My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 256

Chapter 256: Super Combination Attack Kill The Demon Dragon

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Chapter 256, Super Combination Attack! Kill the demon dragon!

Lin Chen crashed to the ground, and the valley below him shattered like a piece of tofu!


Lin Chen vomited blood, and the blood stains overflowed.

The demon dragon receded for fifty miles in a row, the dragon's tail was bloody, the dragon scale cracked, and the crystal keel was faintly seen, and the demon dragon's eyes were cracking, almost crazy!

In the previous fight, the two sides seemed to be equally divided, and no one could do nothing.

"I'm hurting Lao Tzu, it's not over yet, break the demon dragon!"

Lin Chen was fighting with a carp, spitting blood and spitting foam.

When the eyes roll, a look bursts out, and the Black Abyssal Gun will come back as if flying spiritually!

"Charged RuneBingtian Finger!"

In the next moment; Lin Chen pointed out with a sharp finger, the ice was frozen for thousands of miles, and the ice star finger pierced the sky and blasted in the direction of the demon dragon!


This unusually cold caused the demon dragon to retreat instinctively, and the wing behind him stretched out, but the space around it seemed to be frozen by the cold to cold, and even the speed of flight was extremely slow!

The retreat was fruitless; the demon dragon burst out a dragon light through the mouth, running through the space and hit the ice star finger head!


The scattered ice star Hanmang froze its dragon body, and the whole body immediately formed a ten-meter-high cold frost and fell from the sky!

"It's now!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, a fighting spirit will emerge!

He raised the gun with both hands, and transformed all nine energy bloodlines with his whole body! Insert the gunpoint into the ground with anger!


Lu Ying and Chu Xiong, who were shocked by the side, saw the unforgettable scene of the two of them at the next moment!

The moment the spear pierced the ground; more than a dozen whirlpools of dark combat whirlwinds appeared under the dragon's body, attracting it to the ground!

"Damn, what the **** is this, how can this human race have more means than this one!"

The demon dragon screams and is about to break free of Lin Chen's dark line of combat strength. A more terrifying combined combat attack is madly destroyed!

Swish swish~~!

The huge vines of the wood vines bound up in the sky!

Bang! Located on both sides of the demon dragon, the Gengjin rock wall condensed into a hundred feet high, nearly thirty.

The Gengjin rock wall was pushed down like a mountain and the sea, completely pressing the body of the demon dragon on both sides!

Sigh~! Click~

At the same moment; cold air burst from the ground, freezing its dragon tail, dragon claw and ground together!

Among the ten Gengjin rock walls in the front row, the eyes of the gale wind were turned, releasing a fierce and violent storm!

The devastating hurricane squeezed the demon dragon's body deep into the surface, and it had no chance to break free!

Zizizi~! The vines that are as tough as the earth's latitude and longitude are flashing blue lightning, and the fierce and fierce lightning keeps it paralyzed!

boom! The dazzling beam of light and the spirit of light descended from the sky, suppressing the demon dragon!

At this moment; Lin Chen fully used eight attributes to suppress the dragon body!

Eight attributes are intertwined with each other, each has its own magical effect!

On the premise of not using the energized rune, Lin Chen suppressed the mutant Qinglong infinitely close to the late seventh layer with the practice of the late fifth layer of Tiangang Realm!

This is impossible for Lin Chen in the past!

In the more than two months of this latent cultivation retreat, in addition to frantic cultivation and receiving attribute light balls, the most important thing for Lin Chen is to sublime his actual combat ability to several levels!

Of course, the premise is that Lin Chen hit the monster dragon body with the ice sky finger superimposed on the charged rune, freezing its strength for a part, creating a unique opportunity.

The strong men above the seventh level in the Tiangang Realm will never easily reveal such a fatal flaw, so Lin Chen's move must rely on the benefit of time and place.

"What a weird human race, this seat is recognized today! See you again in the future, will kill you!"

The dragon roared hysterically, and at this moment, it finally realized that it was impossible to defeat this young human race!

The body began to shrink continuously, and quickly transformed into a dragon body that was never reached, when it was about to escape away!


All attributes are fighting, almost completely locked it!

Its size became smaller, and the wood vines and Gengjinyan walls of Lin Chen also became smaller.

The beam of light of the fighting force of the light system even condensed the power even more powerfully, constantly banging on the top of its head, it could not even lift its head!

"how can that be"

The violent and cunning dragon pupil of the demon dragon; the emotion of panic and panic crossed for the first time!

From the beginning of the engagement to the present, it is the first time that the fear of death has risen from the bottom of my heart!

At the absolute superiority of strength, it never imagined that it would be suppressed by a young family!

"If you fled with all your strength from the beginning, I might have to spend some hole cards to solve you, but now you only have a dead end!"

At this time; Lin Chen, who jumped into the sky, was above a thousand feet, and the thunder of the whole body was condensed in the black abyss gun!

"No! Don't kill me, human race, this seat can be your ally and help you solve your opponents who threaten you! Are your human race not many opponents who are intriguing, this seat can help you!"

The demon dragon shouted in horror; Lin Chen's mouth sneered with a sneer.

"No need! Die!"

Lin Chen directly launched the Charging Rune 3 times the attack power, the third form of the magic power of thunder and thunder!

The spearpoint is like a mad dragon born; the vast thunder dragon formed by the condensed blue light and thunder clears the void, bursting with the light of extinction, and extinguishing in a flash!

"This seat fights with you!"

The monster dragon spontaneously burned itself, and it was always frightened that it missed the best time to blast itself. Lin Chens Villing Eight Wastes was extremely fast and only penetrated its body in one thousandth of breath!

Bang ~~!

The Thunder Dragon has evened out the eight wildernesses, and runs through the entire Sawtooth Valley!

Lin Chen, who used the "Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Change" to play this trick, is nearly ten times stronger than when he used the energized rune alone!

After Lei Long passed away, both the stunning and the life and death were taken away.

Saw Sky Valley no longer exists, and there are only two remains of the monster dragon's corpse, as well as the earth's attribute light sphere.

Chu Xiong and Lu Ying stared blankly at the Saw-day Valley that had been razed to the ground. They could not say anything except shock.

One person slaughter the four dragons! The strength of each evil dragon is above the mid-sixth level of Tiangang Realm!

This kind of record; bluntly speaking, Lin Chen now has the strength of Lan Xun Tianjiao squeezed into the top 200 of the General Hospital!


A mouthful of blood spewed out, Lin Chen clutching his chest, kneeling in the void on one knee, panting like a cow.

The infinite sense of weakness came like a tide, the meridians were twisting, the vitality of flesh and blood was shrinking, and even the nine-colored battle spirit in Dantian was dimmed by three points.

"This Shura Jiuhuang change really can't be used indiscriminately, grandma's, the price is really horrible!"

Lin Chenqiang resisted the feeling of dizziness and vaguely saw several figures appearing in the horizon.

One of them was embellished with frost and silver hair like a snowy jade tree. That familiar face gave Lin Chen a slight mention of his spirit. Was it Han Yizhi?