My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 244

Chapter 244: Practice Secret Realm

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Chapter 244: Cultivating the Secret Realm!

No matter whether it is an elder or a student, no one is shocked, no one is shocked!

This is the first student in the history of Tiange Academy to be promoted exceptionally!

The number of students in the Tiange Academy is changing from moment to moment, but the main Green Order senior students are only about 100,000.

The number of Qingxun ranks is only ten thousand, and everyone who gets the outside of Lingzhou is a first-class genius.

And Lan Xun level, only hundreds of people! Only a very few moments in history can exceed a thousand people!

They are all the arrogant celestial beings in Lingzhou and the pillars of Tiange College!

Today, all the students staying in the academy have personally witnessed the history of'outstanding improvement'!

Brush ~~!

I saw that the medal on Lin Chen's chest shone with a pure and bright blue light, from blue to blue!

"It turned out to be an exceptional promotion, this is the first time I have heard of such a thing!"

"Don't act rashly, this kid is now Lan Xun, I don't seem to be summoned by the academy."

Many Qingxun old students who just wanted to please Liu Ji and planned to besiege Lin Chen immediately stepped aside.

Even Liu Ji's anger dissipated a bit, and his heart was full of shock and unwillingness!

If there are any conflicts between the Lanxun class students, they must be resolved through duels in the arena. Any private fight between the Lanxun classes will be severely punished!

After all, Lan Xun and Qing Xun are completely different and will be thoroughly valued by the Academy.

"I didn't expect that you wouldn't be able to advance to the rank of Lan Xun even if you didn't even have the five-fold repair of heaven and earth. Huh! Dare you four days later.

Liu Ji's anger was still in his mind, he couldn't care about the dignity of the so-called new students, and questioned Lin Chen.

"Four days later, Liu Ji, senior at the fighting field No. 3, hope you don't regret it."

Lin Chen smiled meaningfully.

All the students present couldn't help but take a breath!

Lan Xun's duel!

Lin Chen, who is still exceptionally promoted, is playing against Liu Ji, a senior veteran of Lanxun rank!

What's more, the rules on both sides are still life and death, is it true that Lin Chen, the new student who created history, has to cross the sky of Tiange Academy like a meteor?

"Lin'er, Linlin, let's go."

Lin Chen waved freely and released the ancient Qinglong, Dragon Void, and Longwei deterred the Quartet. Those old people who wanted to start with Lin Chen were all terrified!

It turned out that it was no coincidence that Lin Chen was able to complete the Lan Xun mission step by step!

"Four days later, I will definitely kill you!"

Looking at the direction of Lin Chen leaving, Liu Ji's expression was uncertain.


There are many ways to sell Danfang in the college, one is one-time sales, as normal goods.

The other is borrowing. Buying Danfang for borrowing is to purchase the qualification to read the Danfang. While knowing Danfangs information, the price will be much cheaper.

However, students who are eligible for borrowing must be at or above the rank of Green Honor, and must perform strict information registration. Once the borrowed student is found to leak out the Danfang, the lightest responsibility is to withdraw from the college!

The important point is that it may be suppressed on the spot or paid the price of life.

Therefore, Lin Chen was very relieved to put the Danfang such as "Colorful Xuan Ling Liquid" in the college by way of borrowing, selling, and selling, which will certainly become one of the important points sources after class 66.

As long as there are enough points resources, Lin Chen believes that everyone in class 66 will grow to the level of the Qingxun level in the future.

Qinglong flew across the sky, Lin Chen landed in front of the mission hall of a sky island, put away the ancient Qinglong.

"After delivering this mission, I will have over ten million points!"

With a slightly excited mood, Lin Chen walked into the mission hall with his second daughter.

As soon as Lin Chen appeared, he immediately became the focus of the mission hall.

As a freshman, he challenged two young men of the rank of one at a time, and many people have remembered his appearance. This time he has become a celebrity in the whole college!

Lin Chen walked to the task light screen and placed his identity jade card on the task table.

"Student: Lin Chen. Make sure to receive task rewards and accumulate task reward points: 4 million."

Lin Chen's points instantly became 13.02 million points!

Some sharp-eyed students of the Qingxun class took a look at the flashing points and even took a breath.

Mom! 13.02 million?

It is much richer than many old Lanxun students!

Ordinary students will not bring so many points to them at once, and the basic points will be converted into training resources.

Regardless of the surprised eyes of others, Lin Chen took the second daughter to the Secret Realm Hall.

The so-called Secret Realm Hall is the place where all the qualifications for practicing the Secret Realm are sold. This is one of the lifelines that has supported the development of Tiange Academy from ancient times to the present.

Lin Chen flipped through a lot of information on the secret realm of cultivation and secretly slurped.

"Dragon Fire Secret Realm, the energy of the fire department is 100 times pure, and the practice of the fire department is thousands of miles a day."

"Tianshuang Secret Palace; a holy place for practicing the ice system exercises, containing the energy source from heaven and earth to ice pure cold."

"Double the Spiritual Spirit House; improve mental sensitivity, improve mental concentration, refine thoughts, and hit the realm with half the effort."

"Wanyue Mountain Range; a mountain range formed from the cut-and-stained earth spirit beads. The closer to the center of the earth, the stronger the gravity, and enter carefully. Those who practice the earth system exercises are preferred."

In addition, Lin Chen also saw a lot of terrifying extreme practice secret realm!

For example; the magic sword secret realm is all taken from the magic sword will of the ancient times. Entering this secret realm, the willpower is not firm enough, and will be crushed by the will of the magic knife on the spot, and will become a waste person!

There are other evil secret realms, wild wild secret realms, hundred poisonous secret realms, extreme golden puppet secret realms, and only those that can be left by slashing a certain number of puppets.

All of these secret realms facing the test of life and death require the privileges of Qingxun and Lanxun to enter, and the price is extremely high!

Although the secret realm of cultivation is dangerous, if you can complete the cultivation in it, then the transformation can only be described by the word terror!

"No wonder Tiange Academy has produced so many peerless geniuses since ancient times, claiming that the only one who does not rely on the torch has a super-class force comparable to the ancient family. On resources, platforms, opportunities, environment, heritage, excellent mentors, and Tiange Academy are almost perfect. !"

The breathtaking Lin Chen felt admiration in his heart; then, he put away his admiration and chose a vital secret!

"Elder, I want to buy the right to enter the mysterious realm of the Nether Thunder Island for four days."

The elders in the Secret Realm Hall looked up at Lin Chen and found that he could not see through his cultivation behavior, and was a little surprised.

"Little guy, this Void Thunder Island is the highest-level thunder-cultivating secret realm in the academy. Only the Blue Order can enter. Are you sure you want to enter?"


The elder didn't seem to know anything about the world, only to see the blue medal on Lin Chen's chest, shook his head and smiled.