My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 242

Chapter 242: He Is The Seller Of Colorful Xuan Ling Liquid?

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Chapter 242

"Well, I want to see what price this kid can give me!"

"I have 2.5 million points!"

Liu Ji suddenly increased the price, and such high amount of points, the first level of the Green Order students were shocked!

"You won again, old iron 666, ha ha ha!"

Lin Chen's laughter came again, and Liu Ji's face was gloomy, but this was what he expected!

"This last bottle of colorful Xuan Ling Liquid, I'm going to see how you grab it."

Liu Ji sneered, he also mistakenly thought that Lin Chen also desperately needed colorful Xuan Ling Liquid.

"This does not need to worry about Senior Liu, ha ha ha!"

Lin Chen smiled mysteriously, and the fourth bottle of colorful Xuan Ling Liquid finally scored 2.4 million points, and was auctioned off by a Qingxun old student who had been a student for more than 20 years!

After the successful purchase of the Qingxun class old students got the colorful Xuan Ling Liquid, they left the auction venue excitedly.

That fierce look is probably going to retreat, which envy countless students.

This made Liu Ji a little puzzled. This kid didn't even bid in the end. Does he really just want to raise my price with me.

However, the little doubt in Liu Ji's heart was immediately excited by the ecstasy of the colorful Xuan Ling Liquid!

"Good essence energy, with this spirit liquid, I can be more than 50% sure to enter the sixth level of Tiangang Realm!"

Holding two bottles of colorful Xuan Ling Liquid, Liu Ji was ecstatic!

This time he completed several important tasks and accumulated a lot of points to return to the academy, just to find the opportunity to enter the sixth level of Tiangang Realm!

As long as you can enter the sixth level of Tiangang Realm, everything is worth it!

"Hahaha! It's refreshing, today's auction is worth it, just a Ying Lu, and there are no other Lanxun ranks to disturb me. This seller has just appeared, and you have to entertain him, Xiao Hong, you immediately When I went to notify the auctioneer, I said that Liu Ji wanted to entertain the seller of the colorful Xuanling Liquid with the highest standard of Qianzuihong and invite him to my banquet."

"Well, sellers who are auctioning things through the auction venue are basically in a hurry. It is better to choose a date than to hit the day. Just this afternoon, I set up a hundred tables at Zixiaofeng and called everyone under your hands. I invited Liu Ji Others can be considered as others! I believe that the seller will not come."

Liu Ji looked arrogant, and the two Qingxun class students immediately took orders!

Someone in the box next door heard clearly and laughed inwardly.

Grandma, please ask Lao Tzu to drink. Since you want to find trouble yourself, dont blame your lord!

Even if the other party is invited to the banquet, Liu Ji is also arrogant, and the attitude of an old man giving you a face. This kind of person's banquet is also angry. If you change to the average person, you really dare not go.

Auction backstage;

"Friend Lin Chen, your four colorful Xuan Ling Liquids have auctioned a total of 9.8 million points, after deducting a handling fee of 980,000, the remaining 8.82 million points."

The old man in the yellow robe holds the token of the auction venue, and docks with Lin Chen's identity jade card.

After confirming that the points were transferred to the jade card, the old man in yellow robe smiled.

"Friend Lin Chen, there is one more thing..."

"Is it Liu Ji who invited the seller."

Lin Chen laughed jokingly; the old man in the yellow robe smirked and nodded, but said immediately and seriously.

"Friend Lin Chen, you can rest assured that our auction site has categorically failed to disclose your information. The decision is yours this time."

You know, Lin Chen laughed!

"Then go, if someone asked me and Qianzuihong, why wouldn't I go?"


In the afternoon

Zixiaofeng, Lianyunding.

A white jade plaza on the top of the mountain, set up a banquet with hundreds of tables, mountains and seafood, and hundreds of dishes.

Today is Liu Ji's celebration banquet, and those who can be present are all old friends who have a lot of friendship with Liu Ji.

Sitting at the ten-table banquet in front of the first platform, there were more than 20 students of the Qingxun rank. Lanxun Tiantian's face was really big.

In the past, the Qingxun ranks who were reluctant to waste their time to gather together were twenty-five!

At the banquets of the top ten tables, the thousand drunk red with a bottle of 10,000 points was presented.

This is one of the best wines sold by the college. It is said that a drop can make thousands of people drunk and have an aftertaste.

Drinkers can get miraculous effects such as warfare quenching, refining meridians, and so on. It is a fine wine that many students have dreamed of and are reluctant to buy.

"The younger brother Liu Ji senior wished to advance into the Tiangang realm six times in advance, the spirit of fighting strength is like breaking through bamboo!"

"Wish Liu Ji, Senior Master, Lin Tiange Academy!"

A group of Qingxun class old students toasted and tasted this 10,000 points of fine wine.

The entrance is modernized, the whole body is warmed like a furnace, and the meridians are condensed to be more refined.

Just a cup, the flushes of many drunk three-pointers appeared on the faces of many old Qingxun students.

"Okay! This time when I was in retreat, I took on the intermediate mission of Lan Xun. I went alone into the wilderness and beheaded the six-tailed demon Jiao! With the six-fold cultivation of Tiangang Realm, I wouldnt believe it. !"

Among the many compliments and congratulations, Liu Ji was triumphant, as if he had determined that he could step into the sixfold of Tiangang Realm.

"The master seller at the auction site has arrived!"

A Huang Xun-level student did not understand Liu Ji's personal grievances. The old man in the yellow robe at the auction venue showed up with three young men and immediately heard the voice.

"Huh? Has the seller arrived? Let me see if this master is a fifth-tier intermediate or advanced pharmacist."

Liu Ji didn't intend to get up, but tilted Erlang's legs, his hands on the back of his head, looking at the steps on the top of the mountain.

When Liu Ji saw the figures of Lin Chen and Yue Linlin and Liu Lin'er, his expression dimmed instantly!


Liu Ji shattered the tables and chairs around him, rushed to the crown in anger, and suddenly stood up and shouted!

"His mother! Lao Meng, Lao Tzu let you bring words to the seller, what are you doing with this kid, am I disgusting?"

"Liu Ji, put your mouth clean!"

Old Huangpao, Meng Lao frowned, and then he said.

"Student Lin Chen is the seller of the colorful Xuan Ling Liquid. You invited others. What happened to the old man. The old man was just afraid that you would not believe him and brought him here."


Everyone was startled!

This kid turned out to be the seller of colorful Xuan Ling Ye? Is he still a pharmacist who is above the fifth-level intermediate level?

How do you think this kid is not like a pharmacist!

When everyone was puzzled, Lin Chen had already taken Liu Lin'er and Yue Linlin to sit on the unmanned banquet in the front row.

"Not good! Senior Liu Ji!"

Before waiting for Liu Ji to speak, there were two others on the top of the mountain, a veteran of Lu Xun and Qing Xun ranks.

One of them gasped.

"Senior Liu Ji, I just saw the Danfang of the multicolored Xuanling Liquid on the Danfang list of the Danyao Temple. The price is only 700,000 points!"

"Yes! In order to avoid accidents, we also specially looked at the effect of the drug, exactly the same as the auction house! Plus the price of the medicinal herbs was only 200,000 points, less than 900,000 points!"

The moment they reported, Liu Ji's expression changed dramatically!