My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 249

Chapter 249: Thunder Dragon Nine Flashes

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Chapter 249: Thunder Dragon Nine Flashes!

The power of the "crazy thunder star" on both sides is almost the same. Although Liu Ji's cultivation base is strong, his knowledge of this marksmanship can only be regarded as an entry level.

But Lin Chen's "Magic Thunder", in addition to the final three-in-one, the basic plenary session, the practice is perfect.

With the addition of his 130 dragon power to the marksmanship, and Lin Chens retreat in the past few days, his lightning attribute value has reached 30 million, which is no less than his water attribute value!

The thunder of the thunder is almost Lin Chens strongest attribute of attack power now!

Therefore; this time, the blue-level combat skills are against each other, Liu Ji hardly achieved much advantage!

The spear tears the energy storm and cuts off the lightning!

"Damn, why are you doing this!"

After violently coughing a few mouthfuls of blood, Liu Ji tears the thunderstorm and shoots with the Sky Tiger Thunder in hand, roaring like a mad beast!

Heiyuan's gun round dance, a spur against the moment, blocked the moment of Liu Ji's gunpoint; Lin Chen teased and laughed.

"No surprises, no surprises, Senior Liu. Seriously, I will still have the second and third forms of "Magic Thunder", would you like me to teach you?"

Lin Chen's grinning expression made Liu Ji vomit blood on the spot!

With blood on the corners of his mouth, Liu Ji swept his gun violently, no matter how powerful his fighting spirit was, he could not suppress Lin Chens 130 dragon power. On the melee shooting method, Lin Chen and Liu Ji played hard to divide up and down!

Suddenly, a flash of light flashed in my mind! Lin Ji's expression of Liu Ji was shocked and angry!

"Is it because of that time?"

Not only Liu Ji, even the green and green class students who participated in the auction site four days ago, all showed a thoughtful and terrified look!

If Lin Chen said "Magic Thunder", then there is still a suspicious point!

That is the day of the auction, Lin Chen once touched the cultivation scroll of'Magic Mad Thunder'!

Although the time is very short, it is indeed the only time when Lin Chen and Mo Wei mad thunder!

Liu Ji was so angry that he vomited blood three liters! This **** used high points to buy combat skills, and finally made Lin Chen a wedding dress!

Moreover, Lin Chen practiced better than him, which is a slap in the face!

"Is it at that time that he secretly learned the magic powers?"

"That's a blue-tier combat skill! How cumbersome the cultivation steps are. Could he steal the blue-tier combat skill and learn it in a short time with just one touch?"

"It's too ridiculous! This **** is not the yellow-level combat skills of the bad street! That's the blue-level, you tell me how to learn in those few breathing time, it is still in full view!"

"And if he really stole the magic power and thunder, Senior Liu Ji responded to the auction venue as soon as possible!"

More and more terrified emotions began to spread around the old people who participated in the auction, more and more people knew about it, and gave Lin Chen a terrible impression!

Most people are still unbelievable, but some people have realized that it is indeed possible!

What kind of person is Lin Chen? He has emerged from the World War Two and the Second Youth Order. This young man has never suffered a loss!

This kind of freshman who is monster-level regardless of mind and strength, how could he make a stupid move in the auction venue to determine the price and regret the price increase after the buyer!

Standing in the back row of the auditorium, Lu Ying's eyes turned quickly. When she saw Elder Meng's stunned and terrified eyes at the auction venue, it confirmed the conjecture in her heart!

"Sure enough, Lin Chen is indeed not the seller of "Magic Mad Thunder", so the truth may be in the moment when Lin Chen touched "Magic Mad Thunder"!"

Mysterious eyes flicker; Lu Yingfang sets off a huge wave!

How could there be such a genius beyond the common sense in the world, such a talent of rebellious heaven and earth, even the legendary son and saint who can only match the rank of Zi Xun!

"This kind of wonder happened to this child?"

Sitting in the back row of the auditorium on the north side of the fighting arena; all senior elders listened to Elder Meng's report, and all showed strong curiosity!

Can the blue-level combat skills be stolen by the touch of the blue-level combat skills in an instant? Even the storytellers dare not say so!

"Wait a minute! Look at it again, the marksmanship here is even better!"

Suddenly, an elder exclaimed; everyone looked at him.

In the battle space; Lin Chen and Liu Ji were separated from each other by a fierce battle. The distance between the two sides was thousands of feet, and the void stood still.

Liu Ji's Sky Tiger Thunder Gun swims with a series of thunder dragons, and the light of the thunder shines like Tianwei Shenglei, representing the will to dominate the trial!

"Unexpectedly, Ji'er should be forced to play his card "Nine Flash Thunder Dragon."

Master Liu Ji sitting near Old Yuan, the old man in yellow shirt sinks in his heart!

The strength of Liu Ji belongs to the middle reaches of the entire Blue Order, and the opponents who want to force him to play the cards are only strong players above the Blue Order level! Can't imagine that Lin Chen did it today?

Lan Xun, who was watching the battle, had exactly the same ideas in his mind as Master Liu Ji respected.

Liu Ji's move does not mean that Lin Chen, who has just been upgraded, already has the strength comparable to the midstream of Lan Xun?

"This time, Lao Tzu is going to bombard you!"

In Liu Ji's eyes, he has shown his determination to kill!

"Come! Liu Ji's strongest combat skills!"

All Lanxun-level Tianjiao are devoted to watching the battle, and there are absolutely few opportunities for Lanxun-level Tianjiao to exert their full strength. All Lanxun Tianjiao do not want to miss this opportunity!

"Nine Flash Thunder Dragon! A Flash!"

The sturdy and powerful Baizhang Thunder Dragon suddenly waved, and the Thunder Dragon changed into a thunderlight jumping like a flash of space, and the destructive power was terrifying, smashing all the space passed in an instant!

Boom! Click! With the flash of Thunder Dragon, the students below Lanxun Tianjiao almost did not react, and the space shattered into pieces!

This kind of terrible destructive power even the elders of the red came out in person to maintain the stability of the battle space!

Nine Flash Thunder Dragon, Liu Ji's strongest combat skill, is known for his violent and destructive power. So far, he has defeated three Lan Xun ranks with this technique!

"What broke nine flashes, Brother Chen, I can break your hundred flashes with one shot!"

The blue wind and the purple phoenix wings increase the speed to the extreme! The Black Abyss Gun is like a Qingdian, tearing the first Thunder Dragon in a flash!

"He broke Thunder Dragon!"

"It's not over yet, the show is coming!"

Almost two Lan Xun Tianjiao's voices came out; Liu Jilian waved the Tianhu Thundergun, the second, third, and fourth Thunder Dragon flashes closely behind!

Not to mention the naked eye capture, even the Qingxun class students did not capture any clues! If they really fight with Liu Ji, they dont even know how they died!

Lin Chen's guns are united, the whole person whirls in the air like a whirlwind, and the black dance of the black dance turns into a vertical dance of gun dance!

The dragon force exploded, and the rifle edge slipped, cutting the Thunder Dragon flashing across Lin Chen's upper and lower sides in half!

"Thunder Dragon Five Flashes, Thunder Dragon Six Flashes, Thunder Dragon Seven Flashes!"

Liu Ji shot the gun again, and the sky thunder bloomed! The three-headed Thunder Dragon plunged several times more than before!


At the moment when Thunder Dragon passed by, the electric light fluttered, Lin Chen's eyes burst into thunder, and the palm of the abyss flashed a blue thunder!

"The first type: mad thunder star falls!"

"Second Form-Magic Thousand Thunder!"