My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 251

Chapter 251: Exit

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Chapter 251

At this moment, a dragon-breath blade penetrated into the ice crystals and slashed away, hitting Liu Ji's Dantian Department! Blood Hurricane!

"What? Ji'er!"

The old man in the yellow shirt screamed hoarsely.

"I just said that I didn't do it personally, but my Daqinglong didn't know it."

Lin Chen shrugged, indifferent smile. For the scourge of Liu Ji, if not removed, it is a time bomb!

"Lin Chen, you?"

The two male mentors were also frightened, and they didn't expect Lin Chen to take action in front of them!

Bang ~! The old man in the yellow shirt showed his utmost murderousness and wanted to shoot Lin Chen, but the old man was in front of him.

"Don't go to see your disciples, I'm afraid he will become a waste person after being late."

Old Lao Yuan sneered; the old man in the yellow shirt didn't care too much. He gritted his teeth and let Lin Chen pass for a while, smashing the huge ice crystals in one palm, and rushed over quickly.

The old man in the yellow shirt was able to heal Liu Ji's wounds while investigating his injuries, and his face could not help changing!

Liu Ji, who was exhausted from the mountains and rivers, took the dragon's breath from the ancient Qinglong, and the meridian wounded 80%, and Dantian was broken. It would be extravagant to restore cultivation, let alone continue to cultivate.

"Hey, this Liu Ji is considered invalid."

"It's a waste, no matter how old it is, how many Lanxun Tianjiao in my Tiange Academy, how many people are really named?"

"Only Zixun ranks at the top, the others are only slightly stronger ants."

The two elders sighed, and some senior elders sneered. force

At this time; a white-haired elder sitting at the upper level stood up and said.

"Student Lin Chen deliberately hurt someone, punishing 500,000 points."

"Teacher Tang, you have to think about Liu Ji's question."

The white-haired elder gestured, and the two elegant male tutors nodded slightly, the Naling Ring's light flashed, glanced through the information on his hand, and said aloud.

"Student Liu Ji, since the first day of the promotion to the Lanxun class, has bullied men and women; secretly killed the expelled students, according to statistics, there are currently 130 people, adulterating female students of the Huangxun and Lvxun classes. , 148. Crimes such as robbing male student points and repeatedly intercepting other students task rewards."

When the elegant mentor announced what Liu Ji did, the light in his eyes faded completely, his heart was ashes!

Many freshmen and green-honored seniors were taken aback! They knew that Liu Ji was not easy to mess with, but they didn't expect him to be so dark!

Sitting in the front row of the auditorium of the fighting arena, Yue Linlin and Liu Lin'er were frightened, and they felt terrified.

If Lin Chen did not return to the academy in time, I am afraid that the end of the two of them will not be so good!

Lin Chen seemed to have expected it, and there was coldness and fierceness all around his mouth.

"According to the punishment regulations of the college, the evidence of the crime committed by student Liu Ji is conclusive, and he will be executed tomorrow!"

At the moment of flipping over the information in his hand, a male tutor flashed tears in his eyes and secretly told Lin Chen.

"Student Lin Chen, thank you. My cousin died in the hands of this beast, and now you finally gave me this opportunity to avenge my cousin and the dead!"

Lin Chen stunned and nodded at the tutor.

Hearing this result, the old man in the yellow shirt missed his eyes, his palm trembling, and lost his soul.

Prior to Liu Jiru, no one dared to move him.

But now a genius who turned out to be against Lin Chen suppressed him, and he did not hesitate to kill Liu Ji in front of the high level, giving the mentor a chance to help.

"The battle is over, the winner; student Lin Chen!"

Elder Chi said loudly that at the moment Liu Ji was taken away by his tutor, all the freshmen cheered! Shout Lin Chen's name!

At the time of admission to the hospital, it was the rank of blue honour, and less than two months after the hospital, the blue honour level was upgraded exceptionally!

Only achieve the Blue Order level for four days, defeat the Blue Order level old students!

Like a new legend, it is gradually rising in Tiange Academy!


Two days later; within the territory of the Dragon Fire.

Lin Chenpan sat in the central area of the secret realm, enduring the terrible high temperature and burning, and even the fighting spirit was burning!

The ancient green dragon wandered in the dragon fire secret territory; constantly taking away a large number of attribute light **** for Lin Chen.

"My fire system energy attribute value has reached the 20 million mark, and if I persist for a few more days, I am afraid it can reach more than 30 million points!"

Spiritual consciousness stared at the constantly rising attribute values in the system space, Lin Chen calculated.

After the battle with Liu Ji, Lin Chen had realized his ultimate fighting power.

On the premise of releasing only the ancient green dragon and not using the characteristic runes, he can only contend with Tiangang Realm in the sixth mid-term at most.

If the opponent's exercises and mind are the best choices, Lin Chen can only deal with it at most, and even escape.

If you use the characteristic rune, you can break the wrist with the late sixth layer of Tiangang Realm and even the peak. As for the seventh heavy layer of Tiangang Realm, it is completely unknown.

So far, Lin Chen has not formally played against Tiangangjing Qizhong.

And the stronger the opponent, the less the influence of Lin Chen's characteristic rune can completely control the other party, such as the last woman encountered in Qianyue Tower.

A level 3 slow rune that is as strong as Lin Chen can only make her limit her fighting strength by half. It is impossible to completely restrict the other party's actions as before.

"I must get stronger at full speed during this time and increase my hand several times!"

Lin Chen was ruthless in his heart and said in a determined way.

This time; Lin Chen was surprisingly quiet. He practiced retreat in the college. This time, two months have passed!

In these two months, Lin Chen entered separately; Void Thunder Island, Wanyue Secret Realm, Spirit Spirit House, Dragon Fire Secret Realm, Tianshuang Secret Realm, Magic Knife Secret Realm, Golden Puppet Secret Realm, Wild Wild Secret Realm, etc.

Even the senior elders are a little worried about his hard work in cultivation!

Lin Chen has taken away all the attribute light **** in the secret territory!

Those extremely high-quality light spheres left by Tianjiao of all dynasties are all included in Lin Chen's body!

Seventy-five days later;

In the hall of the secret realm, the sky is full of arrogance, and there is a lot of discussion.

Today is the day when the annual contribution points of the college are distributed. Students above the Green Order level can get quite good points rewards. You cant wait to come here to choose the secret realm you need to enter.

"This time I entered the war spirit retreat, I should be able to advance into the Tiangang Realm twice!"

"Twenty thousand points a day for the great desert mystery, so expensive, but in order to break through my "Huangsha Wanli Tips", fight!"

While many students are making up their minds to choose the secret realm of cultivation, suddenly a beam of light illuminates the hall!

Everyone looked intently, and the elders stationed in the hall glanced with interest.

"Oh? It was still the space teleportation from the back of the evil spirits realm. What kind of people dare to enter the evil spirits realm?"


The elder's words just fell, and a terrifying murderous atmosphere fell in the hall; all the students on the scene were deterred and could not move!