My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 234

Chapter 234: Back To The College

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Chapter 234: Return to the Academy!

I saw that on the cliffs of the snowy mountains, the bright moonlight sprinkled, in addition to reflecting the stunned face of someone Lin, as well as the amazing person!

The beautiful lady stood in front of Lin Chen, wearing a white snow silk gauze, and a white and soft silk scarf in front of her collar. Her shoulders were flat and slightly exposed on both sides; she exuded a creamy skin.

Her lips are like cherry blossoms, her eyebrows are like the spring mountains of March, her cool and elegant cheeks are glowing with a hint of red glow, and she is staring at Lin Chen with a smile.

The white snow long skirt was light and thin, like a gauze, and the pure and flawless ice and snow skirt extended to the ground, sometimes accompanied by a light wind blowing.

The moonlight sprinkled on her ice and snow wedding dress, like Chang'e in the moon palace, and like a snow fairy above nine days, came to the world and was suffocating!

Lin Chen stayed in place and stopped talking; "Teacher, I...I...!"

This is probably the most tense time for someone in the dark horse club Lin's first pick-up career, so excited that he can't speak.

He did not expect that Leng Yueqi would bring back the ice and snow wedding dress he had made in the Temple of the Evil King's Secret Realm, and it was kept intact and not damaged at all.

"What are you, nerd."

Leng Yueqi, who is as beautiful as a fairy, covers her lips and smiles lightly, her eyes flashing infinite tenderness.

"Can I put you on maternity leave!"

Lin Chen felt anxious, and even if he blurted out, he even wanted to slap himself!


The beautiful lady fluttered with a smile, and the curvy Daimei said endless style and beauty. If there is a fairy in the sky, maybe it is such a style.

"Teacher, I..."

Lin Chen's words didn't finish, and the beautiful lips of the lady printed on his lips blocked his words.

"Are you still calling me a teacher, but I promised you that I will continue to do things afterwards."

Lips, Hongxia flying dyed, both tender and glamorous, the lady lifted her cheeks and stared at his face.


Lin Chen hugged the soft waist with a full grip, and the moonlight reflected the fiery heat between men and women.


The next day; Lin Chen watched Leng Yueqi leave.

After going to Lengyue's home, she will have some adventures, maybe she can even throw herself away in terms of strength.

Before leaving, Lin Chen searched fiercely in the Lengyue branch. The high-end natural materials, medicinal materials, rare treasures and rare minerals were never let go.

Some elders even suspected that this kid was posing for robbery!

In this regard, but there is no alternative, no way, who asked the elders of his family to give him the word order, even if he evacuated the warehouse did not dare to stop him!

Lin Chen officially set off for Tiange Academy.

After leaving the outside world, Lin Chen released the ancient Qinglong and flew at full speed to Qingge Academy

Above the dragon head, Lin Chen sat cross-legged; he opened the system and listed a large number of his attributes.

[Tiandao Picking System 3.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: the second stage of Tiangang Realm.

Ultimate Strength: 45 Dragon Power.

Qi and blood energy: 3.965 billion points.

The essence of the fighting spirit: 2.575 billion points.

Spiritual strength: 1.06 million points.

Essence of skill: 3.2 million points.

Mindset: "Nine Tribulation of Creation" (33%)

Practicing exercises: Taishi Bible (53%), Nine Recipes (100%)

Possess special treasures or exercises: True Flame Purple Phoenix Wings (100%) Shura Jiuhuang Change (Fragment), Sanqing Spirit Watermark.

Possess blood energy (up to 3 types): Qinglong blood vein 21000 points, Zijin pupil blood vein 10000 points.

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 3, Corrupt Rune Level 2 (upgradable), Charge Rune Level 3,

Rune energy: 0 points.

The energy of each element: 14.09 million points in the fire system, 10 million points in the soil system, 10.4 million points in the wood system, 11.81 million points in the gold system, and 31.01 million points in the water system. The lightning system is 10 million points, the wind system is 10.05 million points, the light system is 9.21 million points, and the dark system is 11.91 million points.

"System, I'm going to practice "Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Change"!"

[The system received, consuming 3.1 million points of merit, and is inheriting the memory of the remnants of "Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Change" for the host.

Lin Chen's heaven and man were united and fell into a state of retreat. The ancient Qinglong's dragon was magnificent and dragons were miles away. No one dared to mess with it.

In less than half an hour, Lin Chen opened his eyes and shook his head in wonder.

"Great! Even if there are only fragments, it can cause me to make multiple transformations, ignite three battles one after another, or detonate three at a time, so that my strength has increased by a few grades. Unfortunately, the sequelae are also very serious. After that, even I have to lie in bed for several days."

Lin Chen's trump card has another trick "Sura Nine Changes"!

"First refine a batch of multicolored Xuan Ling Liquid. If you can refine several copies and give them to everyone in Class 66, their practice will go more smoothly."

Lin Chen sat on the dragon's head, released the Yuyuan Furnace, and immediately started the alchemy fingerprint.

If his phantom dream Sen Luo had spirituality, he even jumped out of the Naling ring and suspended in the void, as if responding to Lin Chen's spiritual power and protecting him.

"This treasure is magical, so I have avoided several difficulties."

Lin Chen sighed with admiration, cast the "Bahuang Xuanhuo" handprint, and put a large amount of medicinal materials he obtained from the Lengyue branch into the Yuyuan furnace to quickly refine the colorful Xuanling Liquid.


Five days later; Tiange General Hospital.

In the freshman dormitory area, a group of freshmen released their fighting spirit in each other's dormitory area, watching the good show staged in the dormitory area of the Wasteland Branch at this time.

"This is clearly the right that our freshmen should have. Why do you deprive them!"

"This is within the dormitory area of our freshmen, what qualifications do you have to come here and take our medicine garden as your own!"

The two Shen Yuluoyan, Qingli allures of the Qing Dynasty and Qingcheng alluded to a few old Lu Xun class students who broke into the dormitory area.

"Hey? Why? It's up to you to grab Sister Yan's mission!"

"Miss Yan is the woman of Senior Liu, what are you doing?"

"And you, Yue Linlin, do you dare to offend even Senior Liu? Our Senior Liu has been born for many years at Lanxun class, and even the elders have to give them three points!"

"Your kind of thing, give your face shameless, our senior Liu lied to you, that is worthy of you!"

Four old Lu Xun class students occupied a few acres of medicine gardens used for planting medicinal materials, and looked at Liu Lin'er and Yue Linlin teasingly.

Many freshmen watching the movie sighed. Why did these two beautiful freshmen provoke Lan Xun's old students? Isn't this asking for trouble?

"No wonder all the seniors are quite talented, but they have been working for so many years as a green-honored old student.

Yue Linlin smiled a little indifferently and disdainfully.

"Oh, when the dog runs, it depends on whom."

"Since Xuemei shameless her face, it can only let us invite you over!"

Let's just say, there are two Lu Xun class old students actually shot on the spot! The two goddesses changed slightly!

This freshman dormitory area is clearly not allowed to fight, but they are so fearless, showing how big the power of Lan Xun class old students is in the General Hospital!

"Please? You're a fart! It's almost the same to tell the dog owner behind you to come over and blame, just because you dare to move the people of my wasteland branch!"

Thunderous rage surrounds the freshman dormitory area, the two goddesses look happy!