My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 250

Chapter 250: I Guarantee With My Morals

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Chapter 250

"The first type: mad thunder star falls!"

Lei Jun's photoelectricity turned into a huge thunderstorm and strangled it. The storm swallowed a thunder dragon!

Although there is still a lot of power in Crazy Thunder Star Falling, the two Thunder Dragons have already outflanked Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's marksmanship was endless, and his thunderous fighting spirit was almost completely exhausted at this moment!

His marksmanship is fascinating, like a peacock opening screen, advancing layer by layer!

"Second Form-Magic Thousand Thunder!"

The sky full of gunshots lingered around the magical violent thunder and lightning, while the thunder flashed blue, and it was advancing in anger!

boom! boom!

Blue Thunder Gun Shadow actually crushed the remaining two Thunder Dragons! It was okay to approach Liu Ji!

At this moment; all the students were stunned!

The thunder and lightning that exploded in the sky flashed as if it were in the world of Thunder, which is both beautiful and endless.

The elders at the top of the college can't help but sigh air-conditioning!

Lin Chen's "Magic Thunder" shooting method is not only more sophisticated than Liu Ji's, but also uses the second form of shooting method to be fascinating!

All the Lanxun class students stood up, their eyes locked in the battle space, and the instructors and elders held their breaths!

The time for a decisive victory is here!

"Thunder Dragon!"

The angry Liu Ji roared with hoarse exhaustion and waved the Sky Tiger Thunder Gun again!

The tip of the spear flashed out a thundering giant dragon that was more dominant than all previous Thunder Dragons, soaring into the air, rushing out with the might of pushing three thousand mountains, smashing Lin Chens many blue lightning guns!

Kaka Kaka~~! boom!

The fluttering blue thunder guns are like the blue sea tides, wave after wave of layers of advance, as if endless, crushing the thunder dragon again!

"Nine Flashes! Lin Chen, you lost! Hahaha!"

Liu Ji grinned violently, his body was permeated with shocking blood stains, exhausted all the fighting spirit and fired the ninth gun, the battle was changed, and the situation changed!

At the moment when all the thunderlights condensed, the void split, and the thunder dragon was more than a thousand!

The moment the dragon's tail oscillated longitudinally, a few acres of space was blown up by its overflowing lightning!

Thunder Dragon flew up in anger, strangled and strangled in the past, penetrating all the blue lightning gun shadows of Lin Chen!

Even Lin Chen's Black Abyssal Gun can't break this Thunder Dragon's attacking trend even with a fifth-order top edge! Get out of the air!

Liu Jis last shot of Thunder Dragon Nine Flashes was terrifying. He didnt even dare to take the first six days of Tiangang Realm.

Even though Lin Chen's last gun shadow weakened part of its power, he still blasted Lin Chen with a lethal lethal force!

"Oops, Lin Chen lost!"

"Quickly save people!"

"Nine Flash is too powerful, he can't stand it!"

Almost four high-level elders, including Yuan Lao, reacted and immediately moved to prepare to forcibly stop the competition!

Lin Chen's potential is enough for them to protect Lin Chen!

"Wait a minute! There are variables, don't shoot!"

At this time, the little white lily Xuaner sneered and yelled at all the elders who wanted to break the rules!

A blue light dazzled in Lin Chen's arms!

"Don't be too happy, Bingtian fingers!"

Lin Chen's left arm is already ready to go, and the arm transformed into the energy veins of the water system is clear and blue, and between his hands, his fingers are together, and one finger points out!

[The host launches a level 3 charge rune, consuming 200,000 rune energy.

An ice star-like flash of cold air ran through the void, and the amazing cold air froze the whole Thunder Dragon and shattered!

In the entire battle space, frost rose, and instantly fell into an ice and snow!

The ice star-like fingers froze the Thunder Dragon and ran through Liu Ji! Freeze his entire body into an ice sculpture!

Sealed thousands of miles with one finger, frozen world! Bingtian finger, frost cold Kyushu!

Outside the whole fighting field; in a dead silence!

The silent atmosphere seemed to be audible, and everyone's eyes seemed to be abruptly frost, frozen in this scene!

Lin Chen actually has a blue-level combat skills! And this trick is equally fascinating, deceives everyone, and releases the strongest offensive in the blink of an eye!

Liu Ji was frozen in a huge ice block and could not move!

Lin Chen's eyes were swept away with killing intent, and 130 Dragon Power was released again!

At this moment, Liu Ji finally showed his fear!

At this moment; there was endless regret in his heart, and because of the slang of the bitch, he sent someone to humiliate and attempt to take away the two female freshmen.

The two great treasures of multicolored Xuan Lingye, Mowei mad thunder, and one he spent heavily on were bought by Lin Chen to the end! He is the real profiteer; he has been circling in his palm!

"Master, save me!"

Liu Ji screamed loudly; calling his master.



A dry palm raised his hand and blocked Lin Chen's fist. The old man in the yellow shirt stared at Lin Chen indefinitely, and he was the master of Liu Ji!

"My disciples have lost. You don't have to be a killer. You should also win. Why not take a step back?"

The old man in yellow shirt said hoarsely; Lin Chen withdrew his fist and sneered instead.

"Return your head, grass! When he bullied a man and a woman, why didn't you see you jump out and take a few steps? The old immortal thing, if I didn't return to the college in time, my friend wouldn't know it would be made by him What happened, and at that time, where were your so-called elders? After this incident, what would he do if he asked my friend to give his hand?"

Lin Chen sneered; secretly already ready to mobilize the slow runes to launch raids!


The old man in the yellow shirt was justified by Lin Chen and was too angry to speak.

He, a disciple himself, knew that although his talents were good, he did not do much to bully men and women.

Because the objects are basically Huang Xun or Green Xun, so with his own talents and his status, the Academy also opened his eyes.

Roar ~!

Lin Chen decisively released the ancient green dragon, stalked from behind, and killed Liu Ji inside the ice wall. The old man in yellow shirt was shocked!

This kid dared to continue attacking Liu Ji in his own face!

"Hahaha! Boy, you can just **** the goddamn, and the old man will be handed over to the boy!"

Lao Yuan laughed wildly, his figure flashed, standing next to Lin Chen, staring at the old man in yellow shirt.

"Old man Yuan, you!"

"You what you, your **** disciple, a few pounds, a few pounds, what kind of goods, everyone knows!"

Old Lao Yuan spit and sneered.

"Old Yuan, this old guy will leave it to you."

Lin Chen clenched his fists with a smile, stepped on the blue wind and swept towards Liu Ji!

"Okay, stop. The victory and defeat have been divided, Lin Chen, you have won. Take the punishment, let us give it."

At this time; two elegant and elegant male mentors landed in the fighting space of the fighting field and nodded to Lin Chen.

"Oh? Okay. I guarantee with my morals that I won't do it myself."

Lin Chen put away his murderous spirit and laughed harmlessly.