My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Where Wouldn't Be Ordered

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Chapter 238

At this time; the void walked out of the yellow robe standing in the air and smiled.

"Hey, seeing everyone is so urgent, the old man will not talk about that cutie, and everyone knows the rules, and the old man will not talk nonsense. I hope everyone will be safe and bid peacefully."

The old man in the yellow robe patted the palm of the whole table; the four crystal counters were set up to show different treasures such as different high-end treasures and exercises!

At this time; 80% of the seats of the entire auction venue have been filled, and the number of participants has basically reached.

"The youth-level advanced physical skills "Eight Lights", the starting price: 70,000 points. Supporting barter, the seller hopes to obtain a fifth-level primary super medicine."

The old man opened a crystal counter; he took out a roll of ancient books and smiled.

Although it is rare for the high-level physique of the Qing dynasty, in places where there is a shortage of training resources at this time in Tiange Academy, few people will exchange the top-level fifth-level medicine.

The first-level Lu Xun class old students immediately became lively and bargained one after another. This method finally auctioned a price of 110,000 points.

Lin Chen closed his eyes and nourished himself, he was not in a hurry, it was just a foreplay. He wants to catch big fish!

Then, there were a lot of different treasures in the auction venue!

"Qingyan Jue, the top-level fire fighting skill of the green rank, starting price: 100,000 points."

"Fifth-level intermediate-level heaven and earth treasure; Wannian Dragon Blood Ginseng, starting price: 110,000 points."

"Fifth-order special Lingbao; Guangyouhai Lingjie, starting price 150,000 points."

The dazzling treasures keep coming! The bidding in the auction venue is hot!

Suddenly, the expression of Yue Linlin beside Lin Chen became excited!

"Lin'er, how many points do you have!"

Yue Linlin's tone suddenly became tens of thousands of anxious, Lin Chen was puzzled and asked in front of Liu Liner.

"Lin Lin, what's wrong?"

During the speech, Lin Chen waved with one hand, so that the fighting completely cut off the voice of this box.

"I saw the "Holy Book of Casting Soldiers" I was looking for! It is said that many ancient caster skills are recorded, but now the points are not enough."

Yue Linlin said anxiously; inside the four crystal counters, she saw the jade jade that she was going to auction.

"Oh? It turned out to be that one, then leave it to me."

Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong in an instant and saw through several strange treasures on the crystal counter.

At this time, the old man in the yellow robe held a roll of sheepskin and said loudly.

"This is one of the highest quality combat skills that the old man has seen over the years, "The Magic Finger", starting price: 200,000 points."

This price suddenly left the first-tier Green Order students dumbfounded.

Only the second-level Qingxun class old students have a little thought.

It was at this time; Lin Chen's voice domineering the entire auction venue.

"400,000 points, this combat skill, I Lin someone wants."

The voice is very free and powerful, and control the situation.

It seems that there is a domineering way how many Lao Tzu will follow as long as someone bids!

Liu Lin'er and Yue Linlin's expressions have changed slightly. It's not yet the turn of the "Forge of the Casting Soldiers". Why did Captain Lin Chen bid so quickly?

And still 400,000 points!

No matter how good this top-level combat skill is, the purchase of 400,000 points is also a loss!

"It seems to be from the third floor?"

"I heard it, the voice of the new Lin Chen!"

"Is this **** crazy? Just buy a top-level combat skill with only 400,000 points?"

"I think he is crazy and wants to go crazy. Waiting for the show, I don't believe this kid has no regrets."

On the first floor, the old Lvxun students ridiculed and ridiculed each other, and the intentional students of the second layer immediately shook their heads and gave up.

Even the old man in yellow robe was a little surprised, and even wondered if he had taken the wrong auction item!

At this time; a voice with a playful voice came out, and it made people look even more changed!

"I'm paying half a million."

Wow! !

The entire auction venue was suddenly in an uproar!

The person who offered the price is naturally Senior Liu Ji!

What kind of wind is blowing today, the VIPs on the third floor actually pinched each other for a roll of top-level combat skills.

"I have 600,000 points, Senior Liu Ji, don't come out without a skill to fight a swollen face to become fat, this volume of combat skills, I Lin someone is bound to get."

Lin Chen's cold hum came out, and hesitated for a little while in the box at the end, and immediately called for another bid.

"Oh, who is not necessarily a swollen face to be fat, I have 700,000 points!"


There were a lot of air-conditioning sounds on the first floor, and a volume of top-level youth skills auctioned to 700,000 points, which is crazy!

"Lin Chen, you are so capable, what big-tailed wolf did you come out, and when you were at the General College, you were not born yet!"

Seeing that Lin Chen was suddenly silent, Liu Ji's sneer and sarcasm came from the box at the end of the third floor, sneering with ridicule.

"I get it, I get it. Hahaha! This little Lin Chen guy is so cunning and really necrotic!"

In Box No. 3, Lu Yingxian concealed her beautiful lips, her eyebrows were bent, she almost laughed out loud, and kept smiling.

"Awesome, Senior Liu Ji is the senior, and the "Pointing Devil Venus Finger" is owned by the senior. The next one will be a brute force, and the asking price is just for fun. If the senior has a golden mouth, younger brother I didnt know how to step down just now."

At this time, there was laughter from Lin Chen's box!

what? This kid didn't follow the price so quickly?

Liu Ji's face changed abruptly; he stood up from the box, his tone a little stern.

"Lin Chen, are you a tortoise turtle? Huh! What a waste, where did you go arrogant a few days ago!"

At this moment, the old man in the yellow robe cunning like a fox naturally understood what was happening, and immediately he was given a final word.

"700,000 points were sold! "Point Magic Venus Finger" was awarded to VIPs in Box 7!"

This transaction price once again made many Green Order students dumbfounded!

Even Liu Ji's expression in the box began to gradually become gloomy!

"Congratulations to Liu Xuechang for mentioning the first-level best-of-breed combat skills. Oh, I really envy. The elders no longer have to worry about Liu Xuefu's cultivation. In the future, with the "Pointing the Magic Venus", where will you not click? "


Lin Chens sloppy Where wouldnt be ordered in the Sao thoroughly sprayed most of the students on the scene with a smile!

As long as a person with a clear eye can see, Liu Ji was killed by the pit this time!

Originally, he wanted to pit Lin Chen, but also wanted to bid for the second time, and forced Lin Chen to bid for the third time before letting go. Unexpectedly, Lin Chen gave the anti-routine!

The most important thing is that Lin Chen's tone of bidding at the beginning was really overbearing. It was almost inevitable. Almost everyone on the scene thought he was going to spend a lot of money on this combat skill.

"Damn it, my grandmother! I dare to give me this bastard!"

Liu Ji was so angry that he was so angry that he jumped on the spot! A beast-like roar burst out!