My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 246

Chapter 246: Lan Xun Level Showdown

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Chapter 246

Whether it is the speed of the creation of Nine Tribulation in Genesis or the absorption speed of the attribute light sphere, the cultivation efficiency brought by it is difficult for the world to think about and understand.

When the two are combined, the speed of cultivation will increase at an unprecedented rate!


The sky thunder rolls, wherever the ancient green dragon passes by, the sky thunder falls continuously and bombards the ancient green dragon.

With the tyrannical dragon body, the ancient green dragon resisted hundreds of thousands of lightnings, and its dragon scale and body gradually began to glow with new power!

Two days passed by in a flash!

Lin Chen's cultivation base has reached the second peak.

Under the superposition of top secret realm, mystery of mind, attribute light ball, and three kinds of cultivation magic effects, Lin Chen has reached the ordinary Tiangang realm for several years!

In the past two days and two nights, the ancient Qinglong has helped Lin Chen collect a large number of attribute light balls. The skill and spirit are enough to support him to learn new blue-level combat skills.

Suddenly; Lin Chen opened his eyes, the pupil flashed through the endless thunder!

"System, I want to practice "Magic Thunder"."

[The host cultivates low-level blue combat skills, "Magic Mad Thunder Gun". Currently, the host has 7.02 million merits. It is estimated that only 80% of the proficiency of the target combat skills can be achieved. Could you confirm the practice?


Lightning flashes all over the body, the moment Lin Lin's thunderous fighting spirit merges with the memory of "Magic Thunder", the whole body forms a thunder vortex!

Bang ~~!

Thousands of thunders moved in unison, and thousands of electric powers fired in unison.

"Receive without thunder, instead melt into the gun. When the gun moves, it will thunder, and when the gun comes out, it will flash!"

Lin Chen's flesh shell strength is completely resistant to this lightning strike, and the speed of comprehension of "Magic Thunder" is extremely fast!

The third day was not completely over, Lin Chen had completely merged the training memory of "Magic Mad Thunder", and he tried to urge himself several times to relax freely.

On the fourth day; Lin Chen extracted a cloud of thunder and lightning from the Yuyuan furnace.

Lin Chen smeared it all over his body, and each of his pores glowed with the volatility of war that attracted thunder and lightning!

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

Numerous explosions continuously exploded in the void; thunder surged and thousands of thunders gathered around!

Someone Lin swallowed a bit and gritted his teeth!

"Thousands of lightnings are a partial treasure for attracting thunder and lightning. As long as I can resist the past and break through the triple of Tiangang Realm, it's close at hand!"

A violent thunderstorm thunderstorm bombarded instantly, piercing the ground and tearing the ground! The thick and powerful electro-optics are combined into a funnel vortex, which is crazy on Lin Chen's body!

The majestic momentum has even aroused more than a dozen cyan thunders in the inner area, which is extremely destructive!

"That blue thunder light has also attracted? Damn, fight!"

Lin Chen gritted his teeth to resist, Zhenshui Guiyuan tactics went crazy to restore his wounds, with the meat shell hard against the bombardment of the endless thunder, and the "Genesis Nine Tribulation" was running very fast!

Bang ~!

The moment the blue lightning threw into Lin Chen's body, his long-awaited fighting broke out instantly!

"Break me!"


The explosion exploded, and Lin Chen's body heard the sound of breaking through the shackles!

The Nine-Colored Warrior in Dantian has nearly doubled!

[Congratulations to the host who entered the Tiangang Realm Triple.

The moment the system light screen popped up; Lin Chen was almost exhausted and collapsed to the ground.

Because of the lack of rune energy, the previous Lin Chen did not have the absolute victory over Liu Ji except for the use of "Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Change".

There are certain sequelae in the Shura Jiuhuang transformation. Lin Chen does not intend to rely on it in the battle of life and death.

But now, he has enough confidence to compete with the old Lan Xun!

"This cultivation secret realm really is an extraordinary opportunity. By then I will use all my 10 million points in the cultivation secret realm, and my strength will probably soar to an unimaginable realm!"

Lin Chen adjusted interest rates in place, and there were only two hours left between him and Liu Ji in the Vietnam War!


The 3rd Arena.

In the past, there were always plenty of seats and vacancies in the fighting area of Tiange Academy. But today; there are almost no seats in the No. 3 fighting arena!

Because the Lan Xun-level Tianjiao showdown, which is also rare this year, will be staged here today, and one of them is still the most controversial and legendary freshman!

Less than two months after admission, he was promoted to the blue pride of heaven!

Fighting arena; a group of elder elders headed by South and Yuan Lao gather together.

They didn't ask about the academy in the past, but today they can't help but be curious to witness this student who has been elevated.

To the north of the fighting arena, the eleven senior elders of the current college and some of the top leaders in power are sitting together.

To the east of the fighting arena, tens of thousands of rows of seats have been filled, from many instructors and elders inside the management school.

On the west side of the fighting arena; many students packed their seats, and even stood in the back row to watch this battle.

In the central fighting space of the fighting arena, Liu Ji swept around in a circle across the barrier, with great pride!

Even if it is a Lan Xun class student, it is almost impossible to want to shock and gather more than 60% of the people to come to the scene to observe the battle!

Regardless of the students or the elder instructors, except for the students and instructors who go out to perform tasks, almost all of them are in the college!

"Liu Ji, the cultivation base has reached the top of the fifth level, and he has the opportunity to advance to the sixth level."

"He played steadily and firmly. Before the battle with Lin Chensheng, he didn't choose to retreat and break through. To see his confident expression, I am afraid that he has made breakthroughs in other fields."

The two elders in white shirts said with a smile, a white loli beside them looked around and grumbled in discontent.

"Why hasn't Lin Chen come yet, let us all wait for him, what a big show!"

"Hahaha, it's not yet time, mentor Xuan'er, what are you in a hurry about?"

The elders laughed courageously; as soon as the words fell, the sky swept across the stream!

Brush ~~!

The streamer escapes into the battle space and transforms into a humanoid figure that falls to the ground steadily!

The figure bears a black gun, and the silver robe is like a star embellishment, the young man has a sharp eye, and the star is in the sea of stars;

The teenager's childish face was hung with a confident and calm smile. Such a graceful style made all the girls' sisters tremble.

Freshman Lin Chen! The first student in history to be exceptionally promoted!

The eyes of all the people present were fixed, and some of the Huang Xun-level freshmen had even started to pull up banners for Lin Chen, excited Lin Chen cheering!

Among the freshmen, Lin Chen is like a legendary existence!

There is already a new force that spontaneously unites with Lin Chen as the center!