My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 247

Chapter 247: The Unification Of Humans And Dragons First Blue Lan Xun

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Chapter 247 First Blue Lan Xun!

"Senior Liu, let you wait for a long time. My brother, I took time to take a shower, changed my clothes, and put on a new haircut. Who is the most beautiful boy in this college. If I have anything If you do something wrong, please ask the senior student to hold your back, because even if you say it, I will not change it."

Lin Chen rubbed his brand-new black abyss gun and said freely.

"The mouth is still so irritating, I hope you will have such a face when you kneel and beg for mercy!"

Liu Ji smiled without anger, and suddenly sneered at the void, and the lightning flashed vertically, and merged into a tiger-headed thunder gun!

Many elders shine!

Gunman to gunman! I am afraid this matchup will be particularly exciting!

Liu Ji had seen Lin Chens ancient Qinglong long ago, and it would be impossible to get rid of it without showing his true skills.

"Interestingly, when Liu Ji and our team formed, they wouldn't use his Tier 5 advanced Tianhu Thunder Gun for the first time."

"This shows that he is serious, and this freshman does give him the level that he must show his strength to defeat."

Some of the blue honour-level Tianjiao hidden in the dark have interesting discussions.

Only less than a quarter of the Lan Xun class students at Tiange College this time, most of them are still performing tasks or experiences outside.

That Lu Ying was also sitting in the back row, Bi eyes turned, constantly thinking about what form Lin Chen would play against Liu Ji.

"Stinky boy, I'm blowing you up to heaven! Later, if you get beaten down, don't get mixed up in this academy!"

Yuan Lao was sitting in the auditorium, screaming wildly; Lin Chen raised his thumb, although he didn't speak.

"Old man Yuan, are you saying that the disciples who were taught by the old man might as well be a freshman."

At this moment; the old man in the yellow shirt sitting not far from Yuan Lao showed a trace of sarcasm and disdain.

"Let's just look at the body training. The realm of fighting spirit is hidden. Where can we be strong and strong, it is estimated that we still have to rely on the green dragon in the body, savages, but this is the case."

The old man in the yellow shirt is Liu Jis proselytized master.

"You just put your dog's stinky fare; your broken disciple hasn't seen you make a special promotion, you can't blow it."

Old Lao Yuan dug his nose, hey, sneered, and gave the elder of that town a fire! The other elders quickly came out to play the round.

Many elders laughed in the heart of the elder town, you said that you provoke who is bad, you provoke this old guy. Talking about fighting, how many of our colleges can hold him down?

the other side;

"Is this the new Lin Chen? It really isn't ordinary. Even the old man can't see through his fighting spirit and cultivate behavior, and can only faintly realize that his physical training realm is very unusual."

"This child's spiritual realm is not bad, I heard that he is still a pharmacist, hey, isn't this all-rounder?"

"Humph! I think it's like a sect Emperor Wuzong's behavior, the oil cavity is slippery and unreasonable. With his age, how can he achieve such outstanding achievements in so many fields."

"Don't rush to make a conclusion, if you are an old evil sect, don't you dare to cross the market like this in front of us."

The senior elders had different opinions on Lin Chen, but the little white loli showed an inexplicable smile.

"The two of them have the same way of holding the gun and the breathing rhythm. It seems that they may use the same exercises, interesting and interesting."

This time it was the elders who made good relations with Lin Chen.

He walked in the air and announced quietly.

"In this duel, the rules are unlimited, and until either side has no fighting power, it is not allowed to surrender. Life and death have their destinies, swords have no eyes, and their lives are safe. Will the two sides confirm their participation in the war?"

"I'm sure."

Liu Ji waved his hand and clenched the thunder gun in his hand.

"I have no objection."

Lin Chen shot the Black Abyss, after the repair of the Black Abyss gun by Yue Linlin, the grade has been restored to the top five ranks! Single-grade, even higher than Liu Ji's Sky Tiger Thunder Gun!

"Okay, the duel is officially established, start!"

Elder Chi barely waved his hand, and the atmosphere in the battle space suddenly became a crossbow!

"Boy, let go of the ancient green dragon over you..."

Liu Jizheng wanted to ridicule Lin Chen, his words didn't finish, his face changed suddenly!


The moment the space was distorted, the blue light glanced, and the purple flame swept across the void, the deep, black spearpoint rushed into the wind!

clang! Liu Ji retreated dozens of steps with a gun, and each step stepped on the ground with cracks! His arms were numb and the expression was horrified!

boom! The rifle started to dance roundly, turning the light system and turning it into a match, and forced Liu Ji to block it with a gun, swept it out, and suddenly blasted Lin Chen's black abyss gun!

The entire battle space is shaken, and bursting sounds are constantly being transmitted around the ring!


Liu Ji stabilized himself and quickly spun out a thunderstorm. Lin Chen smashed his gun and smashed the thunder. When he shattered the thunder, he was knocked back thousands of kilometers away!

All the students in the audience suddenly looked shocked!

Lin Chen had the upper hand at the opening, almost suppressing Liu Ji!

Some of the elders sniffing hard took a breath.

"120? No, there is almost 130 dragon power! This kid's dragon power has suddenly been upgraded several grades in an instant, and the use of skill is not like the one obtained temporarily!"

Liu Ji with a tingling arm slightly exhaled, and finally dared not have any contempt for Lin Chen!

If it wasn't for the combat space to be reinforced by the Academy, the few shots just now by Lin Chen were enough to cut off all the small mountains!

I see; Lin Chen at the moment, his arms are covered with faint dragon scales; this is Lin Chen's state of using the blue dragon bloodline at the beginning!

After the Qinglong bloodline can be transformed into the ancient Qinglong, Lin Chen will release the ancient Qinglong in important battles, but this does not mean that he cannot use the strength of the Qinglong.

As long as he has an idea, he can mobilize the pure power of the ancient Qinglong to attach himself to him at any time!

Compared with the battle of one person and one dragon, this "human and dragon unity" state is more suitable for the enemy Liu Ji! This pure power blessing Lin Chen's nine fighting spirits will exert an unimaginable joint strength!


Liu Ji's pace slammed suddenly; the vast platform like a plain quake shook tremblingly, he held the gun in both hands, and the pace was slightly tilted!

"Thunder Tiger Burst!"

The surging thunder around turned into a mighty and unstoppable hundreds of thunder tigers, and the gun stabbed, like a thunder tiger! The point of the gun is indestructible!

"Come well!"

The palm suddenly turned, the black abyss spins at a rapid speed, the dark lines of fighting are like the sun and the moon, and the mobile gun body!

Lin Chen breathed his breath, united the guns, the purple phoenix wings cooperated with the energy blood of the wind system, and the body speed was extremely powerful!

"Charged Rune Dark Devour!"

The tip of the gun is full of samurai fighting spirit with reincarnation, 130 dragons are flying like a hundred dragons, holding the gun through, the momentum fighting turns into mountains and rivers!