My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 252

Chapter 252: New Task Four Blues And Four Dragons

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Chapter 252 New mission! Four blues and four dragons!

This murderousness seemed to turn into substance, even the elder's face was horrified!


A figure emerged from the beam of light, exhaled and received spirits, put away the murderousness, and the silver-robed boy floated in front of everyone with harmless accusations of humans and animals.

There was a light blue spirit jade hanging around his waist.

"I'm sorry, guys, I have been practicing in the ghost realm for too long, and I have forgotten that it is time to come back."

Lin Chen!

All the students took a breath of air, and Lin Chen at the moment was very different from two months ago!

Many Qingxun students just looked at him, and they all sent out extremely dangerous warning signals!

Even if Lin Chen had conquered his murderous spirit, his own sense of oppression was like Shura coming out of the Blood Sea Corpse Mountain!

"That spirit jade is one of the strongest evil spirits in the evil spirits' secret realm, the ghost jade of the ghost bitter ghost! You, your kid actually killed the ghost bitter ghost?"

When the elder saw Lin Ling's waist jade, he was completely shocked!

The whole evil spirit's realm is basically dozens of yin ghosts.

They are extremely difficult to be arrested, possess the strength to match the sixth and seventh levels of the Tiangang Realm, and have their own nests and subordinates.

They basically walk deep in the secret realm of evil spirits, and there are many nests in the nest. Even Lanxun Tianjiao is difficult to kill.

"Oh, the elder is talking about this. I met it by the way when I was practicing. I remember that it seemed to be worth hundreds of thousands of points and it was wiped out. I still have things, so I won't blame everyone."

Lin Chen waved his hand and smiled casually, leaped, turned into a blue light flashing tens of miles away, and left the Secret Realm Hall instantly, leaving a group of students who were almost messy and crazy!

Smooth... smooth?

It is enough to match the evil spirits above the sixth level of the Tiangang Realm. Why do you say it is easy to solve?

Do you still speak human language? How can we live!


In the freshman dormitory area, Lin Chen was soaking in the hot spring to eliminate fatigue while turning on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 3.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: Tiangangjing triple late stage.

Ultimate Strength: 80 Dragon Power.

Qi and blood energy: 8.8673 trillion points.

The essence of the fighting spirit: 4.7141 billion points.

Spiritual strength: 1.8 million points.

Essence of skill: 19.2 million points.

Mindset: "Nine Tribulation of Creation" (55%)

Practicing exercises: Taishi Bible (60%), Shura Jiuhuang Change (fragmentary), Sanqing Spirit Watermark, Mowei Mad Thunder, Bingtianzhi.

Possess a special treasure or power: True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing (100%).

Possess blood energy (up to 3 kinds): Qinglong blood vein 21000 points, purple gold pupil blood vein 10000 points.

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 3, Corrupt Rune Level 2 (upgradable), Charge Rune Level 3,

Rune energy: 18.9 million points.

The energy of each element: 58.9 million points in the fire system, 53.5 million points in the soil system, 51.4 million points in the wood system, 61.4 million points in the gold system, and 80.11 million points in the water system. The Ray system is 81.5 million points, the Wind system is 51.05 million points, the Light system is 60.21 million points, and the Dark system is 60.91 million points.

"Huh, it took me tens of millions of points, and finally raised all the element attribute values."

Lin Chen sighed in his heart, this nearly crazy retreat for two months, he almost took away all the attribute light **** left in the secret territory of the Academy!

His skill essence, energy of qi and blood, essence of fighting spirit and the energy value of each element attribute are combined with the picking of attribute light ball and crazy practice to obtain a leap in growth!

For cultivation, Lin Chens foundation is extremely high, but it is only promoted from the early stage of the triple to the later stage. But the fighting power is fierce than it was by several grades!

There is no other reason. The energy value of the element as the basic attribute is several times higher than before!

There is not much breakthrough in the cultivation of fighting spirit, but the state of mind is leaps and bounds!

"Brother Lin Chen, are you there? I heard that you are out of customs?"

"Begonia and I come to see you! Begonia has now been promoted to the Green Order!"

"I heard that Sister Lu Ying of Lan Xun class wants to invite you to perform the mission together."

When Lin Chen's attention was silent in the system space; two beautiful Qianying doors pushed into Lin Chen's hot spring area.

"Hey, it turned out to be Begonia and Lin Lin."

Lin Chen reacted this way. The two graceful ladies in front of him were staring at themselves with blushing cheeks.

Yan Haitang covered her pretty face and peeked through the gap between her jade fingers, while Yue Linlin stared boldly at Lin Chens pectoral muscles and collarbone.

"Well... Class leader Lin Chen, the sister Lan Ying of Lu Xun class asked us to bring you a letter. She has a team task to invite you to work together."

Yan Beach twitched a little bit shyly, and also took a look at the fascinating Yue Linlin.

"Okay, I'm going by now. It's just a long time since I moved to the outside world!"

Lin Chen stood around the towel, but the moment the towel fell off, the two beautiful girls saw an unforgettable scene...

In the 17th floor of the mission hall;

Lin Chen walked into the hall on the 17th floor with a brand new silver robe.

"Brother Lin Chen, you are finally here."

Lu Ying smiled like a flower and stood up to welcome Lin Chen.

"Is this the famous young brother Lin Chen?

A young man with a negative sword followed immediately, politely clenched her fists, blocking Lu Ying in front of her, a strange flash of light flashed in her pupils.

This person's cultivation spirit has been strong to the mid-sixth stage of Tiangang Realm!

Lin Chen just nodded to him, he didn't want to befriend anybody.

"Hey, Mr. Lin Chen, there is a task in this trip that is more in line with you. It just happened that you went out again. I wonder if you are interested."

Yuan Lao also sat in the hall, grinning, biting his roasted leg of lamb.

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly, and said with a smile: "Lao Yuan is afraid that I have forgotten the power of someone in Lin's respecting the elderly and loving young children."

Yuan Lao was shocked and waved his hand in a hurry; "Don't get me wrong, this time I didn't make good claims for you, you decide."

Lin Chen turned away to look at the light screen in the mission hall, and the brilliant blue light words vanished the void.

"Lanxun Intermediate Mission; Fifth-order Intermediate Dragon Clan that encircled and suppressed four heads into the border of Hanjia. Mission Reward: 700 points. If it cannot be completely destroyed, it will be calculated as 1 million points for each Dragon Clan."

"The four-headed dragons all have a strength comparable to that of the Tiangang Realm; this task requires a person with a good understanding of the dragons to perform, because the qualified Lan Xun students in the college just went out, and only had the ancient green dragon. Of you meet this condition."

"Its just to note that the last time there were two powerful Lanxun veterans teaming up to perform this task, it failed. Perhaps something happened at the time. The students who performed this task have not returned so far. Moon, you need to be extra careful."

The little girl in white sitting in front of the hall said solemnly to everyone; a pair of green eyes turned Yingying Qiushui, casting curious glances at Lin Chen from time to time.

"Is it more than one million points at a time, worth my shot, then I will take it!"

Lin Chen's eyes reflected the strong self-confidence of the storm!