My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Touching Shangguan Mansion.

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Chapter 24. Touching Shangguan Mansion.

"This young friend of the mathematician, Yunfan at Shangxiaguan, is the current owner of the Shangguan family. I wonder if you can prove your ability to everyone on the spot."

Shangguan Yunfan smiled very gracefully, and did not put on a shelf or elder tone to suppress Lin Chen.

Unexpectedly, Lin Chen, who was biting a bright red apple, waved his hand, "No."

"What? Damn, where are you Shangguan family!"

A grumpy elder stood up straight and stared at Lin Chen with fierce eyes.


Everyone was surprised that Lin Chen flipped the table in front of him with one foot, and the tea was scattered all over the floor, and his finger was a curse!

"Grass! What kind of person is Shi Lezhi who is my **** operator, the fortune teller calculates the destiny and spies on the heavenly machines, but it costs a lot of money, do you think this is street juggling? If you ask me to show it to you, you have to play it? Your grandma Your brain is flooded, right?"

In this scene, the guards outside the station hall were shocked!

Since then, in the history of Wanling City, has anyone dared to say such ruthless words in front of all the senior officials of the Shangguan family!

Even Shangguan Yunfan was dumbfounded, which way is this fairy, even the chief pharmacist of Wanling City did not dare to speak in front of them!

Lin Chen knows his own affairs from his family, he is a ghost operator!

If this is really demonstrated, he may not show anything in front of these old monsters, so he must be crazy! Want to bluff!

"The master is angry, and the father and the elders are not malicious. They are just curious to see the master's skills."

Shangguan Bihan immediately appeased Lin Chen's emotions, and the elder was also signalled by the eyes of another elder, and sat back resentfully.

Lin Chen raised the collar, and slowly sat back in his seat. "You must have an attitude of asking for help. Don't make it as if I posted it to find you. Let's talk about what you want to talk to me. whats the matter."

Several older elders immediately frowned and wanted to have an attack, but Shangguan Yunfan reached out to stop him, and he felt that this young man was by no means ordinary and had a mystery that he could not see through.

"Oh, I just offended your Excellency just now. In this case, we went straight to the subject. Our Shangguan family practiced the secret art with the blood of the ancestors, and they have a special ability, Zijin Tong."

Shangguan Yunfan showed a slightly painful look of memory, and then said.

"Zi Jin Tong can see through many world treasures or the energy fluctuations hidden in the world and is a unique ability of our family. However, in the past century, our Zi Jin Tong cultivation has gradually declined, because the ancestral altar that supports the whole family's cultivation has begun. The gradual loss of power has caused the Zijin pupils of our family to stagnate, and even the cultivation of new and younger generations is difficult to support."

Finally, he sighed deeply. Zijin Tongs abilities can be cultivated only by combat skills or techniques. They can only be cultivated in the ancestral altar left by the ancestors. Countdown before the family runs down.

At this time, a white-haired old man took over the conversation. He was the second elder of the Shangguan family. He was very important. He said sincerely.

"Because of this, we have also spent a lot of money to hire an fortune teller to deduct our ancestral altar, but it still does not help. If you can solve it, no, even if you find out the cause of the decline of our Shangguan family ancestral altar, Our family will reward you with Chongbao!"

Obviously, they must have been forced to the point where the mountains and rivers are exhausted. If not, with the pride of these old guys, how could they believe that Lin Chen is such a hairy kid. Now it's totally a dead horse to be a living horse doctor.

Hearing the explanations of Shangguan Yunfan and the second elder, Lin Chen's eyes were light, and his heart was shocked. Could it be that attribute light ball?

"Okay, I already know the things. Since that is the case, let's get started!"

Lin Chen was full of enthusiasm, stood up with his sleeves up, and the speed of the promise was something that everyone looked at!

"Here, is Master Shi not going to talk about compensation first?"

Shangguan Yunfan was wondering, and there is such an accountant, and he started without asking the remuneration clearly?

"When I find the cause of the problem, I will naturally raise the issue of remuneration. Otherwise, talking about remuneration is just a waste of time, isn't it?"

Lin Chen stooped to pick up an attribute light ball and smiled. Lin Chen's self-confident appearance made Shangguan Yunfan laugh broadly, "Hahaha, Lord Shi Lezhi is indeed an interesting person."

"Let's talk nonsense, don't move all of you! Let Master Master carefully study the feng shui and luck of you here."

Lin Chen said nothing, facing the attribute light sphere in the first hall is a mad pick. The quality of the attribute light sphere here is extremely high and the number is even more. Lin Chen has long been thinking about it!

With the improvement of Lin Chen's strength, even if he does not take the initiative to attack the opponent, some powerful players will also drop attribute light **** on his body, allowing him to pick up a potful.

[The host gains 6849 points of wood energy, 5899 points of fire energy, 18922 points of spiritual power, 531 points of spiritual power, and 23781 points of energy of qi and blood...]

The property went up in a straight line, making Lin's mouth madly up.

His actions have made everyone even more puzzled. What the **** is this kid doing? Speaking of helping them find out the problem of the ancestral altar, is it a mess to grasp the surrounding air?

"This... what technique is this?"

"Does the mathematician calculate Zhou Tian, this is the case when deducing the number of lives..."

After picking up the attribute light ball in the hall, Lin Chen continued to pick it up outside the hall.

The crowd hurried to follow up, and they also wanted to figure out, what is the name of this **** fortune master Shi Lezhi!

[The host gains 359 points of spirit, 4195 points of power, 3125 points of fire energy, and 10274 points of qi and blood energy]

Lin Chen was picking up all the way, like the wind blowing the fallen leaves, those scattered on the ground, the dazzling array of attribute light **** were all taken away by him!

In the Shangguan family, even the guards started with a psychic realm, and even the miscellaneous are all gas-refining realms. They practiced the attribute light spheres they dropped, and the quality was extremely high!

Lin Chen's mouth is about to burst into laughter, so the whole Shangguan Mansion is a huge treasure trove!

How big is the Shangguan mansion, even if Lin Chen is running at full speed, it will take half an hour to finish running. The one he picked up with the trot belt, he didnt even touch the darkness!

"What is this person touching? Today, I have touched most of Shangguan Mansion!"

"Hey, don't you know, he is the mathematician invited by Miss Shangguan Bihan, hahaha!"

"Poof! I believe this beggar, and I will touch the ground, and I will!"

"Speak quietly, people are very important to the elders."

"Come on, I think Ten Achievements is a liar, it is estimated that Miss Bihan's experience is too shallow and was deceived by this kid."

Many young people in the Shangguan mansion saw Lin Chen ridicule and ridicule when they were fooling around, and even that Huangfu Qingyu was waiting to watch Lin Chen's good show.


The next day; Shangguan Yunfan's ceremonial living room.

Today, the Shangguan family is just welcoming several heavyweight VIPs; it must also be a level that Shangguan Yunfan personally greets, a figure from the city's main palace!

And a real fortune teller who has come to infer Zhou Tian, the fate of the city, at a great price!