My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 241

Chapter 241: Colorful Xuan Ling Liquid Appeared

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Chapter 241: Multicolored Profound Spirit Liquid Appears!

Although I felt something was wrong, Lu Ying couldn't say where Lin Chen had a problem!

Back in the box; Lin Chen saw Yue Linlin, who had always been the eccentric and strange, but this time she burst into tears!

"Sorry, Brother Lin Chen, if it weren't for me to bid, then "Crown of the Casting Soldier" cost you so many points, you won't hesitate when bidding, sorry, it's Lin Lin's fault! Sorry!"

Yue Linlin was crying because the pear blossoms were raining. This nizi thought it was because of herself that this caused Lin Chen to bid for too long and missed a good opportunity.

Lin Chen, who was hurt, was looked down upon by everyone just now, and it was both ironic and mocking.

This cry made Lin Chen ridiculous, and he couldn't think of any way to comfort at the moment.

Can't tell her that I can see the attribute light ball?

Lin Chen hugged her and let Yue Linlin stunned!

"Silly Nizi, no matter what you do, this is what I did intentionally. I am not comforting you. You don't need to blame yourself. Have you forgotten to act with me?"

Lin Chen touched the girl's blue silk, patted her little head, winked and laughed.

"Brother, do you mean..."

Yue Linlin's pretty face was reddish, as if she remembered when she and Lin Chen acted in the past, fighting for the battle, entering the dynasty, fighting for the Tianyu branch, participating in the assessment of the main court, and walking along the way, it seems that he has really not seen many times. Through his behavior!

But every time he always surprises everyone!

"Really not comforting me?"

Yue Linlin wiped tears from the corners of her eyes and asked with a smile.

Lin Chen let go of his hands and shrugged. "I guarantee with my handsomeness, should you believe this time?"

The beautiful lady smiled and the snowy moon was romantic.

In the conversation between the two; the auction venue is coming to an end!

"Now, this is the highlight of everyone's attention! What I have in hand is the "Colorful Xuan Ling Liquid" that we temporarily obtained from major sellers at our auction venue today!"

At this time; the old man in the yellow robe held a jade plate high!

The jade plate is covered with seals of fighting spirit, and four transparent jade bottles are placed in the center. Each jade bottle is filled with colorful splendid spirit.

The energy of the spirit fluid in the jade bottle, through the seal of war, can also feel the pure energy that makes the space fluctuate!

"Colourful Xuan Ling Liquid, a fifth-level intermediate-level elixir, has a higher chance of stabilizing the Tiangang Realm below the seventh level to a small realm, and has a small chance of breaking through the existing practice. This demon can only take one The bottle is ineffective after repeated use, and the medicinal effect is mild. Even if it fails, there will be no side effects. If it is the effect, it will certainly be comparable to the fifth order!"

The simple words of the old man in the yellow robe completely made everyone on the scene boiling!

This colorful Xuan Ling Liquid can be taken even in the sixfold of Tiangang Realm!

Breaking a small realm, and possibly breaking through the shackles of the existing cultivation, this is definitely worth all the Green and some Blue Order students to buy this elixir!

"There are only four bottles of this elixir, and the opportunity is not lost. It will never come again. The starting price, 1 million points, as for the final price, it depends on everyone. Now start shooting!"

The old man in the yellow robe said aloud that the second-tier Qingxun class students were completely boiling!

This may be the key opportunity for them to break through the five tiers of the Tiangang Realm. Fortunately, the time for promulgation is relatively short. There are only two Lanxun class students present today. This elixir can only be taken once in a lifetime!

In other words, they have at least the chance to win one to two bottles!

Liu Ji with Lu Ying and Box No. 7 also looked excited. They came here for this colorful Xuan Ling Liquid!

Because the Lan Xun class students go out to perform difficult tasks all year round, the task time is very long.

Therefore, there are not many Lanxun-level Tianjiao remaining in the academy, plus the time of this publicity is too little, and their bidding opponents are few!

"1.2 million points!"

"1.3 million points!"

"My **** 1.5 million points, let me see who competes with Lao Tzu!"

All the students of the Qingxun class who were present fought to blush and have thick necks, and the increase in price has completely lifted out their old background!

The old-timers of the Lu Xun class can only stare at them, only hate their strength and insufficient deposits!

"I have 2.3 million points."

When a Qingxun class student just shouted out his old staff and finished his bidding, Liu Ji took the lead in bidding 2.3 million yuan, and immediately shocked all the Qingxun classes!

Someone Lin watched with interest as they were arguing. The more they raised their prices, the more he earned.

Even Lin Chen did not know that his own colorful Xuan Ling Liquid was so valuable!

"I have 2.4 million points!"

Lu Ying also made an offer, but she seems to be only a tentative offer.

"2.6 million points."

Liu Ji exhibited the details of the Lanxun class students and waved a wave of domineering wave.

"you win."

Lu Ying covered her lips and chuckled, not caring. There are three more bottles next. She doesn't believe that Liu Ji can do it all!

Liu Ji won the first bottle of colorful Xuan Ling Liquid!

Soon after, the second bottle came again!

This time, the second bottle was won by Lu Yingli and won with 2.3 million points. Liu Ji wanted to take advantage of it and failed to take it.

When it was the third bottle of colorful Xuan Ling Liquid; the "Sister Yan" was also in a hurry!

"Brother Ji, people have a difference of 800,000 points. They also want this colorful Xuan Lingye~~"

Sister Yan Xue Jiao Didi said to Liu Ji that she is already the peak of Tiangang Realm's fourfolds. This time it may be her opportunity to break through the fivefolds and she must not let it go easily.

For Sister Yan, it was both Liu Ji's concubine and the object of training.

Even when returning to the college every few years, this sister Yan will find a few newly admitted female freshmen, plus she will serve herself, which is the most powerful confidant and woman in Liu Ji College.

"Baby, don't worry, this time will be yours."

Liu Ji nodded and smiled; the third bottle began to shoot!

This time; it was Liu Jiyis turn to raise the price again, which shocked all the Green Orders!

"2 million points."

One increase in price is 1 million points! Really generous!

This time Liu Ji's courage shocked everyone again, of course, except for someone Lin!

Lu Ying got a bottle, she was satisfied, this time can be regarded as no one dare to bid with Liu Ji.

"There are more than a few such treasures of heaven and earth, and I have 2.3 million points!"

This time, Lin Chen made an offer with a playful laugh!

grass! This kid is here again!

This time, Liu Ji, on the contrary, has some dignified expression!

Because this is the third bottle! If Lin Chen is given this way, then the last bottle is left!

There are too many immortals that break through the realm in Tiange Academy.

But there are a few chances of breaking through to the important watershed of the five-fold Tiangang Realm, and they are extremely expensive. Even the material money has no price!

So the last bottle of multicolored Xuan Ling Liquid, those old men of the rank of Xunxun, will probably go crazy and snatch! Maybe he can't buy it!