My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 236

Chapter 236: Auction Conference.

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Chapter 236. Auction Conference.

I saw; Lin Chen stepped forward with a smile, he smiled at Yuan Lao.

"Lao Yuan, your boss is here! I have been waiting for you for a long time, and I really thank you!"

Yuan Laoxi smiled and smiled immediately.

"I have been waiting for you for a long time, forehead, Xiaochenzi, what are you doing with your gun, lying trough!"

"Ancient Qinglong, fucking! Grandma, I thank you? I thank your family! I almost killed Laozi!"

Roar ~!

"Eat a set of Lao Tzu enhanced version of Zun Lao Ai You Quan first!"

Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong are in front of everyone and chasing Yuan Lao on the spot!

Everyone, including fellow elders, stunned and stayed in the original!

The legendary Yuan Lao who even awed by the elders of the Presbyterian Church was chased by a freshman!

Anyone who encounters such a **** thing like Lin Chen will hold back his stomach!

The mission to Heiwu Island, if it were not for him, still had a true dragon alchemy pill, and still survived the medicine of the true dragon alchemy pill. , Life is better than death.

"Don't don't, brother Chen, if you have something to say, why don't you take a gun?"

"Brother Chen, don't fight, don't fight, let down!"

After the elders reacted, they stopped Lin Chen on the spot and quickly calmed his emotions.

Lao Yuan had helped himself sincerely, but Lin Chen couldn't be more clear.

He wouldn't be a killer for such old seniors, but, without losing his temper and complaining, he really didn't fit his Lin's personality. This time he suffered a big loss.

The elder who was stationed in the freshman dormitory suddenly froze and sweated, this kid is really a hard stubble!

Just now, even Mr. Yuan almost got shot by him. This is not a joke!

"Lao Zi later saw this kid really detoured!"

The elder said secretly.

"Mr. Lin Chen, don't you come back alive, big deal, the old man pays you points, will everyone be fine if nothing happens."

Yuan Laoguai said with embarrassment; even if he had guided Lin Chen to take over the task of Heiwu Island out of good intentions, he almost killed Lin Chen this time.

"Then 10 million points."

"Then you should draw a gun."

"Then 1 million!"

"800 000!"



"The senior officials of the General Academy should assess whether I can be promoted to the Lanxun class?"

Lin Chen heard the news brought by Elder Yuan and other elders, and was a bit stunned.

The promotion of the Lanxun class students, but the cumulative completion of the task of 10 million points or more in the college, and the transaction and other income between students can not be counted as 10 million points.

"So what do I need to do?"

Lin Chen spread his hands, since the opportunity has come, he would not like to miss it.

"You don't need to do anything."

Yuan Lao said mysteriously.


"You only need to keep what you do in the college every day. From the moment you enter the college, someone at the top of the college is already watching you, and will have a sense of your character, strength, wisdom, heart and mind. A five-day comprehensive evaluation. As long as you meet the standards they have in mind, you will be promoted to a Blue Hun class student."

Lin Chen suddenly realized! Feelings are to eat, drink and drink, sleep to sleep, and lift the sister, let them comment.

"By the way, the two elders, if I want to sell the Elixir, I have to go where I can get the highest price."

At this time, Lin Chen asked the elders around Yuan Lao.

The college has the Treasure Pavilion, the Elixir Hall, the Lingdan Pavilion, the auction, and the Mibao Pavilion. Many branches support the acquisition of the Elixir. Lin Chen wants to sell something, and really can't find a good way for a while.

"If you want to sell a relatively good price in a short time, you must choose an auction. And there will be a large-scale auction conference in these two days."

The two elders pondered, Lin Chen's eyes lit up, and then whispered with the two elders.

"What? You want to sell fine Danfang, and then cooperate in a way of sharing, and then enjoy the profit sharing for every Danfang sold?"

This magical thought exclaimed one of the elders.

Lin Chen did not hide, nodded.

"Yes, then the long-term points will be owned by everyone in our class 66."

Lin Chen's words warmed the hearts of the two women behind him. It turned out that Lin Chen did all this for everyone in Class 66.

"If this is the case, the old man can help you refer to Lingdan Pavilion, and should be able to enjoy the opportunity of sharing with you."

One of the elders was right, Lin Chen had the opportunity to become a freshman of the Lan Xun class in the future, but now it is good to have a good relationship.

"Okay, the day before the auction starts, I will give the elders the Danfang that needs long-term sales."


Late at night; in the freshman dormitory area, inside the boudoir.

Lin Chen was with Liu Lin'er and Yue Linlin together.

"That is to say, it was Lin'er who first accepted the 250,000 points task, and then what sister Yan Xue began to make trouble for you?"

Lin Chen frowned slightly after understanding the second daughter's recent experience.

The cause of the matter was very simple, and Liu Lin'er took over the sister that Yan Yan Xue thought to be her scheduled task.

Afterwards, the sister Yan Xue made trouble, and did not think that Liu Lin'er, a freshman of Huang Xun level, could complete the high-level mission of Lu Xun with 250,000 points, and sent old students to interfere with Liu Liner again and again.

But that is to collect materials that need to assist elders to refine the specified toxins. This is completely within the scope of Liu Lin'er who is very talented for the poison.

When Liu Liner completed the task, the sister Yan Yan was completely anxious. The old students under Liu Ji's hands came to oppress and attempted to forcibly take away the second daughter.

"This is all bullying to our class 66. Rest assured, this time, I will help you get a fair deal!"

Lin Chen smiled, Liu Liner quickly waved her hand.

"Monitor Lin Chen, no need, the other party is Lan Xun class old man, can't commit to offend the other party completely."

"Lin'er, what are you afraid of? Brother Lin Chen is going to show up for us. Our class 66 does not bully others, but it does not allow others to bully!"

Yue Linlin clenched a small pink fist, patted Lin Chen's shoulder, learned Bai Junhao's tone, and had a kind of deep voice.

"Brother, rest assured, I will definitely support you and go and beat his group of bitches!"

Liu Liner couldn't help but chuckle.

The next day; Lin Chen did not rush to submit the task first, but dealt with the matter at hand as soon as possible.

He went to the auction site and found the old elder again.

The elders' room; Chi elders are carefully watching the Danfang on their hands.

"Are you sure you want to sell all three volumes of Danfang in a divided way?"

After a brief reading of the three volumes of Danfang handed over by Lin Chen, Elder Chi looked at him in amazement.

These are all unprecedented fifth-order intermediate quality Danfang, which are of extraordinary value and placed in the second-class sect also belong to the level of the treasure of the town faction!