My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 258

Chapter 258: You Stay With Me All Night?

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Chapter 258

"Help Han Yizhi? Oh, is your name Lin Chen? I admit that you have a peerless talent in martial arts, but in refining medicine, it's not your turn to speak here."

Suddenly; a purple sneer in the room sneered.

The lady's jade legs are slender, with a goose egg face, jade qiong nose, sakura red lips, and delicate eyebrows; her face is beautiful.

The full and exquisite figure propped up a beautiful and **** landscape, and the cold face reflected Lin Chen through disdainful eyes.

"Oh? If this young lady doesn't believe it, then please wait until the day of the test to see you again. How about me? The person I am most afraid of is betting with others. Anyway, I win. It's really boring."

Lin Chen leaned on the bed with his hands on his chest and smiled.

"Betting, betting, if I win, then Han Yizhi will get out of the Han family forever!"

At this time, the speech of the lady in purple clothes made the two Korean parents present suddenly change their face slightly!

But it seems that because the other party's position is extremely high, the two elders dare not refute.

"Yes, if I win, you will accompany me all night!"

Lin Chen looked at her slender jade legs and laughed.

"Huh! Wait until you win, I will let Han Yizhi get out!"

The lady in Ziyi turned and took the two maids around to leave.

Watching Lin Chen staring at Ziyi Lady's slender jade legs all the time, Lu Ying's face was flushed and she took a sip, swearing in her heart; are boys all of this virtue?

Only Lin Chen knew that although the beautiful jade legs were beautiful, what attracted his attention was the flash of the attribute light ball on the beautiful jade legs.

It's so annoying; why do I have to put it on my sister paper every time I pick up the attribute light ball, which makes me seem nasty

"Squad leader, will you..."

Han Yizhi said worriedly; Lin Chen raised his hand and smiled while touching his chin.

"Relax, the next day, the class leader, I will teach you well, hehehe~"

Listening to Lin Chen's infiltrating laughter, an uneasy feeling appeared in many people's hearts!


For four days, Lin Chen secretly guided Han Yizhi's refining skills.

In this regard, many young Hanjiao Tianjiao who heard about the incident ignored it.

There are still a few days to go for the family refining medicine test. A guy who can't even learn the basic alchemy fingerprints can learn decent results in these days

Late at night, inside Lin Chen's room.

Lin Chen sat cross-legged on the bed, consciously sneaking into the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 3.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: Tiangangjing triple late stage.

Ultimate Strength: 100 Dragon Power.

Qi and blood energy: 11.615 billion points.

The essence of the fighting spirit: 4.7141 billion points.

Spiritual strength: 1.81 million points.

The essence of the exercises: 20.2 million points.

Mindset: "Nine Tribulation of Creation" (55%)

Xihui exercises: Taishi Bible (61%), Shura Jiuhuang Change (fragmentary), Sanqing Spirit Watermark, Magical Power Thunder, Bingtianzhi.

Possess a special treasure: True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing (100%).

Possess blood energy (up to 3 kinds): Qinglong blood veins 50000 points, purple gold pupil blood veins 10000 points.

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 3, Corrupt Rune Level 2 (upgradable), Charge Rune Level 3,

Rune energy: 2015 million points.

The energy of each element: 58.9 million points in the fire system, 53.5 million points in the soil system, 51.4 million points in the wood system, 61.4 million points in the gold system, and 80.11 million points in the water system. The lightning system is 98.5 million points, the wind system is 51.05 million points, the light system is 60.21 million points, and the dark system is 89.91 million points.

"After defeating the three evil dragons, my thunder system, dark energy and body refining power have all achieved great breakthroughs. The most important thing is the blood of the blue dragon. The mutant blue dragon has 29000 points of blood energy on his body, which also makes me The ancient Qinglong learned the new dragon supernatural powers!"

In two days, the after-effects of the Shura Jiuhuang change used by Lin Chen have completely recovered.

After killing the ancient green dragon after the mutant blue dragon, the pure power has reached the level of 400 dragon power, and the attack power can be comparable to the six peaks of Tiangang Realm!

"Qinglong Biaoying can hide your own breath. It is difficult to detect the existence of a breath unless it is higher than several levels of existence."

The dragon magical power obtained by the ancient green dragon this time is actually a hidden class that shields the breath.

"If in battle, my opponent does not know that I have an ancient green dragon, I will use this magical power at a critical moment to eliminate the blue dragon's breath and then release it. Under the full range of sneak attacks at close range, even the seventh level of Tiangang Realm May be killed by me!"

Lin Chen's eyes were shining. The reason why the mutated Qinglong was not encircled and discovered by the strongman was presumably because of the existence of this trick "Qinglong Piying"!

With this supernatural power, for Lin Chen is equivalent to adding strength to the tiger!

The fifth day; Han's medicine refining test conference was held.

Lin Chen didn't even go to the scene to watch, some people already thought that he gave up Han Yizhi, no hope.

In the afternoon; outside the Flower Language Palace, on a peak of a medicine garden, where a large number of natural materials and treasures are planted and cultivated, it is a place where the Han family carefully cultivates medicinal materials.

However; today's Hanjia Refining Medicine Test Conference was held, and even the drug garden here was unattended, Lin Chen walked in easily.

Someone Lin walked freely and freely, and then an ancient green tree came into view.

"Well, this thousand-year-old blackgreen tree is good. I remember that there should be a heart of blackgreen tree under the root of the tree.

Finished; Lin Chen picked up a black iron **** from the Naling Ring and began to dig to the ground!

Lin Chen dug all the way to the northern mountain range, which can be called 300-foot digging.

Wherever he went, it was almost hungry ghosts entering the village, the piece of armor was not left, and all the treasures of heaven and earth were dug by him!

"Friend Lin Chen, the big thing is not good!"

"Lin... what happened?"

It was at this moment; seven or eight elders flew into the air.

When they were shouting Lin Chen's name, they found that several medicine garden mountains outside the Huayu Palace had been hollowed out!


Lin Chen's head burst out of a crack on the top of the mountain, and he smiled embarrassedly but not politely.

"Well, I passed by here, just by the way to look at the scenery."

Having finished speaking, he stood up from the top of the mountain carrying a black iron hoe.

Looking at his hoe, which was more than ten meters long, the elders' eyelids twitched slightly.

Who the **** is okay to carry such a big **** out to see the scenery! Do you still need a face!

"Actually, as a weak person who was injured, I used a **** while walking to remove some flowers, grass, stones and rocks that would trip over me. This is also very reasonable, right."

Lin Chen put away his **** without blushing.

Immediately afterwards; the elders saw the necklace on his chest with a ring of Narin again, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

"Uh, as I said before, I'm a pharmacist. It's logical to carry so many Naling Rings with me to see the scenery."

"Okay, your character style I have heard from several Tianjiao in Tiange Academy. We understand that something happened at the Refining Medicine Conference. I hope you can come and see it!"

The elder in the yellow robe wiped the sweat on his forehead. Who did this young man's skin learn from?