My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 239

Chapter 239: The Old Iron 666.

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Chapter 239: Old Iron 666.

"Senior Liu, you don't have to be angry with this kind of person."

"Yes, he is just a freshman. If he really wants to confront each other, he is just a paper tiger. It is impossible to compare with the seniors."

"Brother Ji, why bother with this kind of wild monkey, he is just a little clever, you are the character who wants to come to the Tiange Academy."

Liu Ji was so angry for the first time since he was admitted! Several senior Qingxun students and'Sister Yan Xue' around him quickly appease his emotions.

Listening to the appeasement of the beautiful lady, Liu Ji's closed brow slowly spread out a little.

In the No. 3 box;

"Too bad, this guy is so bad! Hahaha!"

Lu Ying chuckled, rolling straight on the soft recliner of the VIP box without any dignified demeanor at all.

"What a talent! I have served, I really have served!"

"Lao Tzu really thought he was bound to get it, but didn't expect him to dig a hole for Senior Liu Ji?"

"This Lin Chen is not a nuisance, he just did it this way, and he must have enough assurance that Liu Ji will take the bait!"

"Cruel, absolutely ruthless. I will see him detour in the future!"

Just as there was a lot of discussion, Lin Chen said again with a mockery and pretense of worship.

"Senior Liu, although you are struggling to earn points, it looks a bit embarrassing, but you look like you are asking for 700,000 yuan. It's really handsome! The respect for you in the heart of the younger brother is only a sentence of "Old Iron 666" to represent me at this moment. Admiration for the seniors!"

As soon as this remark came out, the second-tier Qingxun class students couldn't help but laugh. This Lin Chen's other skills don't know. This is definitely a must-have ability!

Inside Lin Chen's box; Liu Lin'er and Yue Linlin's eyebrows were curved and smiling, but there was a trace of curiosity and doubt in their hearts.

"His mother, after this time, if you don't crush this boy, I won't call it Liu Ji!"

If it were not for the auction site to stipulate that fighting could not happen, he would have rushed over and unloaded Lin Chen eight pieces!

"Cough, here is the auction house, everyone knows the rules. Next is the next auction item."

At this moment, the old man in Huangpao smiled kindly, but there was a hint of warning in his laughter.

In the end, there was a cold hum in the box at the end of the third floor, and the old man in the yellow robe continued to laugh at the next auction.

"This is the spectrum of Tianyang instruments. According to the appraisal of our treasure masters, this is the top grade of the Qing tier. This is the only posthumous piece left by a caster master from ancient times, which records many important points of the caster. And skill, although the caster is a bit off the door, in the field of caster, this object is also equivalent to the alchemists alchemy handprint. Starting price: 450,000 points."

The old yellow book from the old man in the yellow robe made Yue Linlin's heartbeat in Lin Chen's box suddenly accelerate!

This Tianyang Instrument Spectrum is the "Holy Spectrum of Casting Soldiers" she was looking for. The Tianyang Instrument Spectrum is just a disguise on the surface.

It's just that the treasure master here is not a professional caster master, and he can't fully see its value and clues.

Even Yue Linlin and other people from the ancestral caster family have read through countless ancient books, only to remember so little about the secrets of ancient times, just happened here again!

As soon as the spectrum of the sun was released, some casters immediately started to move!

450,000 points, buy a copy of the ancient top-level casting tips, it is not expensive!

If it is a top-ranking alchemy handprint of the green rank, this price will have to be more than ten times higher.

"I have 500,000 points!"


"620,000 points!"

On the second floor, several Qingxun class casters Tianjiao barked one after another, only listening to Lin Chen's faint voice.

"900,000 points, I will definitely get this thing."


Why are you here! One time is not enough, you want two more?

In the second round, many Qingxun class old students twitched their mouths. What the **** was Lin Chen doing?

The 900,000 points are definitely most of the assets or unachievable levels for the young juniors.

The most taboo thing about practicing at Tiange Academy is that you dont have points to purchase training resources, and you suddenly pull out your family. Not many of you present are willing.

Secondly, no one knows whether Lin Chen is playing with them again, what kind of greasy play deliberately raise prices?

Taking into account the many Qingxun students shook his head and sighed, with the previous lesson, no one dared to increase the price this time!

Just before entering the auction site, it was very hot, and Liu Ji, who is everywhere against Lin Chen, now does not put one more.

"900,000 points, successful bidding by VIP room No. 2, the deal!"

As soon as the old man in the yellow robe finalized the price, the copy of the "Tianyang Qipu" was transformed into a streamer and passed to Lin Chen quickly.

Those who can enter the VIP room on the third floor can enjoy the privilege of being able to obtain credit at the auction venue and obtain auction items in advance.

However, this credit is also based on each person to measure a certain amount, and a certain amount of interest.

"I understand!"

"I understand too!"

The moment when Lin Chen got the "Sword of the Casting Soldier" in the box, Liu Liner and Yue Linlin exclaimed in unison!

They looked at Lin Chen's eyes, once again full of wonder and admiration!

"Hey, although your class is handsome, don't look at me like that. It's not good to fall in love with me."

The auction is still going on, and someone with Lin's hands on his head is smiling at the two beauties.

"Squad leader, you already know that Liu Ji will target us, as long as we have something to bid on, we will definitely raise prices with us on purpose."

"So just before bidding on the real target, first confuse his sight, lead him into the pit, and then wait for the opportunity to give up. After enticing him to be pitted, the second time when he really wants to bid, he will reapply the trick. He will never dare to mess again!"

Liu Lin'er and Yue Linlin glanced at each other, and their eyes glowed with intense splendor!

Lin Chen sighed in the sky; "Hey, besides being handsome, my other advantages are only a little, just a little."

The second daughter fluttered and smiled; if there were thousands of flowers and fragrant flowers, there were thousands of styles. To make Lin Chen smile, apart from a few confidantes in his heart, he can only be so relaxed when he is with the people in Class 66.

Suddenly, Lin Chen's eyes showed a brilliant light!

A unique light of attribute light sphere shines from the platform! His eyes immediately stared solemnly at the meeting table!

"Well, the next step is one of the goals of the distinguished guests here today!"

Suddenly, the old man in the yellow robe held a scroll of flashing thunder, and the audience suddenly set off a frenzy of excitement and discussion!

"This is the blue-level low-level thunder combat skill "Magic Thunder Gun". The complete gun is divided into three types, but the seller only gets one-third of the fragments, so he can only practice the first type. If the training is completed, the power Also comparable to ordinary blue-level combat skills!"