My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Mowei Mad Thunder Vs Mowei Mad Thunder

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Chapter 248: Demon Power Mad Thunder vs. Demon Power Wild Thunder!

Sigh~! boom! boom!

At the moment when thunder and dark gas collided violently, the two aggressive frontiers collided violently, and the reinforced battle space was shaken into a twisted twist!

The energy mushroom cloud bursts and rises to the sky.

Then, a series of sonic booms swept over the ring, and the shadows of Thunder Flower burst into succession!

The speed of the fighting between the two, even many elders can not catch! In just a dozen breaths, the two sides have engaged in more than a hundred rounds!

Within the energy mushroom cloud;

The gun is like a stream of shadows, moving the void, and smashing Liu Ji's shoulder with anger!

The latter stepped back slightly, the gun body traversed, and then stabbed away with a dragon bite!

The purple flame streamer behind was pierced, which was a virtual image of afterimage!

At the same moment when the afterimage was broken; a shocked man swept to Liu Ji's legs. His eyes were fast, and the moment when the Sky Tiger Thundergun stabbed past, the shocked man's shadow suddenly changed direction. It was a feint!

The rifle provoked, like a meteor thunder, the real goal is to cut off his arm!

Cold sweat slightly, Liu Ji's figure forced to swing, swinging his shoulder arm, avoiding sharp shooting, the whole shoulder bone came a crisp sound of fracture.

Liu Ji's body method is like a smart thunder, and forcibly flashing that shot caused his arm bone fracture. Lin Chen's shot came too fast, he can only avoid it by force!

However; not finished!

The next moment after the rifle was provoked; the violent wind of Geng Jin punched out, and the front was printed on Liu Ji's chest!

boom! clang!

The moment Lin Chen's fist hit Liu Ji, his gunpoint just stabbed Lin Chen's chest, and the destructive power of 130 Dragon Power broke out with the sharp edge of the fifth-order advanced treasure, and the two sides suddenly flew out!

Watching the Blue Order

As it happens, the energy mushroom cloud has just dissipated, and each side is on its own!

"What a crazy fight, these two guys are really killers who put each other to death!"

"Both are good seedlings, why not."

Lin Chen fights a carp, and the crystals of Gengjin fall slowly on his chest. This is Lin Chens ultimate defensive form of compressing Tian Gangs fighting spirit. The defense can only cover a small part of the area, but the defense is very strong!

After crystallization, there are lightly cracked dragon scales and rotating pure water fighting spirits for Linchen to heal.

The scales of the Green Dragon and Tian Gang's fighting spirit, Lin Chen's double defense combined with the true water return to the Yuan tactics, Lin Chen hardly suffered much damage.

In contrast, Liu Ji, although protected by personal treasures, Lin Chens 130 dragon power is equivalent to the full blow of the five peaks of Tiangang Realm, and also penetrated part of the defense with the gold-based fighting spirit.

With such destructive power breaking into the body, Liu Ji could not retreat like Lin Chen!

"This kid has this kind of mysterious recovery method. Even Lao Tzu can't find a recovery method suitable for the Tiangang realm. If I continue to fight for such a long time, I will definitely suffer."

Liu Ji held the Sky Tiger Thunder Gun again, and Thousands of Lightning began to flash out of him.

He was bathed in a thousand thunders, like the prestige Saint Lord that day, he was overbearing!

Thunder and thick streaks of light spread across each other; all Lan Xun-level students felt the terrible thunder pressure from Liu Ji. He was about to release the blue-level combat skills!

"Lin Chen, let me teach you today, what is Lan Xun Grade!"

Liu Ji glanced angrily, suddenly shocked!

His voice is like a thunderous sky, rolling in the battle space, causing waves after waves! As he stepped into the air and lifted up, he formed a judgment-like momentum!

"Huh? Didn't you find that you couldn't beat me in a protracted battle, and you switched to dog jumping mode?"

Someone in Lin laughed amusedly; under his Zijin pupil, Liu Ji's plight was obvious in his eyes!

"Senior Liu, you can't do this. The most important thing for men is staying power. If you are like this, Sister Yan Xue will be sad."

Someone Lin laughed chuckly; Thunder's fighting spirit began to transform into a special bloodline.

Lin Chen was raging with thunder and lightning, and the world changed suddenly!

"Huh! I want to see if you can see if this mouth can talk!"

Liu Ji turned the Tianhu Thunder Gun, the tip of the gun was a little angry, and the Tianhu broke the roar;

"The first form of Mowei Kuanglei! Kuanglei star falls!"

The gun fired, and Thousands of Lightning's electro-optical lights spun at a rapid speed, and they merged into a bunch of helical strangled thunderstorms, just like a meteor falling to the world, striking the brilliance!

It brings amazing, but also brings death!

In the space where thunder and light spread, it collapsed and shattered into slag!

Many Lan Xun students' eyes were fixed, and Liu Ji's strength was strengthened again! It is a brand new blue-level combat skill!

The old students who participated in the auction that day were even dumbfounded!

Liu Ji actually used "Magic Thunder"!

It takes ordinary people several years or even more than ten years to cultivate successful blue-tier combat skills. Liu Ji actually completed the training in these four days!

The details and talents of the blue honour of Tiange Academy are revealed! Beyond countless people!

However; at the next moment, many elders of the high-level elders showed a lingering look!

Lin Chen suddenly held the gun, the abyss was like a dragon fighting against Qianye, the moment the whole body's dragon force was released, the dragon gun dotted the void, and thousands of thousand thunders appeared like thunder sea!

"Crazy Thunder Star!"

Lin Chen, who released endless thunder all over his body, grabbed the gun and pointed out. The spirally rotating lightning storm was released from hundreds of feet to thousands of feet. It turned out to be exactly the same combat skill as Liu Ji!

Everyone is ignorant!

What's happening here? Are these two people practicing the same combat skills?

Bang ~~! laugh! laugh! laugh!

The thunderstorm exploded, and the aftermath of the thunder and lightning in the heavens and earth was constantly intertwined with explosive flashes, exploding the terrifying air waves, and ruptured nearly one third of the space in the battle space!

"This is the battle space that Elder Yu personally fortified. Was it still smashed by these two little guys?"

Several tutors' mouths are slightly twitched, and such destructive power, not even they can do it!

"The two of them actually practiced the same combat skills? What is the situation!"

"My God, how can Lin Chen be magically mad!"

"Is Senior Liu Ji really selling "Magic Thunder" to Lin Chen?"

"No, things are not that simple! The magic power mad thunder that Lin Chen just cast has a faster release time and almost no flaws. It is also the magic power mad thunder, but Lin Chen is even better in the realm of cultivation!"

Many green and green honour class old students suddenly stood up in shock and exploded!

Elder Meng, who is in charge of managing the auction venue, was also stunned!

He knows very well that the seller of the volume "Magic Mad Thunder" has almost no contact with Lin Chen!

Even Lu Ying was ignorant!

As a Lan Xun class student who participated in the auction at that time, she knew that the magic skill of "Magic Thunder" appeared for the first time in the Academy, and Lin Chen could not buy it at all!

"Is Lin Chen the seller of this combat skill? No, no, there is a detail, is it?"

Lu Ying seemed to think of something, and an incredible shock appeared on her pretty face!