My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 243

Chapter 243: The Student Surpasses The Master

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Chapter 243: Blue is better than blue!

Regarding the situation reported by the duo, Meng Lao pretended not to hear it, and pretended to sit on the sidelines as if looking at the scenery.

"Damn it! Lin Chen, are you **** fucking ghost?"

Senior Liu Ji jumped like thunder, his eyes widened!

Sister Yan Yan was also trembling with rage, and those points were all her property!

Many Qingxun students are unbelievable, selling Danfang, is this possible? This is one of the lifebloods of the pharmacist!

If the spirit liquid of precious medicinal effects such as colorful mystic spirit liquid, if one person monopolizes and concentrates on refining medicine, the profit in the college is unimaginable!

Of course, from Lin Chen's point of view, he didn't want to be a pharmacist at the academy to make medicine every day.

In the face of Liu Ji's swearing, before Lin Chen spoke, Yue Linlin spit out the lilac tongue, quirky and humorous, learning Lin Chen's tone before.

"Senior Liu, although you look earnestly earning points, it's a bit embarrassing, but you look like a million dollars, it's really majestic! You are like my gagging!"

After talking, Yue Linlin fisted in a fist, and looked at Liu Ji with pretend worship!

Liu Lin'er chuckled and smiled, then said.

"Lin Lin, Senior Liu Liu went out to do tasks, and it took a few years and ten years to go. Don't you let people use the bitterness of a few years to come to power?"


Suddenly, Lin Chen spoke!

"You speak like this!"

He was holding the bottle of drunken red in his hand, pretending to teach the second woman with a serious tone.

Then, he turned to look at Liu Ji, and said sadly.

"Senior Liu this time, at least lost 2.5 million points, and somehow, let us earn 3 million points."

With that, someone Lin gently stroked the bottle of Qianzuihong, as if touching the red lips of the first love, and sighed deeply.

"We also come to his celebration feast and drink his drunken red bottle of 10,000 points, is this not a beast."

Liu Lin'er and Yue Linlin smirked wildly, and their small faces turned red, so cute.

After all, Lin's serious staring at Liu Ji shivering with rage.

"And this time, we were invited by Senior Liu, what kind of heart, what kind of skill. Standing with someone like Senior Liu, I'm ashamed of Lin!"

"Senior, you are burning yourself to illuminate us. You are also a great man!"

After talking, Lin Chen lifted the cover of Qianzuihong!

"I Lin Moujing you a cup!"

"You **** bully too much!"

Liu Ji's thunder was furious, the fighting was violent, and he slammed into the White Jade Square, and the entire Purple Peak was shaken violently!

"Give me these three people! Beat hard, hit the dead!"

Liu Ji roared wildly, and there was a raging storm of fighting!


At noon before Lin Chen went to Zixiao Peak, the auction was just over;

In a void island that never changes; in the bright elder hall.

Twelve high-ranking elders gathered together!

In front of them, there was a half-meter high, all with information about Lin Chen!

These data are so accurate that Lin Chen was born in Shenwuzong!

Information including his entry into the Wasteland Branch, the summit of the True Dragon Mountain, the dynasty of the Heavenly Fighting, the Secret Realm of the Evil King, and the Battle against the Heavenly Branch are almost all collected!

"How about this child?"

"Looking at his curriculum vitae, this son can only be described as a surprise! I have no objection to him."

"This child is mysterious and impermanent, and his acting style is strange and unpredictable. The world can't guess at all, only the word ghost is used to describe it! I have no objection."

"The ghost and the madman are only separated by a line, but this child has exceeded the limit of the two. On the comprehensive level, he can definitely afford this weight!"

"I don't have any objections on the mind, the state, and the cultivation, but just because this one's excellence is too weird, I don't agree to improve."

"Me, too. It is said that in the ancient times, some evil martial arts soldiers took away some young arrogances by spiritual fostering, and then rose up against the sky. The origin of this child is unknown. I don't agree to do so without authorization."

"Yes, I also suspect that the strong evil sect is possessed. The task that this son will take is to eliminate the evil sect warrior, maybe he has reached some kind of connection with those evil sect personalities."

"From the perspective of his behavior, this child's heart is like a mirror, and there is a kind of hard work in his heart. Even if it is resolute, it has not done anything to destroy the personality and morality. If it is some old monster of evil sect, it is impossible to have such a young. Daring."

These twelve high-level elders even started a meeting around Lin Chen! This weight and lineup will only appear in the history of the selection of Zi Xun students!

Of the twelve senior executives, six are biased towards Lin Chen, and five are opposed to Lin Chen.

"Okay, don't argue anymore."

At this moment, an old man in linen sitting in the corner made a hoarse voice. His body was extremely thin, and his eyes were hollow, as if he had no eyes.

As soon as he made a sound, all the elders were immediately quiet.

"Even if this child is possessed by the evil sect, even if he possesses the cultivation of Yuanzun Realm, we will only get rid of him if we want to get rid of him."

The old Mr. Mai's voice is not loud, but every word seems to have a sharp penetrating spirit!

"But if he is a peerless arrogant, and we give up because of it, it is bad for the whole college."

"Now the ancient family in Lingzhou is becoming more and more fierce, and the saints and saints of all families are in the forefront. Among our colleges, the only ones that can contend with the saints and saints are Zixun Tianjiao. Zi Zhiwei, this is one of our few opportunities. In this special period, students who may become Zixun ranks, naturally, the more the better."

The words of the old man in linen made some elders hesitate.

"Then, Elder Xuan means..."

The old man in Mai no longer spoke, one-handed, Lin Chen's profile jade appeared in his palm.

He moved and wrote a few words vigorously.

The elders took a closer look.

Student: Lin Chen. The latest comprehensive evaluation: Blue is better than blue!


Zi Xiaofeng; above the banquet.

Liu Ji couldn't restrain the anger, so the Qingxun class immediately surrounded Lin Chen!

There was a sneer in the corner of Lin Chen's mouth, just about to release the ancient Qinglong.

In the void, an obscure voice of the old man came and calmed everyone down!

"Announce the whole school, Qingxun class student: Lin Chen. After the assessment of the elders and seniors, the result is: the blue is better than the blue. The Linchen student has been determined to have sufficient strength and qualifications, so he was upgraded to the Lanxun class! "

The Void Voice is vast and powerful, passing the entire territory of the Tiange Academy and all the sky islands.

Countless hot discussions and marvels continue to sound in every sky island and town!