My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 240

Chapter 240: Magic Mad Thunder Gun

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Chapter 240, "Magic Thunder Gun"!

"This shooting method, the starting price: 800,000 points. As for the price increase, everyone knows."

The old man in the yellow robe looked at the direction of the second and third floors meaningfully and smiled.

Blue rank combat skills! Real Blue Rank Combat Skills!

Although there is only one fragment, it is already very touching.

At the level of Lanxun-level Tianjiao, most of this level of practice is only one or two, and it is still a special skill at the bottom of the box.

The Qingxun class old students, no more than 90% of them have no blue-level exercises, even if there is only one form, it is enough to cause countless people to rush!

"900,000 points!"

"1.05 million!"

"1.2 million points!"

The second-tier Qingxun students quickly offered prices, and with just a few breaths, "Magic Thunder Gun" was bid to 1.25 million points!

"1.5 million points."

Liu Ji's voice came slowly. As soon as he made an offer, the second-tier Qingxun class students suddenly fell silent.

"1.7 million points."

At this moment; Lu Ying's voice smiled and said.


Liu Ji snorted at once, and then offered the price again.

"1.9 million points!"

At this price, even the Lan Xun level has had to hurt the bones!

If you are a student of the Qingxun level, you have to accumulate enough points of 1.9 million.

"2 million points."

Lin Chen also made an offer! Everyone's eyes suddenly turned to his box. Is this kid going to be Yin Liuji's senior?

This time, it was Lin Chen who wanted to bid sincerely! In that "Magic Mad Thunder Gun", there is a light ball of thunder system attribute, turning a scroll of vertical lightning flash.

In the eyes of others, this is just a piece of blue-level combat skills, but in Lin Chen's eyes, the value is completely different!

"Do you want to pit me a second time? Lin Chen, you don't have this opportunity. I have 2.3 million points!"

Liu Ji satirized Lin Chen with disdain and sneer.

Lin Chen's heart sank and fell into silence.

"Forcibly bidding down, maybe I can win him, but it will inevitably pay a heavy price."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed in the box, this auction is about psychological tug of war! Whoever can't support it first will collapse the dike!

He first auctioned Yue Linlin's "Sword of the Casting Soldier", which had already spent 800,000 points that Yuan Lao compensated him.

While completing the mission of Black Mist Island, the task reward has 4 million points.

If he spends more than 2.3 million here, then he will only have about 2 million points remaining, and the price of the colorful Xuan Ling Liquid to be auctioned.

2 million points, for ordinary Qingxun students, it must be an unimaginable huge sum.

But this is not enough for Lin Chen who practiced "Creation Nine Tribulation"!

But in Lin Chen's dictionary, did not give up the word!

After three breaths, there was no more bidding in Lin Chens box.

The old man in the yellow robe gave a final word, and said loudly.

""Mowei Mad Thunder Gun" was successfully filmed by VIPs in Box 7 with 2.3 million points!"

The old robe of the yellow robe has a roll of sleeves, and the gun spectrum of the "Magic Thunder Gun" is turned into a streamer across the air and passed to box 7

Brush ~~!

The blue afterimage flashed, Lin Chen's figure emerged from the air, grabbed with one hand, and intercepted the gun spectrum of the "Magic Thunder Gun" from across the sky!

This scene suddenly changed everyone's expression slightly!

Even the eyes of the old man in the yellow robe have become a little bit harsh!

This is an auction venue, does he still want to steal the auctions here?

"Wait a minute; I was just thinking about whether to increase the price. Now I have 2.5 million points, which is higher than Box No. 7. I don't know if this gun spectrum can sell me."

The moment Lin Chen grabbed the gun spectrum, the light ball of the thunder system attribute contained in the gun spectrum was suddenly sucked away by him and disappeared!

"Hahaha! Lin Chen, you **** think this is to go to the vegetable market to buy food, and you want to ask for the price!"

"2.5 million? I think he's a 250, is it still possible to bid out after the auction is over?"

"Lin surnamed Lin, let go, this is our senior Liu's combat skills, what are you qualified to touch it!"

The crowd in Box 7 immediately ridiculed and laughed, screaming and warning Lin Chen.

"Student Lin Chen, I know Senior Yuan pays more attention to you, but here is the auction venue. No one can change the rules since ancient times. If you fail to call out the price during the auction time, the highest one will take precedence. Dont talk about you now, Even the old and the seller are not qualified to sell this volume of combat skills to you. Only its owner, the VIP in box 7 can determine its ownership."

The old man in the yellow robe squinted his eyes and said with a warning; several phantoms appeared faintly in the venue.

If Lin Chen has any rash actions, they will attack instantly!

"Lin Chen, if you really want this volume of combat skills, seniors, I can fulfill you."

The window in Box No. 7 opened, exposing Liu Ji's wicked smile.

"Aren't you just finished the blue-honored mission? Kneel down to give Lao Tzu three bangs, plus 3 million points, and then let the two chicks beside you play with Uncle Ben for two months. Not to be considered! Hahahaha!"

Lin Chen looked at the direction of Box No. 7 and frowned, sighing; "Since the rules are the same, I can't help someone in Lin."

He finally let go of the palm that grabbed the gun, and let it fly into the box No. 7.

"Well. It's okay. Forgive me that you are a VIP seller at my auction. This time, I didn't see it. It's not an example."

The old man in the yellow robe saw that there was no danger. He apparently sold a face to Lin Chen, and he didn't want to find anything. Since Lin Chen accepted this result, it is his job to continue to hold the auction.

"This Lin Chen just looked very smart. Why did he get confused when he got here?"

"I see, it's still too young. Which auction will allow this, and I want to continue to increase the price after the auction is over."

"When I see what I want, I lose my mind, so do young freshmen, and this is nothing more than Lin Chen."

On the first and second floors, there were many disappointed and disdainful comments from the students. Lin Chen completely ignored them, and he only saw his system jump out of the light screen of the system.

[The host obtains the blue-level low-level combat skill "Magic Thunder", the shooting method is divided into three types, and the three types are superimposed, which is comparable to the blue-level intermediate level.


Lin Chen couldn't help laughing out loud and shocked everyone!

What's crazy about this kid!

Wouldnt it be crazy if you couldnt get the fighting skills you wanted? The new students this year are really wonderful!

Don't care about other people's strange eyes, Lin Chen knows in his heart, this complete "Magic Thunder" is someone Lin himself!

Lin Chen laughed at this weird scene, everyone thought he was crazy, and everyone in Box No. 7 saw it more vividly.

Lu Ying, the only box No. 3, was in deep contemplation. The woman's instinct told her that Lin Chen could not have been such a waste of collapse that easily!