My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 235

Chapter 235: He Laughed Like A Child

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Chapter 235, He Smiles Like a Child!

"Brother Lin Chen?"

"Monitor Lin Chen!"

The two goddesses were overjoyed; the four Lu Xun students looked around in amazement, showing fear and panic!

The famous name of Lin Chen, in the current Tiange General College, is no less than any old Lan Xun! There is even more!

Roar ~~!

A terrifying dragon roared through the whole freshman dormitory area, and the vast Longwei scared those freshmen who almost knelt on the ground!

The vast ancient green dragon huddled over the heads of the four green honour classmates in a silver robe.

"How long did it take for Lao Tzu to leave the academy after his mother sold it? Which king of **** would dare to bully our wilderness!"

Someone Lin's sleeve is a slap! The dragon force between the five fingers whizzed out, tumbling over four green-honored old students!

"Lin...Lin Chen! We are Liu...ah!"

"Are you Liu!"

Lin Chen stepped on his shoulder and stepped on his shoulder bone!

This time, at least for several months.

The three other Lu Xun class students immediately fell silent, exuding panic.

The freshmen onlookers swallowed madly, is this kid really a newborn!

In the face of the four Tiangang Realm's later stage, the Green-Hun class old man was turned over in front of him!

"Okay! See if you dare to trouble us!"

Yue Linlin feared that the world wouldn't be messed up, waving a small pink fist with a red face.

"Monitor Lin Chen, will this..."

Liu Lin'er worried, Lin Chen raised his hand, smiled at them, and said softly and favorably.

"This matter to me will not make you feel wronged."

The two women's pretty faces turned slightly, Yue Linlin was okay, Liu Liner hurriedly bowed her head, her delicate ears were red and transparent.

"The elders in this dormitory area! Get out for the old man! Grandma, watching these groups of **** bully our newborns. It doesn't matter if they don't come out within ten breaths, I will discard these four bastards!"

Lin Chen shook suddenly, the voice spread throughout the freshman dormitory!

His blatant insults against the elders made the scalp numb for countless newborns, and he dare not think about it!

"Eh, Brother Lin Chen, don't worry, I'm here, I'm here."

A thin and elder elder appeared with a smile on his face, and the five-fold repair of Tiangang Realm was the elder on duty in this new dormitory area.

"Elder, just a few of them have bullied my freshmen in the desert, are you selective blind?"

Lin Chen's unusually somber expression questioned the elder.

If I didnt arrive just now, I am afraid that Liu Lin'er and Yue Linlin would have to be taken away by these four guys on the spot!

By then, no one can guarantee what will happen to their two girls, what will happen and the result!


The elder had a cold sweat on his forehead, and he didn't want to offend the Lan Xun class old man!

In this general hospital where the Purple Order has not been born for thousands of years, the old students of the Blue Order are the pimples of the Tiange Academy!

"I know the embarrassment of the elders. Today, because of you being an elder, brother Chen, I won't take you."

Lin Chen's evil and overbearing laughter heard the new creeps!

Oh my God! What does it mean for you to be an elder? There are no freshmen in these generations who dare to threaten the elders as soon as they enter the General Hospital!

This Lin Chen is not the first one!

"Now, I'm not worried about the elders, but it's good for the elders to repeat what they did just now; that's your selective blindness."

Lin Chen showed a trace of harmless smile of humans and animals, and immediately raised his foot, aiming directly at another Green Order old student and stepped on it!


Broken bones! Lin Chen's arm bone was trampled by Lin Chen's foot!

"No, no!"

Another old student was frightened to fly, and wanted to escape.

Roar ~!

Thousands of green dragons lingering in the sky screamed, and Long Wei stunned him on the spot, spitting foam in his mouth.

The elder's complexion, Lin Chen's move, is equivalent to despising himself as an elder's authority!

Even those old Lanxun students and students dare not be so blatant! Seeing himself still pretending to be like this, Lin Chen actually hit his face in front of him!

"Enough! Lin Chen, a freshman, is really overbearing. I'm just afraid that some overbearing will be too easy to die."

At this moment, a shocking cold drink reverberates into the void, and a young man with purple light is standing on the sky, holding a soft and feminine and charming woman in her arms.

The man in purple clothing also wore a blue flashing medal on his chest.

Lan Xun class old student!

"Oh? I beat two crazy dogs. Did the owner come out so quickly."

Lin Chen looked at the young man with a smile, raised his foot again, clicked! Sever the arm of a green-honor old student again!


"What are you? His mother, if you don't agree, just use your fist to talk.

Lin Chen pointed at the void; he screamed on the spot, and his courage and domineering were even surprised by Lin Linlin. What is wrong with Brother Chen Chen, and his temper is even more irritable than before!

How can you not be irritable! When Lin Chen returned to Tiange College, he remembered that he had been picked up by Yuan Laokeng to pick up the task of Heiwu Island.

Originally angry, he also met several mad dogs who bullied people to bully the 66th class in the wilderness. His anger burned like a gunpowder barrel!

"It seems that you think you have a fifth-level intermediate peak of the ancient Qinglong can do whatever you want!"

The "Senior Liu Senior" smiled angrily, and glanced dismissively at Lin Chen's ancient Qinglong.

He is the cultivation practice of the five peaks of Tiangang Realm. Lin Chen and an ancient Qinglong, a fifth-level peak, are not in his eyes!

Every Lanxun class student has his own background and means, which is absolutely unparalleled!

"Enough is enough, what is noisy!"

At this time, the old man's impatient voice echoed in the freshman dormitory area.

I saw; the five elders stepped into the air, and the sloppy old man headed was actually the well-respected old man Yuan.

"Liu Ji, do you want to break the rules?"

Mr. Yuan glanced at Liu Senior, and said, not too salty.

"Even the old guy is here, it seems impossible to teach this kid today."

Liu Ji narrowed his eyes and waved his hands away, bringing away the four green-honored classmates who were knocked out by Lin Chen.

"Lin Chen, you can't be arrogant for a long time. If you have the ability, we will see you in the arena in seven days!"

Liu Ji got up in the wind and left with his sleeves sneered.

I dont know, this time Lins attention was not on Liu Ji!

At this moment; someone laughed! Laugh like a child!

He smiled very radiantly, like the boy who was in Yu Yuehua saw the head teacher he wanted to beat.

Everyone was dumbfounded! What happened to this kid? Have you eaten bee shit? Smile so happy?

Only Yue Linlin and Liu Liner, who had known Lin Chen, saw this smile, but they felt a chill, and took a few steps back without knowing it!