My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 255

Chapter 255: Shura Jiuhuang Change

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Chapter 255

The two fifth-order advanced evil dragons were exterminated in the electric light and flint. Now Lin Chen is so strong that even Lan Xun-level students are afraid!

This is the really terrifying thing about the creation of Nine Tribulation! Although Lin Chens realm of qi has not broken through, his elemental attribute value is higher than before!

With the combination of the Charging Rune and the Ancient Green Dragon, the Tiangang Realm is below the seventh level. In addition to the legendary Son or some special geniuses, Lin Chen will be invincible!

[Host gains 78.8 million points of qi and blood energy, 500,000 points of thunder energy, 47.7 million points of qi and blood energy, 100,000 points of rune energy,]

The ancient green dragon swept away and took away a large number of attribute light balls! Its qi and blood began to soar violently, and the dragon force began to grow slowly!

Lin Chen's eyes turned and landed on the Dark Soul Dragon a hundred miles away!

Chu Xiong and Lu Ying have spirits, and immediately begin to learn how to encircle the Dark Soul Dragon!


"Damn, this **** human race, only eaten one of his arms and let him run away, which is a pity."

The white figure shadow mouth transformed by the demon dragon bit a few pieces of **** flesh and blood, swept through the air and returned to the previous position.

It was preparing to consider which of these human races started to eat first, but the scene in front of it shocked it!

The three huge dragons flesh and blood fell into the shattered valley of the sawn sky; Fu Qianlei, Bloodthirsty Horned Dragon, and Dark Soul Dragon, all died!

"This? What's the matter, the people in that group don't have the strength to kill all three of them!"

The face of the white man transformed by the monster was stunned, because the expression was too distorted, and the disguised human skin was split.

A full-hearted green dragon revealed its fierce dragon teeth and dragon scales from the human skin!

"That's because you neglected the coach, Lord Demon Dragon."

I saw it; hundreds of miles away, on top of a mountain cliff, Lin Chen bit a Lingguo and jokingly watched the mutant Qinglong.

"It's you? That terrestrial tribe with terrestrial tribes?"


The human skin fell off, and the demon dragon showed itself in an angry roar!

Its body is more weird than other dragon races. The unicorn head, blue dragon body, phoenix wings, four claws are like jade, and the spiral barbed horns are blooming.

A dragon with a length of two thousand feet is like a small mountain suspended in the void; the smoky dragon breath is full of evil spirits!

Lin Chen's expression finally revealed a dignity!

This is a mutant blue dragon!

This demon dragon has maintained its human form; it has been able to exert its strength at the early stage of the seventh layer of Tiangang Realm.

"Human, die!"

Demon dragon roared; lifted the dragon's claws, and four green blades came through the clouds and shattered like a sun, breaking the mountain and the ground, and the veins were broken!

Bang Bang Bang!

The dragon blade of green breath came and the ten mountains with hundreds of feet along the way were torn in half!

Tear ~~!

Lin Chen's figure was torn into two halves, it is a residual image!

The void beyond a thousand feet, the figure of Lin Chen appeared, his eyes condensed on the claw of the demon dragon, secretly startled.

"If I play head-to-head in my current state, I'm afraid I can't even connect its four claws. Even if the dragon's power rises to the ancient green dragon in the late sixth level, it may be torn by it within 30 rounds under the premise !"

"This is a great enemy, it's time to try my trump card!"

Roar! The demon dragon roared and shattered the mountains and rivers.

Long Xiao crushed the many peaks in the saw valley and turned it into powder, raising layers of mushroom clouds, Lin Chen launched his spiritual defense in the middle of the spiritual realm!

Lin Chen bit his left thumb, blood stained the palm of his right hand, his fingers changed, and he produced an unprecedented blood mark!

"Xiu Luo Jiuhuang's changeOne change! Tianshui!"


The crystal-clear azure blue column rises with Lin Chen as the center, and the tidal energy of the water system dances the sky!

His fighting spirit was cultivated, and he almost stepped into the quadruple of heaven and earth in half a breath!

Quadruple early, mid, late and peak!

"What is that? A special secret method of the human race?"

When the dragon's heart was about to raise uneasy thoughts; Lin Chen's palm was taut, and the fingerprints changed again!

"Not enough, this strength is not enough to kill it!"

"Xiu Luo JiuhuangDouble Change! Thunder Penalty!"


Thunder is rolling, green electricity is like light, hundreds of thousands of thunders are coming to all living beings, and they are constantly released with Lin Chen as the center! Cultivation of Qi is to break through the shackles again!

Five-fold early, five-fold medium, and five-fold late!

When he opened his eyes, the depth of his pupil seemed to contain two thunder worlds, like a sea like a sea, a glance!

Sigh~! boom!

The thick thunder light exploded on the ground, Lin Chen was just a look, and the ground veins under his feet exploded and cracked tens of miles!

Like the infinite power filled from Lin Chen's Dantian, to his meridians, bones, spirits, and even the whole body and fighting spirit, they are full of violent fighting intentions!

Lin Chen even had the illusion of breaking up the mountains and rivers with his hands and feet!

"My god, what's the secret?"

"I have never seen such a powerful mystery, which can fully cross the two realms of heaven and earth!"

Lu Ying and Chu Xiong who watched from a distance swallowed.

At the beginning, Lin Chen told them to retreat to watch the game, and it would only hinder the situation. The two still had dissatisfaction in their hearts. Now, it seems completely unacceptable!

"It's just the cultivation practice in the later period of Wuzhong. I will eat you today and eat those two guys too!"

The demon dragon is fearless and fearless, the dragon body twists, and the dragon claw is rolled up at a rapid speed!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, Lin Chen put the 300 dragon power held by the ancient green dragon into his body with one thought!

"Golden Energy Bloodline!"

The indestructible hand of Geng Jin bluntly patted the claws of the demon dragon pulling the mountains and rivers, arousing the explosion of the sky!

Tear ~! Another claw came, Lin Chen's golden light turned, his legs swept away like a battle axe, and exploded the energy storm of the heaven and earth!

The blue wind whirls step on the void, the purple wing flaps, Lin Chen teleports a dozen miles in one step!

"Humble people, how can you die compared to this one?"

The dragon tail swept diagonally, the space was twisted, and its pure power was almost double that of Lin Chen!

After the dragon's chaotic blade shot out from the dragon's tail, Lin Chen had several flashes in a row, and was forced to retreat to the position of the dragon's tail! Block all his escape routes!

Bang Bang Bang!

The Dragon's Breath chased the ground and cut thousands of meters of cracks, like the abyss, the power is frightening!

Lin Chen's body was spinning around, Lin Chen dodged the last dragon's blade, and the dragon's tail was close at hand.

With his feet facing the sky, his head facing the ground, his hands clenched against the black abyss, his gun body burst into infinite strength, and he threw himself on the dragon's tail while flowing thunderlight!

"Energetic Rune: Mad Thunder Star!"

Sigh~! Boom!

The earth-shattering winds and waves destroy everything within a hundred miles, and the cracked ground is constantly rising!

The space does not break out of a giant python-like crack, quietly spreading the entire sky!

The aftermath of this one-man collision is like a meteorite falling on the mainland!