My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 257

Chapter 257: Enter The Han Family.

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Chapter 257: Entering the Han Family.

The demon dragon dies, and the demon mist that permeates the saw sky valley gradually disappears.

"That is, Yi Zhi?"

Despite the intense dizziness, Lin Chen was still curious. Why did Yi Zhi appear here?

"I heard that Lin'er said that Yi Zhi returned to the family... the family, the declining Han family... is it?"

A moment of consciousness emerged in Lin Chen's heart, and the silhouette of the sky suddenly flew by; Lu Ying and Chu Xiong also appeared.

"Aren't you the geniuses of Tiange Academy? Disrespectful and disrespectful, I and others just realized that the fighting here was extraordinary in the family, so I immediately set off to have a look."

The elder Huangpao headed in a respectful embrace, Han Yizhi beside him exclaimed.

"Monitor Lin Chen, why are you here?"

"Is it really Yi Zhi?"

Lin Chen's face was pale and shaky, and Han Yizhi hurried over to support Lin Chen.

The white arm rested on Lin Chen's waist, and the faint fragrance was as pure as a narcissus, which made Lin someone excited and instantly lifted his spirits.

He reluctantly released the ancient green dragon. When the ancient green dragon with a hundred-footed figure emerged from Lin Chen's body, it amazed and shocked the Han family and others.

Ignoring the eyes of others, Lin Chen's thoughts turned around, and the ancient Qinglong took all the attributed light **** near the demon dragon's remains.

[The host obtains 2000 points of the blood of Qinglong, 100 million points of energy of Qi and blood, 90 million points of energy of Qi and blood, and 1800 points of blood of Qinglong.]

[The host obtains a special attribute light ball: the ancient Qinglong learns special magical powers, and the Qinglong shadows.

Lin Chen's system light screen appeared in his mind one after another, but Lin Chen had no intention to see it.

He smiled bitterly.

"Yi Zhi, let me rest first..."

Before finishing the speech, Lin Chen collapsed into Han Yizhi's weak and fragrant arms, unconscious.


Three days later

Han Family; Headquarters Tian Youjing.

As an ancient family, the heritage of the Han family should override most of the current first-class forces.

Located in the southwestern area of Lingzhou, Tianyoujing is the headquarters of the Han family, covering an area of nearly 600,000 square kilometers.

Heavenly Paradise; Flower Language Palace.

In a simple and elegant room; Lin Chen was lying between the beds, his complexion slightly restored.

Han Yizhi was sitting next to the bed, holding a small white palm in Lin Chen's palm, looking worried.

Outside the room; there was a slight cry of exclamation and discussion from everyone!

"What? The information is wrong? Those four-headed evil dragons are higher than Tier 5?"

"The two said that the four evil dragons were all beheaded by this little friend?"

"What a terrible talent! Worthy of being a talent at Tiange Academy..."

"I heard that he and Yi Zhi came out of the same branch? It seems that it is time to send Yi Zhi back to the college. With such a proud leader, Yi Zhi has a bright future!"

Seemingly disturbed by the sound of the outside world, Lin Chen's eyebrows flicked and slowly opened his eyes.

Han Yizhi was delighted and quickly called softly; "Squad leader, are you okay?"

"Me, is this passed out?"

The powerful qi and blood in the body turned again, and Lin Chen instantly regained consciousness.

Although still a little weak, Lin Chen is no longer as if he had just lifted the'Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Change'.

All of this is also due to Lin Chen's own physical strength and his true water return to the Yuan tactics.

"Well, you have been in a coma for two days and two nights! Squad leader, how can you take such a dangerous task!"

Han Yizhi's slender hands held up a bowl of medicinal soup, and while blowing off the heat, he naturally fed Lin Chen's mouth, asking curiously.

"Well... there are actually some changes in the plan. The original intelligence of the four-headed evil dragon did not match the strength, which caused us all to be in danger."

"Squad leader, you are too powerful, this is only a few months after being admitted to the hospital, you can participate in the tasks that the Blue Order can perform."

Han Yizhi stared at Lin Chen in wonder and curiosity.

The medicine soup was finished; Lin Chen said with a smile.

"Hey, no way, who will make me look handsome."

After hearing this, Han Yizhi chuckled and smiled. At this time, a lot of people walked into the room. They were the elders of the Han family, Lu Ying and others.

"Oh, fortunately, this action was due to the little friend Lin Chen. It was our Han family who made intelligence mistakes that led to putting everyone in a dangerous situation. The old man thanked the little friend for the Han family first."

An elder in a yellow robe respectfully clasped his fists.

"Okay, then don't make these imaginary ones, just be practical."

Lin Chen hey blinked, the elder stunned, the corners of everyone's mouth twitched slightly.

This person really does not know how to write polite words!

"Then, I would like to invite you to rest and rest in the Han's house for a few months. I will wait for the above-mentioned VIP specifications to entertain the children, and I will make them happy."

Thinking of the extraordinary potential of this child, the elder Huangpao smiled generously.

"That's it! Don't give me all those young ladies and beautiful women to serve me and the like, I am Lin, a principled person, I hate this matter very much. If you are Ill turn over with you, Ang! Try it if you dont believe me, Im really upset!"

Lin Chen was serious, and the elder Huangpao smiled and smiled, comprehending his heart, "Well~ surely, surely, we must strictly follow Linchens principle."

"Brother Lin Chen, thank you for your life-saving grace!"

"I don't know if there is anything I need to do to help my younger brother, even if the sword is in flames, the two of us will say nothing!"

At this time, two handsome young men with slender body clenched their fists and knelt on one knee!

They were Lin Tianjian and Xia Feiyu who were captured by the four-headed evil dragon during the original mission; they were also Lan Xun.

"It's not necessary for Daoshan Huohai, I just hope that the two seniors can take care of the new students in the college just like the new students from the Wasteland Branch."

Lin Chen lifted his palm slightly and lifted the two on one knee.

"Oh, by the way, I always wanted to know before, why did you get recalled to your family, Yi Zhi?"

Lin Chen turned to Han Yizhi, who smiled bitterly.

"Because of the medicine refining conference held in the family, I have also been drawn back to test my talents. But somehow, although my spiritual strength is strong, even the basic alchemy fingerprints are unsuccessful."

Han Yizhi's words attracted Lin Chen's attention. He grabbed Han Yizhi's Hao arm and released his mental strength.

Before two breaths, Lin Chen shook his head and smiled.

"You listen to me, the next time you practice alchemy handprints, practice directly above the green level, and when you use alchemy handprints, don't concentrate your spiritual power into one, but use it to control it."

"Split into two...well, I remember!"

The elder Huangpao's eyes flashed a touch of light, and his voice was still.

"Brother Lin Chen, it is not convenient for you to return to the college in your current state, it is better to take a break here."

Lu Ying was worried, Lin Chen nodded with a smile.

"Alright, I just wanted to help Yi Zhi."