My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Discover The Ancestral Altar

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Chapter 25

In Shangguan Mansion, a flexible figure walked all the way to pick up from the garden to the courtyard, and then came to a pavilion bathhouse.

The group behind Lin Chen and Shangguan Bihan hurriedly said: "Master Shi Lezhi, there is our female bathhouse in Shangguan Mansion!"

"Ah? The female bathhouse, I am looking for a female bath...oh no, I am looking for your ancestral altar!"



"Brother Yun Fan, this is the operator I specially invited for you, from the wilderness of the South Dragon City. It is the master of the twenty-four star calculation organization. There are countless prospects for the development of the power saved by his hand, this I was invited for a great price!"

In the meeting room; the fat man in the yellow robe introduced to Shangguan Yunfan's eye-catching dance. Sitting across from them was an old man with a fairy bone and a white-faced old man with a proud face.

"Oh? Master Yan, hello, Shangguan Yunfan of the Shangguan family."

Shangguan Yunfan gave a polite hand, and the white-browed old man nodded arrogantly, not selling his face at all.

"I already know your situation. It is related to the rise and fall of the luck of the whole family. To spy on this huge luck direction, this seat will consume a lot of energy."

In the tone of Master Yan, Shangguan Yunfan clenched his palms a little bit. Although there is already a counter in Shangguan Mansion, since he is a big man he wants to invite, he cannot naturally treat the other party badly.

Moreover; Master Shi Lezhi may not be able to solve it. If it is not possible, let Master Yan try it.

Thinking this way, Shangguan Yunfan smiled immediately, "Of course, if it is not an important thing, we will not find Master Shangyan, as long as we can solve the problem and pay, we will not treat the master."

"Oh, this old man can guarantee, Mr. Yan, there are still some details of the Shangguan family, you can just let it go."

The old man of the immortal wind said with a chuckle, he was the chief apothecary of Wan Ling City, Wan Wanhe.

"In this case, in terms of compensation..."

Master Yan was about to mention the remuneration and burst into the ceremonial hall in a hurry.

"Master Yunfan, happy event, happy event!"

Two personal guards broke into the ceremonial living room, and they were all happy, Shangguan Yunfan and the other three were cast with doubts and strange eyes.

"Master Shi Lezhi entered the ancestral altar by himself!"

The two guards told excitedly.

"It's a happy event to enter the ancestral altar, who brought him in." Shangguan Yunfan frowned.

"No one took him, he found it himself!"


Shangguan Yunfan's expression changed suddenly!

The position of the ancestral altar of the Shangguan family is extremely secret. Without the leadership of the core members of the family, ordinary people cannot be easily approached. Even the powerful in the battlefield can hardly find its specific location!

"The master now invites you to discuss the matter of remuneration in the past, and he has found a reason to completely solve the energy reduction of the ancestral altar!"

The eyes of the two guards showed strong admiration and awe, they are really all kinds of general means of seeing the calculator!

What a brilliant mathematician!

This unexplained one even found a secret passage from the female bathhouse to the ancestral altar. This passage was not even known to the people who went to the Guan Mansion. It was the former ancestor who stayed!

"Oh? Master? Negotiating compensation?"

Master Yan captured these words sensitively, his eyes narrowed.

"Really! Ladies and gentlemen, move a little bit, I will lead you to my family's ancestral place! Let's talk on the road!"

Shangguan Yunfan's expression was excited. Although the position of the ancestral altar could not be easily known to outsiders, he couldn't care about so much now. The first time was to repair the ancestral altar!


Shangguan Mansion, under the back courtyard; in a secret passage.

A vast space has been reclaimed under the ground, and a huge ancient stone platform has been constructed. This is an ancient altar with dozens of feet!

Standing next to the ancient altar, you can clearly feel that the extraordinary energy fluctuations in the ancient altar are affecting people who are close to it.

Many people from the Shangguan family stood behind Lin Chen. There were hundreds of people, elders and younger generations, as well as trustworthy personal guards in the family.

Everyone looked at Lin Chen's back in shock and amazement, and after this chaos, this guy even found a secret passage that they didn't know about the Shangguan family and entered the ancestral altar!

In Lin Chen's eyes, the scene presented by this ancient altar is quite different. In the center of the ancient altar, a purple-gold attribute light sphere is suspended. This attribute light sphere is larger than Lin Chen's previous pick and has a large volume. The size of a fist!

"It turned out that the energy of this ancient altar was absorbed by this attribute light ball, so the energy that was revealed was extremely small!"

Lin Chen turned to look under the ancient altar, and found out that the ancient altar did not lose its effect, but was like a blocked river. This property of light ball is the gate that controls the switch of the river!

"Master Shi Lezhi, can you really solve the problem of my ancestral family in Shangguan family?"

Several figures appeared in the passage on the other side of the ancient altar, which were Shangguan Yunfan and his VIPs!

Seeing Shangguan Yunfan walking briskly with excitement, Lin Chen smiled confidently; "Yes, I think we can talk about compensation now."

"Your kid is also an operator?"

Who knows, Master Yan was the first to stand in front of Lin Chen, proud and contemptuous of Lin Chen!

"Yun Fan, this is?"

The elder of the Shangguan family, who has been following Lin Chen, wondered.

"Elder, this is the well-known mathematician that we commissioned Mr. Xia Hong to find for us, Master Yan, who is the 24th star in the wildland!"

Shangguan Yunfan's introduction allowed the two elders to condense and count twenty-four stars, which is a mysterious organization of fortune tellers. It's also black and white, it's not a small start, the organization is full of fortune tellers!

Master Yan cooperated with a light cough, everyone awed in awe, this is also a real heavyweight!

"It turned out to be Master Yan, who is a twenty-four star player, and the old man's eyes were dumb. This time I invited the master to come to help my Shangguan family calculate that this ancestral altar has lost its power, but my little girl met a noble person the other day, Now we have found the problem for us. Master Yan can take a break. Please pay the master's fee. We will have no less."

The second elder smiled very politely. Master Yan raised his eyebrows and glanced at Lin Chen.

"Aristocrat? Could it be this hairy boy? Where is the crooked melon, and he is also a master, boy, who is your teacher, what organization is it!"

Master Yan is very disdainful, and the opening is completely a tone of interrogation of the younger generation!

If Yan Yanwen was robbed of his rice bowl by such a Maotou kid, how could he still be in this wasteland?

"Under the Linshen, Lin Chen, the person on the road is called Shi Lezhi. Part-time picking girls, arson, alchemy, pretending. The mathematician is just my hobby, pretending is my main business in life!"