My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 245

Chapter 245: The Speed Of Horrible Practice

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Chapter 245, Terrifying Practice Speed!

"Okay, Void Thunder Island one-day entry right selling price: 50,000 points. You have already deducted your 200,000 points, you can go in at any time."

The elder handed back the jade card, Lin Chen's identity jade card, immediately added a blue light spot and calculation timetable.

"Brother Lin Chen, can you give me the gun you used to?"

Suddenly, Yue Linlin said, someone stunned Lin! He seemed to remember the time when the two met for the first time when Yue Linlin teased him and stuffed him with a sticky sleeve in his hand.

"Lin Lin. That's not good. Although there are few people here, how to say it is also a public place. You openly asked for my big gun."

Lin Chen said seriously that Yue Linlin's pretty face turned red.

But she was not as shy as an ordinary woman, but she chuckled softly.

"Of course, what I want is Captain Lin Chen's extremely powerful black gun~ What's wrong, is it not easy for the handsome captain to take it out now?"

Hey, annoying, Lao Tzu has been teasing her sister for so many years.

"Well~ Of course I can dig it now, hold it."

Lin Chen waved his hand and took out the Black Abyssal Gun from the Lingling Ring and handed it to Yue Linlin.

"Say, what do you want it to do?"

"I naturally want to help the squad leader repair it, and make it bigger and harder."

Yue Linlin smiled, her pure smile showed a little devilish cunning smile.

by! How did Nizi become like this, who did you learn from! If it wasn't Brother Chen, my body was still a younger brother. The girl who dared to say this in front of me last time had already done her!

As for Liu Lin'er, I couldn't stand these two actors, and I was waiting for them with a blushing face outside the hall.

"This black abyss gun is an ancient thing, are you sure?"

Lin Chen has now completely surrendered the Black Abyssal Gun, and he knows a little about its rank and history. This thing must be the best treasure above the fifth rank.

"I'm sure, although I am not good enough to create this type of treasure, but the repair is still okay. I also want to do something for Brother Lin Chen, I don't like to be human."

Yue Linlin blinked her eyes brightly, Dai eyebrows bent, smiling.

"Oh, since it's a repair, then I still have this."

Lin Chen took out another thing, the size of a slap, flashing dark gold ore.

This object is a dark gold stone, which was obtained from the purple gold treasure chest that Lin Chen had dropped after killing the black widow.

Yue Linlin's eyes lit up, and he took the dark gold stone's constant admiration. There is this thing with this gun, and the repair strength can be further improved.

In the end, Lin Chenhard gave Yue Linlin 700,000 points to buy repair materials for the black abyss gun, and gave Liu Liner 300,000 points.


In Nether Thunder Island;

The sky is thunderous and the divine power is rolling.

Thunder and lightning shining in purple light permeated the whole Thunder Island. Every tree and every building here seemed to be born with the power of thunder and lightning.

Lin Chen had just stepped into the Nether Thunder Island, and if more than a dozen lightnings were spiritual, he quickly aimed at him and slammed!

"Thunder strikes as soon as I come? Do I have to be condemned if Lin looks handsome?"

Running Tiangang's fighting spirit, Gengjin's gas flowed all over the body, Lin Chen forcibly resisted the violent thunder, and almost didn't let his hair style become an explosive head.

He fixed his eyes; the thunder was everywhere, filled with violent thunder, and even standing on the ground, there was constant thunder and lightning that rushed into Lin Chen's body, and he felt a crisp and crisp, like an advanced massager.

Lin Chen also saw that inside the Thunder Island, there was a thick flash of blue light passing by from time to time, which was terrifying.

"Huh? There are also attribute spheres here, and the quality is pretty good!"

Just when Lin Chen planned to practice here, his eyes lit up!

Numerous ruined buildings and thunder trees are scattered with shining light spheres. Lin Chen stepped on the blue wind and passed by.

[The host gains 300,000 points of merit, 780,000 points of thunder energy,]

[The host gains 10,000 points of mental strength and 250,000 points of merit,]

Lin Chen swept the leaves like a gust of wind all the way, taking home more than twenty attribute light balls!

"Although there are not many light spheres with these attributes, the scattered range is also very wide, but each quality is very high, but I can't always find it."

Lin Chen was in hesitation. These attribute light spheres must have been left by the blue-honored Tianjiao who entered this void Thunder Island to practice; the quality of such attribute light spheres must be extremely high.

But Lin Chen came in for spending points. Cultivation of the thunder system here can be called rapid progress. It also has a strong advantage for him to practice "Magic Thunder", and he has no time to pick it up.

"Oh, let the ancient Qinglong come out to help me pick it up and it's done!"

Lin Chen slapped his brain and flashed blue light all over his body, releasing the ancient green dragon, compressing his figure to within a hundred feet.

"Go! Pipilong, take away the handsome lightball!"

A roll of the ancient blue dragon's body began to wander in the outer area of the Nether Thunder Island.

[The host gains 230,000 thunder energy, obtains 200,000 rune energy, and 4.05 million essence of fighting spirit,]

In the area where the ancient green dragon passes, all attribute light spheres within ten feet of it will be automatically sucked into its body, and then a light screen will pop up in Lin Chen's mind.

Qinglong has Lin Chen's fighting consciousness, but he can't independently search for the attribute light ball, so Linchen can only use the roughest way to make the ancient Qinglong turn around the periphery of the Void Thunder Island.

As for the inner area, the shape of the ancient Qinglong was too swayed, and it always triggered the energy of thunder penalty, even if it was continuously bombarded in the periphery.

Thanks to the ancient Qinglong is already the fifth-level intermediate peak, as long as it is not close to the internal area, the periphery is basically fine.

Lin Chen sat down cross-legged and started to run the thunder meridian route of "Genesis Nine Tribulation".

The thunder energy that filled the void and filled the earth's veins seemed to be endlessly drawn, and began to flow into the Linchendan field wildly!

This kind of practice is simple and rough. As long as the cultivator's mental level is high enough, the more thunder energy is absorbed, the faster the breakthrough time!

And there is no time limit. Prerequisites such as Bidan medicine are fast-acting and resistant! The only advantage required is that the mental level must be high!

At this moment, if there is any Tianjiao or veteran strongman in the Tiangang Realm, I am afraid that even the chin will fall off!

Lin Chen absorbs the thunder energy that is constantly emerging from the Nether Thunder Island.

Under this circumstance, he cooperated with the ancient light dragon to pick up the attribute light sphere and merged back into his body.

At this moment; Lin Chen's cultivation speed is more terrifying than any concept of "super speed"!

His quintessence of fighting spirit and thunder energy are improving in two amazing ways!