My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 237

Chapter 237: 3. The Enemy's Road Is Narrow.

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Chapter 237

"Yes, I'm sure to sell these recipes. Every time I sell a piece, the points I get will be divided equally among each student in the 66 class that entered the college with me. These things will trouble the elders. The points inside, the elders also A part can be extracted from it."

Lin Chen bowed his hands, but Elder Chi waved his hands indifferently.

"Okay, since you have said so, the old man will not ask much."

Suddenly, Elder Chi looked at the second daughter behind Lin Chen, seemingly remembering something, and then said: "Yes, you are here today, would you like to go to the auction conference?"

"The elder guessed right, I have deposited the things to be auctioned at the auction conference."

Hearing this, Elder Na Chi showed a strange look.

"Here, I heard that Liu Ji will come this time. If you meet, don't do anything at the auction conference. This auction conference is not your new dormitory."

Elder Chi said anxiously; Lin Chen's violent temper had already been seen with his own eyes. If he and Liu Ji fought at the auction, it wouldn't be something they could solve with their eyes closed!

"Oh? Liu Ji will also be here? It happens, my lord, I will play with him at the auction!

Lin Chen and Yue Linlin both gave a bad smile, and looked at each other with a heartless look!

After bidding farewell to Elder Chi, Lin Chen went to the auction venue.

The auction venue is located on a sky island in a very remote location, and the city is full of people, and the crowd is bustling. Gathered many seniors above the Green Order.

At this time, the people at the auction venue were also promoting many of today's precious auction items on the streets and magic eye stones.

With the identity of a senior seller, Lin Chen took her second daughter into the top floor of the auction venue.

The auction venue is divided into three levels, which are used to entertain students below the Green Rank, Green Rank, and Blue Rank.

The venue covers an area of nearly 50 acres and is relatively large. The surrounding buildings are magnificent and can easily accommodate more than 10,000 people.

At this time, the entrance to the auction venue was full of people; a lot of people surrounded the entrance, and there was a lot of discussion.

The two parties at the entrance became the focus, but Lin Chen and Liu Ji, who had narrow paths, were the only ones!

Liu Ji was surrounded by four Qingxun class old students, and the charming and charming'Yan Xuejie' in his arms.

He sneered sarcastically.

"Isn't this the famous freshman Lin Chen, coming to this auction venue today? I'm afraid you can buy the treasures in this venue without the financial resources!"

Lin Chen held the white feather fan, with the words "Single King" engraved on the front and the magnificent "handsome" on the back, with a smile on his lips and a gentle smile.

"Senior Liu Ji is not too premature too, maybe what you want is already wrapped up by others."

The two are tit-for-tat, no one is retreating, there is a kind of gunpowder smell that can be hit in the next second!

"So you are the new Lin Chen!"

Suddenly, the girl's soft, gentle voice slowly sounded.

Among the crowd came a beautiful and smart girl with blue short skirt, blonde hair, and not tall, but her body was hot and hot, and the plump mountains seemed to burst the weak clothes.

A pair of azure beautiful eyes turned Yingying Qiushui, looking at Lin Chen curiously. The shining blue light medal on his chest was very attractive.

It is another Lanxun Tianjiao!

"It's Lan Yingxuan's sister Lu Ying!"

"Wow, I didn't think I would have a chance to see Lu Yingxue herself. Today's auction is right!"

There was a scream in the crowd, and many male and female disciples were full of heart.

Liu Ji's expression condensed, revealing fear and displeasure.

Today, at this auction, only the Lan Xun-level students are eligible to compete with him. If there is one more such character, the disadvantage to him will be one more point.

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, and he saw Lu Ying's head floating with a blue attribute light ball!

After seeing the attribute light ball, Lin Chen took the initiative to go forward and reached out to grab Lu Ying's head.

[The host gains 3.5 million points of water energy.

Taking away the attribute light ball above Lu Ying's head, his system light screen popped up suddenly.

Seeing this scene suddenly caused people around to breathe air and exclaim!

This action instantly made Lu Ying look displeased!

The thing she hates most is that others are staring at her height. Lin Chen even put her hand over the top of her head in front of everyone's eyes?

Isn't this just making fun of yourself in public!

Seeing that Lu Ying's expression became extremely fast, Lin Chen immediately apologized and smiled.

"Sister Lu Ying, dont get me wrong, I am just a girl who prefers small and exquisite girls. What I have just mentioned is totally attracted by the temperament and appearance of Sister Lu Ying. I cant help it. Elementary school brothers care about it?"

Lin Chen's remarks immediately showed the standard of the little black dragon headed by the dark horse club, which caused Lu Ying to immediately open her eyes and smile.

"Cough, your mouth is quite sweet, but there are so many people pursuing this girl, if you have this idea, you should work harder~"


Behind Lin Chen, the second female Qian Eye unconsciously looked at her height......

Seeing the scene of the duo and the gentleman, there was no unexpected situation of Hu Qiang. Liu Ji snorted coldly and turned to take his person into the venue.

Lin Chen and Lu Ying smiled politely and took the two girls behind them into the VIP channel.

Two old Lan Xun class students were gathered together, and everyone lined up excitedly and auctioned together in the venue.

Through the passage, Lin Chen and Lu Ying gave each other a courtesy, but in fact secretly talked.

After several conversations, Lu Ying's blue eyes became more and more curious!

"No wonder Grandpa wants me to make good friends with this new student in advance, which is not normal. His previous remarks seem to have a good impression on me and have a feeling of admiration, but in fact he just finds a step in front of everyone, between speech and conversation, and Those boys who deliberately please me are different. He doesnt like me, and even my water moon exploration method cant test his cultivation behavior!"

Lu Ying was shocked in her heart, and her cognition of this new student has risen again by several grades!

"Brother Lin Chen is also on the third floor?"

Walking to the third floor, Lu Ying found that Lin Chen could even enter the third floor of the auction venue, surprised.

"Yes, I auctioned something and got the identity token to enter here."

Lin Chen waved his hand, making Lu Ying look at him deeply, followed closely.

Enter the respective VIP boxes; sit on the third floor, the auction venue is unobstructed.

At this time; many students have entered the venue, and everyone who comes here is in a hurry, eagerly sells or buys treasures with a price-performance ratio higher than the treasure house.