My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 253

Chapter 253: You Dragon Promotion

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Chapter 253: The Demon Dragon Is Born!

Three days later; Hanjia territory, saw the sky valley.

Ancient Han family; 100,000 years ago, it was once a rugged ancient family, but it continued to decline due to unknown reasons, and was pushed out of the scope of super first-class forces.

Saw outside the Tianshan Mountains; inside a small valley, four figures are erecting a space barrier and sitting in the void.

"Why didn't Saw Tianshan feel the breath of any fifth-order beast?"

Ye Xing among the four sat in the void and frowned.

"Otherwise, shall we go straight in?"

The giant axe collapsed, and another red-browed young man made a gesture of wiping his neck.

"No, there is a weirdness in that valley."

At this time, Lin Chen aside suddenly said.

His Zijin pupil failed to fully see through the valley; even the killing and doom were completely blocked!

This kind of situation was encountered for the first time after Lin Chen's Zi Jin Tong entered the realm of "out of nothing".

"Brother Lin Chen, why do you say that?"

Instead, Lu Ying turned her curious eyes and asked.

"I can't tell you why, but it's better not to get close to that valley first."

Lin Chen continued to urge Zijin Tong to investigate, and felt more and more strange in the valley!

"Oh, is the younger brother afraid? Don't worry, the seniors will take you with you in this operation. You only need to procrastinate to hold a dragon. You don't need you to desperately."

Na Xing smiled slightly, but there was a slight sarcasm in his expression and tone.

He was a Lan Xun class student who returned to the academy later, and he has some doubts about Lin Chens victory over Liu Ji; not to mention, his strength is much stronger than Liu Ji!

"The mouth is on your face, you like to eat shit, or you talk about it, it's your own business."

Lin Chen sneered disdainfully; that Ye Xing glanced over a hint of murderously, and Xiaoxiao flirted.

"Sure enough to be able to talk like a legend, but stay here like your timid waste!"

After talking, Ye Xing jumped up and took the red-browed youth together.

Lu Ying hesitated a little and could only keep up with Ye Xing. He led the team in this operation, and in action, Lu Ying could only listen to him.

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled; as soon as he stepped on his toes, the blue wind swept past and followed behind the three.

Now only when he enters the valley can he know what is inside. This Ye Xing wants to be a reckless man, and someone in Lin is happy to follow him.

Close to the Saw Tianshan, where the mist is shrouded, there is haze and silence everywhere.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and some areas here were already full of **** smell and rancid smell, and the whole valley had no longer any living creatures!

The four flew into the valley, flying extremely fast all the way, and were close to the center of the valley in less than a moment.

Bang ~!

Suddenly, the earth's crust changed; the **** net-like dragons breathed out all over the place, shrouding the four!

Lin Chen didn't move, and his fingers flicked, and a mark of thunder was marked on a corner outside the dragon's breath.

Brush brush ~~!

The three of them responded very fast and launched an instant attack. Three distinct types of combat attacks attacked the sky and bombarded the dragon breath screen that enveloped the four!


At the moment when the attack of the attack touched the Dragon Breath Screen, most of the attack power was corroded in an instant!

"Georgia ~ Boss is right, as long as you don't kill the last human race, more human races will come."

"Coo, these four people seem to be able to eat it?"

"Don't worry, listen to the boss."

Three dragons flying around in three circles surrounded four people!

The blood was pervasive and the heat wave was like a wave. The shadow covers the sky and the dragon head is like a crocodile. Thunderlight came like a sea of forest, and four-clawed thunder dragon emerged from the sea of thunder!

"It turned out to be Dark Soul Dragon, Bloodthirsty Horned Dragon, Fuqian Leilong!"

"All are first-class evil dragons!"

"Something's not right! They can speak eloquently, and the evil dragon's wit is not as high as them!"

Lu Ying and Na Chimei youth, Chu Xiong shook the lost voice one after another!

"It is a three-headed fifth-order advanced evil dragon, and it can match the sixth-middle stage of Tiangang Realm for the second time!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and the gap between this and the original information was quite different!

The difficulty of this task is already ranked in the high rank of Lanxun!

"That's because I gave them the wisdom. Giggle, the genius of Tiange Academy didn't expect this time to come to three at a time; it seems that this seat can officially enter the fifth-level advanced peak this time!"

At this time, the situation changes suddenly!

A lot of beautiful and fascinating blue clouds appeared in the whole valley. Within a thousand miles of the sawing Tianshan Mountains, they were all enveloped by the misty blue demon mist, and everything was submerged into a bottomless cave.

What greets everyone is the noble figure walking on the blue cloud in the sky.

In his white clothes, he was covered with glazed dragon breath, his face was as white as jade, handsome and enchanting, he could not tell whether it was a man or a woman, and the dignity of the superior was revealed between his brows!

Even more weird is that behind him, there is a huge green scale dragon tail swinging!

On both sides of the dragon's tail, there are two silhouettes bound together. It is the Lan Xun class student who performed this task last time!

"Xia Feiyu and Lin Tianjian!"

"The two of them were captured alive?"

Lu Ying and Chu Xiong gasped slightly!

"Variant Dragon?"

Ye Xing was horrified and lost his voice, as strong as the mid-sixth, he all showed fear to this white man!

Among the dragon races, there is a dragon race that is more strange than the evil dragons; that is the demon dragon with blood variation!

Evil dragons do not possess the wisdom of most advanced creatures, but they possess extremely powerful ontological abilities, which are violent and cruel.

The demon dragon is a weird dragon clan that awakens all kinds of strange abilities after the blood line mutates. But the lifespan is generally short, so it is necessary to improve itself by several times the growth rate of ordinary fierce beasts. For this reason, each demon dragon is basically very cunning and cruel!

The intelligence quotient of the monster dragon is generally far superior to the fierce beasts of the same level.

After it captured two Lanxun students, it was to catch a big fish with a long line!

"The strength of this demon dragon is comparable to that of Tiangang Realm and above. I'm afraid it will be dangerous this time."

Lin Chen stepped back a few steps unconsciously. Zijin Hitomi gave a glimpse of the structure of the entire valley. At this critical moment, he also discovered many attribute light **** in the valley!

"Damn, how could this task gap be so great!"


Ye Xing and Chu Xiong drew their swords and used their axe, and the world turned around. Attempt to delay time!

"Mantis is a car, broken!"

The monster dragon figure finds out an arm that transforms into a blue scale dragon claw, the power is swaying eight wilderness, pushing the galaxy horizontally, smashing the attack of the two! The two also retreated for dozens of miles away!

"Oops, the demon fog barrier here cuts off the outside world, and I can't open it at all!"

Lu Ying wanted to open a gap, but found that she couldn't break through the other party's border!

The unmoving Lin Chen's palm is turning with devastating energy fluctuations!