my cold family skills. I have benefited a lot from it. I still have a long way to go. ."

Lin Chen nodded, and he could feel the transformation of Leng Yueqi's body.

If there is no characteristic rune and ancient Qinglong, with her present self, if you want to defeat her, maybe the win will be very small!

"Right, I wanted to give you something before."

Leng Yueqi handed Lin Chen a volume of jade jade plaques, making him stunned!

"Aren't you a refining pharmacist? This is a roll of Danfang that I got by chance. I have already taken this kind of energy medicine. The warrior can only take it once in a lifetime. The effect and help for you should be quite great. "

Lin Chen hurriedly mobilized his mental strength to read the content in this jade slip.

"Fifth-order Intermediate Pills, colorful Xuan Ling Liquid. It can make Tiangang Realm Seventh Remedies break through the realm of the following, but can only be taken once. Excluding Seventh Remedies, the medicine is soft; the required materials: Wanzai Aoki Heart... "

Lin Chen's eyes were shining, and the multi-colored Xuan Ling Liquid of the Danfang was more valuable than some fifth-order advanced Elixir!

It is at this moment;

"Lengyue's family, Elder Yan is here!"

This voice makes all the people in the cold-moon family separated by thousands of miles!

Even the elders of Lengyue's family came; this is a major event!

"Oh? These two young men are the ones who passed the Qianyue Tower?"

The old man's figure without any signs emerged from the space behind Lin Chen, and the ancient Qinglong roared slightly.

That old man's fairy wind bones, with a kind and bland smile on his lips, did not seem to be in trouble, Lin Chen just frowned in front of Leng Yueqi.

"Yes, Elder Yan, it is them."

The elders in red led the five parents to appear, respectfully.

"They are all very good Miaozi. You are still a student of Tiange College. It is very rare. Your name is Lin Chen? Would you like to return to Lengyue to practice with me?"

Elder Yan smiled calmly and kindly.

"What happens if I refuse."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed and he smiled casually.

"Friend Lin Chen, you can rest assured that my Lengyue family has good relations with outside geniuses. If you don't go, I won't force it. It's just that you can enter the Qianyue Tower. ."

Elder Yan did not rely on his high position and strength to suppress Lin Chen, saying softly.

"Our Lengyue Family intends to accept you with preferential treatment, as long as you can accept some help and invitations from our Lengyue Family at a critical moment."

Elder Yan has a sincere tone. He has lived for so many years and is very aware of the pros and cons.

If he can cultivate a peerless genius like Lin Chen, will there be a force that shocks the world behind him?

Only the Tiange Academy on his bright side could be on an equal footing with the Lengyue family. Offending such a genius would do them no harm. What they had to do was to retain him.

The palm turned over, and a piece of flying bright jade was half moon shaped, suspended in front of Lin Chen.

Seeing this half-moon jade, the elders in red and several parent parents immediately took a breath!

They didn't think that this family would have so much blood to win Lin Chen!

Similarly, this also proves that the current Lengyue family is really in jeopardy! There is an urgent need for some young top arrogance to pave the way for the plan a few years later!

"This is the order of Lengyuetian. Xiaoyou holds this order. As long as it is in the territory under the jurisdiction of my Lengyue family, it can exercise the power equivalent to that of an old man. No matter it is for the region and people, it can be banned or even closed. , Dominate the lives of hundreds of millions of people, chopping up after playing, just a word from a friend, no need to ask Lengyue's home!"

Even a simple remark, even Lin Chen was a little surprised!

With Lengyuetian's word order, shouldn't I just go to the territory under the jurisdiction of Lengyue's family to find a few younger sisters, oh no, I don't have to pay to search for any cultivation resources?

This is a treasure that is countless times more precious than the throne of a dynasty!

In the jurisdiction and territories of the Lengyue family, there are not one thousand but also eight hundred, which adds up to at least half of the wasteland!

"I feel the sincerity of Lengyue's family. I don't know what price I need to pay."

Lin Chen smiled at random, he did not believe that there is a free lunch in this world!

"The specific situation, the old man can't disclose to the little friend, but the little friend is assured that it is not a matter of betrayal or threatening the life of the little friend, but that in some special periods, the little friend will be called to go to Leng Yue's home for some special assistance. "

Elder Yan said apologetically.

An elder from an ancient family, with a super strong presence above Tiangang Realm, whose strength is unfathomable, can all lower his posture to talk to Lin Chen, and he can see that he is sincere.

"Since that is the case, I will trust Elder once."

Suddenly, Lin Chen smiled, took the jade stone for half a month, and received it in the Naling Ring.

"By the way, are you Leng Yueqi, your potential is very good. It is a pity to be separated, why not go back to my home and practice with me?"

Elder Yan turned to look at Leng Yueqi, looking straight.

After getting spiritual inheritance, Leng Yueqi's potential has become comparable to some of her top arrogances!

In the view of Elder Yan, there may be a chance to become a candidate for the next son and daughter!

Lin Chen frowned, but Leng Yueqi told him secretly.

"Lin Chen, you don't have to worry. In the spiritual heritage I got, there are a lot of mysteries that I have to go to my home to solve. You don't have to worry about me."

After that, Leng Yueqi nodded to Elder Yan. His expression was immediately overjoyed, and he smiled.

"Hahaha, okay. This trip to the family can actually harvest two peerless geniuses. The old age is very valuable this time, Yueqi Nizi, you tidy up, we will start the next day."

"Hahaha, Elder Yan, please, we have not had a chance to treat you well."


After the elders left, behind the boudoir, on top of a snowy mountain.

Under the bright moonlight, Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi were here.

"Lin Chen."

Leng Yueqi stared at him, Lin Chen thought she had something to give herself.

Don't know; Leng Yueqi took out a scarf to cover his eyes.

"Don't open your eyes, wait for me to open them again."

This time, Lin was a rare honest one. I really didn't open my eyes. I didn't even use Zijintong, so I waited in vain.

A whiff of cold rose quietly, and the lady's elegant and clear voice sounded.

"Okay, open your eyes."

The moment Lin Chen opened the scarf and opened his eyes, he was shocked at the spot!