My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Solve The Ssangyong Alone

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Chapter 254

"You go together and destroy them!"

The demon dragon sneered and drank, and the other three-headed dragon clan suddenly attacked violently; the dragon claws tore the mountains!

Critical moment; Na Xing gritted his teeth fiercely, and suddenly waved his blue sword weapon, stroking several swords with a sword!

With a push in his palm, he suddenly pushed Lu Ying towards the direction of the three-headed dragon fighting!

"Ye Xing, you?"

Lu Yinghua looked disappointed, surprised and angry!

"The winner is the king, the loser is the Kou. Lu Ying is the girl, sorry!"

The sword in Ye Xing's hands bloomed with the ultimate sword light, and one sword divided the vast world, splitting a gap in the enchantment of the demon mist, and walked away!

"Human race? Want to escape, it's not that simple! You get these three wastes, I'll go back when I go!"

The demon dragon sneered and took two Lan Xun students to escape into the void, chasing Ye Xing!

Lu Ying's silver teeth clenched and her jade hand waved; she launched a water-blue barrier!

Xianxianyu fingers tap lightly, and the bloodthirsty horned dragon that has been culled is stopped by one finger!

The fast-moving aquamarine is bound like a rope to bind the bloodthirsty horned dragon, turning its thousand-foot dragon body upside down and smashing the ground, smashing the three mountains along the way!


The Lightning Dragon's claws ripped off like a flash of light, shattering and destroying the water-blue battle curtain around Lu Ying!

In the first six days of the new Tiangang Realm in the two months, Lu Ying was okay to deal with one evil dragon, but the two ends were dwarfed.

"Roar! Die, human, I want to eat you!"

Fuqian Leilong roared and breathed, three lightnings as thick as wild dragons looted!

Lu Ying's lips and lips were **** and poignant. Seeing that lightning was about to strike, her eyes turned against the fighting spirit of the Jedi counterattack!

laugh! boom!

The blue light wind whirls past with a faint purple flame streamer, and at the moment when Lu Ying is taken away, the dark line of combat gas turns, crushing the lightning, and turning into a sky of light and light after rhyme!

The electric light reflects the surprised and unexpected face of the beautiful lady; Lin Chen holds the soft waist of the beautiful lady in one hand and holds the black abyss in one hand, and the marksmanship is born like a crazy dragon!

"Magic Thunder!"


The layers of blue thunder guns advancing from layer to layer are like peacocks. Each shot pierces the dragon scales of Fuqian Leilong. It suddenly hurts and growls!

Bang ~!

The situation is changing, an ancient green dragon suddenly emerged from the sky, the dragon claw wields the amazing power of 220 dragon power, and suddenly tears the dragon ridge of Fu Qianlei Dragon!

The ancient green dragon bit the Fuqian Leilong in one bite, the dragon's body twisted, a death tumbling twisted its dragon scales and dragon body, and the flesh was blurred!

"Brother Lin Chen, you... your Qinglong has such a strength, it is almost the same as the middle six days of Tiangang Realm!"

Lu Yingqiao's face was slightly reddish, and she screamed in surprise.

Lin Chenyun smiled lightly and lightly, and his eyes were full of fighting spirit to control the audience!

He snapped his fingers a little, and a thunder burst exploded, on the other side of the enchanted enchantment; Lin Chen burst into a smile with a blast.

"Sister Lu Ying went to help Senior Chuxiong. After getting rid of the evil dragon, quickly escape, let me here."

Lu Ying took a deep look at Lin Chen, his face flushed, and with a soft um, he left Lin Chens arms and rushed to Chu Xiong, who was fighting the Dark Soul Dragon on the other side.

"Human race! Where are you really sacred, why did this dragon race come out of your body!"

"Damn, I will swallow you today!"

Bloodthirsty Horned Dragon and Fuqian Leilong climbed from the broken crust and roared angrily!

"It is comparable to the evil dragon in the mid-sixth and sixth-sixth layers. It is okay to use it as a warm-up preparation."

Lin Chen smiled; the whole body transforms the energy and blood veins.

The soles of the feet suddenly stepped into the void, shaking the ground, and ten golden rock walls covered with the gas of Gengjin broke out!

The golden rock wall surrounded a circle of hundreds of miles, rushed up the sky, and trapped Ssangyong in it!

"Dare to trap us, to death!"


The bloodthirsty storm of the bloodthirsty of the bloodthirsty Horned Dragon, leaving only light scratches on the wall of Geng Jinyan!

"What technique does this human use? How could this wall of fighting spirit be so hard?"

When the killing horn dragon roars low; the Fuqianlei dragon flies into the sky, and the dragon horn above his head flashes the world-shattering thunderlight that destroys the thousands of miles!

"Goddess Volley!"

The lavender thunder light penetrates the sky, thick like a column, the space passing by, the space is broken, the airflow collapses, and Lin Chen sweeping the sky!

"Energetic Rune: Mad Thunder Star!"

Lin Chen fired a shot, while the thunder system bloodline was transformed, the thunder storm appeared the blue thunder, like the giant beast swallowing the pale purple mine column!


At the same moment of the shooting technique; the ancient green dragon soared away, the dragon tail smashed the stars, swept the rage, and then fought the Fu Qianlei dragon into the Gengjin prison that Lin Chen prepared for it!

The rune energy in the Linchen system began to decline rapidly in units of 100,000 points. Charge Rune is used again and again!

Click! Click! Snapped! Snapped!

The flowing and immortal vines emerged from the earth, and thousands of vines entangled the two dragons!

"This human race seems to be wrong! Why does he have many different attributes?"

"Quick! Fight with him! Be sure to stick until the boss comes back!"

When Ssangyong is struggling with their magical powers, the sigh of vines in the wood-based combat vines is burning the burning heat of burning the river and boiling the sea!

The green vines with fire burned on their wounds, so that the offensive they had just brewed was once again dispersed!

"Charged RuneBingtian Finger!"

Lin Chen suddenly pointed out the moment of a finger; frozen thousands of miles, frost and cold Kyushu!

Within hundreds of miles, the goose feathers and snow flew in an instant, and the frost was everywhere, and the two dragons were frozen on the spot by Lin Chen!


Two huge ice sculptures broke apart and cracked into a crack, when the two dragons were about to fight back from the Jedi; the ancient green dragon roared the sky, and the two claws filled the dragon's breath of light.

"Blue Dragon Soul Claw!"

Brush brush ~~!

The flying blue light blades are like a storm crossing, and the light blades cut their flesh through the cold temperature; again destroying the two votive thunder dragons and bloodthirsty horned dragons!

A large number of attribute light **** fall out crazy, Lin Chen completely ignores, the shooting method is like a thunderbolt, a shot penetrates the Xinghai Wanli, and bursts of endless lightning!

"Charged Rune The Third Form is Coming!"


The gleaming light of thunder shines in the Saw Heaven Valley, and the vast Thunder Dragon flashes away, taking away the stunning and dead.

Lu Ying and Chu Xiong, who are fighting incessantly and can leave in the future, are dumbfounded!

The Gengjin rock wall, which was still indestructible before, was pierced by Lin Chen into a huge hole of 100 feet. From east to west, the two dragons' bodies in the ice sculpture were completely penetrated into a hollow!

The direction pointed by the spear, flattened the sea, and almost penetrated most of the saw valley!

Even the Dark Soul Dragon exudes instinctive fear of life!

A single shot penetrated the two high-level fifth-order evil dragons, and pierced most of the saw-day valley!

"Here, how much has this brother Chen Chen become stronger in these two months!"

Fang Xin shuddered, Lu Ying lightly covered her red lips, shocked!